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WR Lens Solitica Contact Lenses!

February 17, 2010 | 14 comments so far - join the discussion!

I purchased my Solitica Contact Lenses from WR Lens about a month ago and finally received it about a week ago! But considering it was posted from Germany, I was more than happy to wait for the time of postage! :)

They came safe and sound into my postie-box and I was screaming of excitement when I opened the parcel.

I’ve heard so so so so many great things about these contacts. I know Le Midget wears these and they look so gorgeous on her eyes. I also know that Ricebunny has also her own mini review on her ice ones. So I finally set my thoughts down on the site recommended by Ricebunny – www.WrLens.com and purchased a pair of these Solotica Hidrocor in Marine Green.


Like the Geo lenses I usually receive, the Solotica packaging is the same. I receive them in two little glass (?) jars with a twist-able opening. I even received a free pair of contact lenses case with the letter “D” on it. I’m assuming its the “R” for Right we normally get?

When you look into it, it honestly does not look like the pair of lenses exist at all. It is soooooo see-through!! Ah, exciting, exciting!

Here I’ve just quickly popped them in without adjusting my make up for the look. That’s a pic of the lenses in room-lighting. You can tell my eyes are visibly lighter and “green”, but the effect isn’t like WOAH.

Then I try to take the picture with the light actually facing my eyes – ie. me looking up – and you can seriously see the true colour of the lenses here though it looks so so natural!!!! The brown in my eyes does not show at all!!!

This is a picture with flash!!!!!!! How great does it look???? I don’t look the greatest here – but we can still compliment the lenses, can’t we?


What do I think?

I would definitely recommend anyone who wants noticabley- different eye colours to try these lenses. Its suitable for us, Asian girls, who want to look a little more different and a little more “Caucasian” because these lenses have the ability to lighten up your eye colour like no other lenses can!!

The best thing about these lenses is that alike circle lenses, they last one whole year. So you actually do save a lot from buying these rather than your usual optometrist ones. If you prefer clear ones, Solotica also do clear lenses – I purcahsed a pair for mr.CG who doesn’t like to be too fancy :)

The cost of the lenses turns out to be way cheaper when you purchase more than one pair of lenses simply because shipping is sooo high!!! To Australia, shipping was a hefty $50 or so Australian dollars!!! The cost of each lenses (my marine green ones) is about $40AU and you have to order two to get a pair! The clear ones was a bit cheaper, about $32AU per lens, so we ended up paying $US172, which is probably a little under $200 for the two pair of lenses including shipping!! I think I purchased the lenses at a good exchange rate too, so it could of been just $190AU!! :)


Well, nonetheless, I would still highly recommend the lenses, especially if you are a regular/everyday user of contact lenses! You could definitely save your money and try out new styles without the cost as well.

14 comments so far - join the discussion!

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