DIY mink eyelash extensions INFILLS

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So, I remember when I used to be so obsessed with mink eyelashes! For those who haven’t followed me from there… probably around.. one and a half years ago? I wore my eyelash extensions for 4 months!!!


But the problem with having mink eyelash extensions is that it’s so freaking expensive to maintain! Cost of maintenance is even more than a gym membership! Probably double a gym membership actually :S


Typically, it would be about:


Full set of mink lashes – $150 at any decent salon

Infills – $50-$80 every 2-3 weeks.


Well, here’s the good news. Recently, I have been researching on how to DIY mink eyelash extensions. It’s super hard because it requires steady hands, patience and attention to detail. I guess it’s the same as every other set of eyelash extensions, but I’ve found that mink/silk is more difficult because the strands are finer and individual.


Okay, bad news is that I couldn’t actually do it myself because it’s so freaking hard, but I’m starting to do infills myself!!! Just here and there!! It’s saved me lots of money by doing this!!


Here is what it actually looks like from the top. (Excuse my dirty looking eyebrows because I did them in a rush) embarrassedface.jpg





As you can see, it’s single strand by strand!!!! One full set of lashes can range from 60 lashes to about 150 depending on how thick you want your eyelash extensions to look and how thick your original lashes are!!


For a more glamorous set, you can put two single lashes OVER each other (especially if you are asian and do not have many natural lashes yourself).


In this set, I got about 100 lashes for each eye!!


If you are quite impatient like me, try to do your infills at least once a week!! If you do this, then you will not need to spend so much on infills each time!! Maybe 20-3omins max will be sufficient if you do your infills every week as only a few strands will fall out (if you’re super careful UNlike me!! Haha)


Okay, first step is to actually find which stands are missing!! Usually I use a tweezer to look for the ones that are shorter than the rest!!


Make sure your tweezer is sharp (but don’t poke your eye) because eyelashes are quite fine and hard to grasp.






Now, find the lashes and then determine the length of the lash! I’m using lashes 9mm-13mm for my full set. Which means, 9mm in the inner corners and 13 in the most outer corners.


I’m demonstrating on a pair of falsies because it’s much easier than taking pictures of my own eye!! Hehe.





Make sure you dip your approx 1/2 of your single lash into the glue!! It’s important because the lash itself is meant to “stick”! If you don’t use enough glue, it will not stick! I made this mistake hundreds of times when I was trial & erroring!! >.<

I also use 2 strands of lashes sometimes instead of 1. I find that this still works perfectly fine and saves time!








 Now, place the lash firmly ontop of your natural lash or if you are layering, the false one, and continue!! Make sure you don’t stick the lash too close to your eyelid or else it’ll sting!!



IMG_0985  IMG_0987 




And ofcourse, the result? You always get a full set of glam lashes!!!






Let me know if you do try, and if you do please please please be careful as the use of glue may sting your lashes!! Please research and purchase QUALITY products!!


Hope this tutorial helped some of you and see you next time!

DIY mink eyelash extensions INFILLS - 11 comments so far - join the discussion!

BIG wavy hair tutorial

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Hehe. Did the BIG word scare you?


It shouldn’t. All girls love BIG HAIR, don’t they? Okay.. not on men la, only on themselves or other women. It’s super attractive!!! Almost like… Victoria Secret-ish!


I took this picture after filming. Super messy one. Hahaha, but I super love it.


Clearly, I don’t have a proper parting for my hair, but feel free to use your own parting. I like to mess mine up and see which side my hair likes to fall each and every day. Changing your parting regularly also makes your hair look “fuller” as your hair is not tamed to sitting that particular way.


Hope it helps!!!






Products I used include:


Vidal Sassoon 38mm Instant Heat Ceramic Curler

I really like this hair curler because it’s REALLY BIG and gives you the most amazing big waves (think Japanese gyaru magazines like Vivi)!! The curls don’t hold for as long as GHD curls, but big curls usually don’t hold for much longer than a day. Once they fall into “second day curls”, they become waves!!
I think the cost of this I’d recommend this curling iron if you like big curls, don’t want to spend much money for a curling iron and


Heat protectant: muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Shine Spray

I’ve been testing this brand for about 2 months now, and I really like their products. The packaging is sleek and professional, and looks extremely high end! Good thing is that this line is pretty affordable too! I like this product because it acts as a heat protectant but also gives the hair gloss and shine! I feel like it makes my hair glow like the commercials!


Volumising Spray: John Frieda Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion

I’ve used this volumising spray for a while now and it’s always been on my favourite hair products list. It’s affordable, easy to use, and really works! I find that the other products under the same line are quite good as well! Really helps you poof up your boring flat hair!



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Woah, first of all.. can you smell something special coming? Don’t peak! Don’t scroll down!!

Okay.. you might be able to see it infront of you anyway (if your screen is as big as my 24″ iMac screen). I’ve uploaded a new video! HELLO!

Not too exciting because it’s not a “tutorial”, yes yes, I’m getting to that, but it’s a haul video? *clap clap*


Let me introduce.. PLNDR.

