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Yoghurt has always been one of my favourite treats – strawberry, mixed berries and blueberry in particular!


Yoplait hosted a bloggers day out with Nuffnang at Vauclause to celebrate the love of yoghurt. Thank god for this event being such a relaxing one as it was at 10am in the morning and I’m not very used to waking up that early on a Saturday morning :)


We were welcomed by huge signs guiding us towards the park! #NNyoplait!



The walk way through the park is amazing. I want to do a photoshoot here!!! With each balloon on the side, there was a yoghurt tub holding the balloons down. These are creative marketing ideas. I love it.

When we reached, there were already lots of people participating in the activities! There was face-painting, balloon art, clay painting and bracelet making!

We obviously helped ourselves with the many many flavours of yoghurt. <3

We were even fed dessert crepes with customisable toppings!!! I felt so loved and special. Crepes are the best!

I’m using pretty girls on my blog to gain more readers now :)

Raine, Me, Jeanice

Next is my favourite part, we settled in to do some painting!! I wanted to paint kitttens and Jeanice did too!! Raine painted a Me-to-you bear! Jeanice’s creation is amazing because she’s damn artistic!! Damn her. I never had to get her to help me with mine a little! Raine is just naturally talented with anything girly.

Okay, next activity is beading! I’ve always wanted a beaded name bracelet and now I can finally haz one! These look like friendship bracelets too!!!

Officially love Nuffnang & Yoplait because they brought back so many childhood memories for me and created such a fun event for me and the girls!

Now, go grab some Yoplait yoghurt :)


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  1. The paintings are so cute! :D You guys are so good at it!

  2. Looks like a fun day out~ I like the little name pieces you got to make haha :)

  3. Nic says:

    omg, that looks so fun!

  4. hey
    love your blog, trying to find other aussie beauty bloggers like yourself.
    if you could follow my blog http://msbeautyconfessions.blogspot.com.au/ i would be so happy.

  5. Jessie says:

    Well, I can tell that pretty girls won’t help you to gain more bloggers. I’ve been following Xiaxue and Cheesie’s blogs for many many years and I never stopped checking them out, every 2 days I’ll visit their blogs and check if there’s any updates. You should’ve get more readers because Xiaxue (and Cheesie, Qiuqiu I guess) used to link you on her blog after meeting you at the NAPBAS and also after Australian bloggers misunderstood and insulted her, she clarified that she doesn’t hate the race and said her fave Aussie blogger is you, but as you can see, you don’t have much reader, let’s make it clearer: you don’t give your readers any motivation to comment/express their opinions and etc, which seems like you don’t have much readers (although IF you do.) except giveaway post.

    That’s what happen on both you and QiuQiu (I’m not saying both of you aren’t nice and etc): Boring. I found that your entries are SO boring! When you first started this blog, twitter linked me to your blog and during that time your posts were quite okay, at least you impressed me and I do remember that there’s 1 more non-Japanese gyaru besides Cheesie and etc. The second time I visited your blog is after a few months I guess, accidentally clicked on your video on Youtube and I was like, I read her blog before, then I visited for the 2nd time. The 3rd time was when Xiaxue linked you.

    Your blog posts seem pointless, nothing leads to the tittle: GYARU. The way you post is like, today I’m going to somewhere (which is not related to gyaru or gyaru fashion) then you snap some pictures and publish.

    Apart from boring, I wanted to say that- I hope this doesn’t hurt you. You can’t even call yourself a gyaru, you’re not even INTO gyaru yet! I hope you can improve, you don’t have to change, just improve if your dream is to be REAL gyaru, that’s your extraordinary dream :) Keep it up!

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