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Meet my best friends!

August 20, 2012 | 5 comments so far - join the discussion!

Ohai apologies that my blog was not working for the last two days.. I have no idea what was happening either but my host decided to switch itself off. :(


Last week, just before heading out to a party, my best friends decided to switch on the Macbook and film the “Best Friends Tag” with me!!!


I’ve never made a video with them so it was a really fun experience!!! So glad to have these girls in my life. <3



Meet my best friends



“Best friends are ones that stand by your side and laugh at you when you look your silliest.. but will also cry with you when you look your saddest.”

I think alot of people tend to stress over boy/girl relationships but hardly do you actually sit down to think about what we would do without our partners in crime (best friends). I’ve been through so many difficult friendships and much like finding the love of your life, I am so glad I have found these girls.. who will forever share a piece of my heart.

Boys come and go.. but these girls.. will forever remain, even if it just had to be amazing memories.

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my iphone

July 27, 2012 | 5 comments so far - join the discussion!

I’m always interested to see what’s in other people’s iphones.. what applications they store, what pictures they take.. what wallpaper and case they have..


Call me curious or 8 gwa, but I’m just super interested! I think it can really show someone’s personality.


If you got nothing, can also just be a simple, minimalist person!


For me….. I’ve a crazy applications person! I’ve got 50 applications altogether with 21 of them being photo-editting apps!!! Shows my personality is major vain. hahaha!




my awesome hello kitty bumper case



Features a super cute pink crystallised bow and a bumper with pearls. I love the fact that it stands out.. but isn’t too inconvenient. And best of all, it does not affect the flash on the camera when taking photos under low-lighting!!!!!


I think this case really shows that I am (still) a camwhore. Wants a bling and pretty case yet still wants to take nice photos. #princess





I changed the wallpaper after I filmed that video, so this following pictures are going to look a little different to the video.. but here are my applications!




I’m pretty sure I went through all my applications one by one in the video (to be uploaded very soon), so make sure you watch it if you also like to know what is my iphone!



And ofcourse.. as always, I know you guys are interested in what applications I use to take and edit my photos for instagram! Here are the 21 photo editting applications I use. I wrote a photo-editting applications blog post here to show which photo-editting apps are my favourite.. so make sure you read that one before you ask me! :)





I’ve added a lot more photo-editting applications on my iphone since my last blog post on my favourite photo-editting applications, but some still remain my favourite. Should I make another blog post on tutorials to use other photo-editting apps as a “part II” to my last blog post?



Leave a comment to let me know which iphone apps are your favourite!!!


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hair diary

July 20, 2012 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

I get hundreds and thousands of questions about my hair every day (obviously exaggerating) so here is everything you need to know about my hair.


Obviously I always change my hair.. as you can see from my previous blog posts.


I will show new readers how my hair has changed in the years.



April 2009

When I had blonde highlights on a medium brown base and a straight fringe cut (no hair extensions)



November 2009

When I was really into my “gyaru” style and loved Nana Suzuki



December 2009

Similar hair but with hair extensions. Base colour was the same. Medium brown with a straight fringe cut



 November 2010

Side fringe, medium brown hair and hair extensions



May 2011

Ash blonde base with blonde highlights. I was growing out my fringe and had hair extensions


December 2011

Back to brown hair and rocking no more hair extensions!!!



March 2012

Settling with a middle parting and my grown out long dark brown hair



April 2012

Experimenting with red hair



June 2012

Brown base (medium brown) ombred -> gradually bleached to blonde at the ends



Ok now answering questions for my current hair colour/style!! I can’t really answer questions about my other hair colours since it’s been such a long time already!!


Just keep in mind though, that my hair has been processed over and over again, so if you are dying over a different shade, or over natural hair, it will not turn out the same!


So speaking from my red hair in April 2012. In April, I was sick of my hair being boring, I had grown it out – finally to my desired length (or getting there somewhat) and so I decided to do something different to it!