PLNDR is the sister website of Karmaloop and is an exclusive “member’s only” area for Karmaloop customers! The concept is much like Ozsale, BrandsExclusive, and I’m sure many other websites out there. But the good thing with PLNDR is that it focuses on fashion.


The items I chose:

1. As Sweet As Sin dress ($44.99) – Size S


2. The Burning One Shoulder Party Dress in Black ($39.99) – Size M


3. The Jack Ring in Silver ($36.00) – Size 7


4. The Made with Love Ziggy Tank Top ($19.98) – Size S/M


5. The Tell It to the Rain Top in Vanilla & Ivory ($27.00) – Size S


6. The Midnight Lullaby Playsuit in Chevron Print ($71.98) – Size M



My thoughts?

I go into more detail in the video but in a few basic words, I think the site is “trendy”, “fun”, “affordable”. I will definitely repurchase.

My favourite pieces were definitely selection 6 – The Midnight Lullaby Playsuit in Chevron Print and selection 5 – The Tell It to the Rain Top in Vanilla & Ivory.



Watch the video here



PLNDR - Someone has commented - check it out!

DIY: Volumising your old false lashes

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I’m finally back. I’m actually a little embarrassed that I haven’t blogged for such a long time. I want to have the perfect reason, but I don’t.. so I have come back with a Do-it-Yourself tutorial!!

Since purchasing hundreds of false lashes from Taiwan, I’ve realised that most of the ones I purchased are quite natural! I’m not a big fan of “thick thick” lashes because I feel like it drops my eyes down or looks really “fake”, but on occasions where you want to bring a little more attention to your eyes, the typical natural lash just isn’t enough.

This technique will also work for volumising your old false lashes which you’ve probably worn for about a week or two, and really need some freshening up!





It’s really a simple idea really, and I’ve definitely talked about it in my videos or posts before. The “doubling” technique.


By using this technique, you can upgrade the most simplest lashes to look more perky.


Lots of us spend hundreds on our favourite “style” of eyelashes, but we do not realise that these could be easily made ourselves with the hundreds of lashes we do not use.


Let me show you what I mean.


I’m taking the below two types of lashes.

The first box is a box I purchased from Taiwan. These lashes are extremely nice as they are long and really bring out the eyes, but after a few wears, I realised they didn’t have any volume in them. It was just long. I wanted to make a pair of lashes that would help my eyes stand out with miminal eyeliner and eyeshadow.

The second box is a box I purchased from Ebay. I’ve had a few of these sets of lashes for a long time. They were cheap but the band is stiff and really hard to wear. They would keep poking my eyes and I really did not find much use for them.







Our first step is to take the cheap ebay lashes and snip it in 3. I use a nail clipper because I find that it’s easier to cut. Ofcourse you can choose to use anything from a pair of kitchen scissors to a pair of nose hair clippers. ^O^






The step is to choose your piece. I like more volume in the centre because I feel like that creates more of a dolly (larger looking) eye. I know many of you may like more volume on the outer corner to create more of a sultry (sexy looking) eye so feel free to use the outer third of the lash.

I chose the middle piece.




Although this is a very simple technique, many people do not actually remember to “bend” the two lashes together. This will help to blend the lashes to help the lashes look more realistic and less “chunky”. It is almost to do so whilst it’s drying because once the lashes are dry, they will be stuck and will be hard to alter.


The result is subtle, but definitely noticable. I’ll let you judge. Excuse my eyes as I am not wearing contacts. I’ve cut down on wearing contacts now. :)







If you analyse the two lashes below, you can see exactly where I stuck the extra piece of lash. Be creative, you can add smaller pieces to different areas of the lash. Experiment with it and you will find which style of lashes suit you best!


Stop wasting money on purchasing lashes which do not suit you! Utilise what you’ve got. ;)





If you’ve also done this, show me your creations!


DIY: Volumising your old false lashes - 9 comments so far - join the discussion!

Video: How I remove my makeup

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Removing your make up after each day is the most important step of your preparation to sleep.


I wear foundation/powder/BB Cream every single day (working days and weekends) so make up removal is a critical step for me. Many girls seem to confuse “removing make up” with “cleansing face”… both steps are critical.


To end each day, I typically start off with wet wipes to remove my face makeup. I’ve tried a few different brands and you can go with each ever one you think is the most effective for you.


For eyes & lips, I’ve found that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has worked the best. It’s pure, natural and removes stubborn waterproof makeup without having to tug onto your skin (which causes wrinkles and aging).


With that, you have completed the steps of “makeup removal”.


Lastly, you must cleanse your face. This means.. removing any remnants of the EVOO or residue from the wet wipes.


By the time I get to this step, I tend to be quite lazy. I feel like I’ve already removed my make up and don’t want to have to double cleanse my face..


This is where.. Clearasil Perfectawash is handy!



With the ease of an on & off switch and a simple touch, Clearasil’s Perfecta Wash automatically dispenses exactly 1.5mL of product to cleanse your face. No more wastage of products when you accidently squeeze out too little or much!



Including the second cleanse in your routine can be frustrating to include but you must include it as a habit.


Click play to see step by step how I remove my makeup.

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