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April 28, 2012 | 6 comments so far - join the discussion!

Yoghurt has always been one of my favourite treats – strawberry, mixed berries and blueberry in particular!


Yoplait hosted a bloggers day out with Nuffnang at Vauclause to celebrate the love of yoghurt. Thank god for this event being such a relaxing one as it was at 10am in the morning and I’m not very used to waking up that early on a Saturday morning :)


We were welcomed by huge signs guiding us towards the park! #NNyoplait!



The walk way through the park is amazing. I want to do a photoshoot here!!! With each balloon on the side, there was a yoghurt tub holding the balloons down. These are creative marketing ideas. I love it.

When we reached, there were already lots of people participating in the activities! There was face-painting, balloon art, clay painting and bracelet making!

We obviously helped ourselves with the many many flavours of yoghurt. <3

We were even fed dessert crepes with customisable toppings!!! I felt so loved and special. Crepes are the best!

I’m using pretty girls on my blog to gain more readers now :)

Raine, Me, Jeanice

Next is my favourite part, we settled in to do some painting!! I wanted to paint kitttens and Jeanice did too!! Raine painted a Me-to-you bear! Jeanice’s creation is amazing because she’s damn artistic!! Damn her. I never had to get her to help me with mine a little! Raine is just naturally talented with anything girly.

Okay, next activity is beading! I’ve always wanted a beaded name bracelet and now I can finally haz one! These look like friendship bracelets too!!!

Officially love Nuffnang & Yoplait because they brought back so many childhood memories for me and created such a fun event for me and the girls!

Now, go grab some Yoplait yoghurt :)


6 comments so far - join the discussion!

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