In 2000, during highschool, I remember red hair was a huuuuge thing and since mid 2009, I’ve been wanting to dye my hair red after Rhianna came out with her perfectly hot red hair.




After rocking it for about a month or two, I realised that the colour was too high maintenance (reason I dyed my hair darker after being a blondie for so long) and dyed it back to a natural brown.

During May to June 2012, I let my hair grow out it’s natural colour and in July, I got sick of looking like plain Jane. I mean, I’ve got nothing against girls who have naturally gorgeous dark locks, but I’ve always enjoyed standing out. :(


I eventually decided to “ombre” my hair which I had actually done previously in September 2011 when I was transitioning from a blonde to brunette. You see my post on it here and a tutorial on how I went from blonde to brunette is that’s what you are after.






Okay.. so here is step by step and products listed on how I ombred my hair from a medium-dark brown.



In fact, I’ll start with how I went from dyed Red to Brown first.

I think one of the biggest fears of someone with red hair is the fact that they’ll never be able to return to a blonde. It’s hard, infact almost impossible without somewhat severely damaging your hair. Let’s be honest, whether you choose to go to a hairdresser or DIY, your hair will somewhat be damaged. Going to the hairdressers will not “stop” your hair was being damaged – the main difference is that they are more knowledgeable on what to use on your hair. If you do your research and use the right products, the results will be exactly the same.

Now, before starting, let’s just say I’m not a hair professional. Please seek advice from your hairdresser before continuing because I will not be responsible for how your hair turns out.




Step 1

This step is really important because if you are not a natural red head, you can remove the red tones in your hair. I used a product called MyHD DIY Permanent Hair Colour Remover. The set comes with two tubes that you mix together in a mixing bowl and then apply it section by section all over your hair from the roots to ends. It does not need to be evenly coated but make sure you coat every strand of your hair.

An important thing to note with this product is that it will not remove bleach. It will only remove the last hair dye you put into your hair. If your hair is bleached, it will most likely bring your hair back to blonde (or a stained orangey/reddish blonde). I’ve used this product many times before and I know it works wonders. There are other brands out there on the market which I’ve tried but this is the most easily accessible one to me. So feel free to use any other “hair colour removers”.


Step 2

Now that you have gotten rid of most of the red tones in your hair (you can repeat Step 1 if you don’t feel as though you have successfully removed 90% of the red in your hair), it’s going to look patchy. This is normal, do not freak out. If your hair was bleached and looks like there is a large area of regrowths, you may want to bleach your regrowths at this point to make sure you have an even colour later.


Step 3

Dye your base colour. For my hair, I used L’Oreal’s Sublime Mousse in 60 Pure Light Brown. This is one of my favourite hair dyes because it hardly damages your hair (since bubble/mousse hair dyes contains no bleach) and it’s extremely easy to apply!!! Apply this colourall over your hair. In this step, you don’thaveto apply it to the ends of your hair if you had bleached hair. I didn’t apply it because I didn’t want to be bleaching my hair after hairdye, but if you feel like it’s confusing to leave the ends untouched, you can just focus on the roots, then just feather it lightly onto the ends of your hair.


Step 4

Bleach the ends of your hair. Now, I start from the ends of my hair.. about 20 cms from the bottom to begin with. This will all depend on how long your hair is and how much you want to ombre. I just looked in the mirror and started with a little and gradually moved my way higher. Once you are done with bleaching the ends of your hair, you would want to bleach some random sections too!

I took small sections of hair around the sides of my face (your bangs if you also have a middle parting) and I bleached the ends of those as well. I also then took some shorter layers of hair and bleached the ends of those as well. Bleach only takes about 20 minutes to process and if it takes any longer, it could be very damaging to your hair.

I used blue bleach and a 30 vol cream developer. Again, depending on your hair colour, results can differ for you. Blue bleach is good for asian hair because the blue cancels out the orange/brassiness tones in your hair when you bleach it – leaving your hair as “yellow” as it possibly can be. If you do not know how to bleach your hair, there are plenty of instructions online, but the basics is to mix one part bleach and one part developer together. Apply to your hair in sections and fold “square pieces of foil” to secure the strand. The foil will assist in heating up your hair and allowing the bleach to process.

If your hair does not lighten easily, you may need to repeat the bleaching process. But.. I suggest you do it over several days, or even several weeks to avoid damage to your hair.



Step 5

After the bleaching, you are finally almost there!!!!! I waited until the next day to do this step because this whole process takes about 5-6 hours (think: washing your hair about 3 times and blowdrying it to apply the bleach and leaving protein treatment on in between to hopefully help your hair stay strong). Apply a toner. A toner is basically like a semi-permanent hair dye. You can apply a silver toner such usually comes as either a shampoo or a small tube of cream colour.

I used Schwarzkopf Live Colour Silver Toner. I love this product because it literally takes my hair from brassy to ash blonde!!! I’ve used it so many times before and I swear by it when I loved the gyaru ash blonde.



Congratulations. You have successfully ombre’d your hair from brown to blonde!!!!


I’d much rather sit through hours and hours at home with cling wrap and foil around my head than to have to sit at a hair salon flipping through magazines I don’t even want to read and chatting to the hairdresser about topics I don’t even want to talk about #antisocial


I really hope this blog post helps some of you in do-it-yourself ombre. Do not let anyone tell you it’s impossible!  :)







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fashionopolis in a nutshell

May 15, 2012 | 8 comments so far - join the discussion!

Back from Melbourne again, and it definitely feels like i’m a frequent visitor. I almost know the streets well enough not to lose my direction now!


Fashionopolis was a success! LadyMelbourne is such a lovely presenter and around the room, you could see everyone nod their heads with agreement as she gave her tips and tricks.

I didn’t take too many photos as I was (not-very) proudly sporting a hangover that morning but more photos will be uploaded as I steal them off Nuffnang and reblog. #evil


Can you spot any celebrity fashion bloggers in the room?


Jenny Bannister, Patty Huntington, Sarah GalePhilip Boon


Bear fur jacket from Korea | Kookai jersey tank top | Ally Fashion Leopard Print Skirt | Swarovski rings | Sunglass hut sunglasses

One of the awesome sponsors of the event, Sunglass hut held a random draw competition for $200 sunglass hut vouchers! I won one of the five!!! I was so excited that I decided Sunglass hut deserves more visibility on my blog and more camwhoring moments.

With Vanessa


Clubbing outfit + makeup


And lastly, some pictures with my favourite girl in Melbourne.

shizuka (heartofpearl)

more photos here


Sorry for blogging about events so often these days. I promise to do more beauty posts soon! I am a lifestyle blogger after all.


Also, my Hello Kitty giveaway ends on the 17th May – which is in two days!! If you haven’t entered already, you should go.. like now!

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May 11, 2012 | No comments yet - you should start the discussion!

Off to Melbourne in a few hours for Fashionopolis and I’m so so excited! I do realise I go to Melbourne more frequently than I should – but it really is just an amazing city!

Infact, I found this article the other day and found it really interesting!

Melbourne vs Sydney


I don’t think I love Melbourne more than Sydney – but it definitely is a great getaway from Sydney when you just need the weekend away.



Are you a fashion blogger?

Nuffnang is hosting Fashionopolis for the first time ever.

Fashionopolis is Australia’s first ever industry day for fashion bloggers giving you a chance to network, learn and get yourself in front of some of the country’s most high profile fashion bloggers. If you have ever wondered about the business of blogging, this event is a must on your fashion calendar!

Part networking, part education Fashionopolis will open your eyes to a range of different topics unique to fashion bloggers: how to establish your blog as a brand, how to approach advertising as well as hosting Fashion Torque, Australia’s only fashion chat show that will broadcast live from the event.

Whether you are an established fashion blogger or just starting out, Fashionopolis will get you out from behind your computer and amongst the Australian fashion blogging community. Start planning your outfit now!





See you there!


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