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Singapore Adventure Pt 1

February 6, 2013 | 11 comments so far - join the discussion!



Sorry for the major MIA!! I was travelling around Singapore and Thailand and did not have an SD card reader to upload photos – hence no blog posts because plain text posts are borrringggg.

Anyway, in Singapore, one of my readers, Tammy – who is also a graphics designer – go check her out on www.tammytew.com – hooked me up with a sweet deal at Marina Bay Sands!! I got to stay there for the 3 nights I was staying in Singapore. The view was immaculate but the daily rates are usually quite high. Their infamous infinity pool was…. breath-taking.

The only thing I did dislike about Marina Bay Sands though, is the fact that they had two sets of lifts which led to you to higher floors. We stayed on Level 17, so to enter the pool, we’d have to switch lifts at Level 22 by walking over the next block and then go up to Level 57. Because the pool was the main attraction of the hotel, we went to the pool at least once a day, and it became overly frustrating!




The second day in Singapore, I met up with Clara (Dblchin)!!!

We had a quick lunch (which was thai food actually #awkward #sillyme) and headed over to Millys where I wanted to get my eyelash extensions and nails done!!







Millys service was really great. They had a range of “thicknesses” in lashes to choose from and the application time was only approximately one hour!!! Usually when I get it done in Sydney, it takes 2.5+ hours!!!


Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 11.19.37 PM

milly’s @ Bugis Village
New Bugis Street Desl 3,4,5
(s) 188868

For Appt: 63384137 | 8383 5395



My eyelash extensions after application





My amazing gel nails after designing! The best thing about Millys is that they have really sweet staff!! They are also really pretty!! And they have hundreds of designs to choose from!




Here are the girls who did my eyelashes and nails!!!




And with Clara!IMG_4650



At night, we headed over to eat our first Singaporean Crab of the trip! I read from Brad’s blog that No Signboard Seafood was a must try so we headed over to Far East Park. It’s such a beautiful area because you can see an amazing view and stroll along the beach before or after enjoying your meal.





For drinks, we headed to Clark Quay which was an area filled with bars and clubs!!! Singapore really has amazing nightlife!






More tomorrow!!


If anyone else is heading over and need some recommendations and tips, you can email me on janice@chaigyaru.com

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Taipei Hot Baths

January 22, 2013 | Someone has commented about this - check it out!

Okay! Yesterday and today have been long ass days.

Yesterday, I took an MRT for the first time and headed over to Xin Beitou which is where all the hot baths were!! Hot baths are super popular in Japan and have been around for years. They have health benefits as the water is somewhat “special” and is really good for the skin!!






Hot bath (which is public) is about NT40 which is abit over $1!!!!









I couldn’t take anymore photos because the baths didn’t allow it. I also went to eat some local food around the area!!





To be honest, not sure what most of the menu said, but my plate turned out to be intestines and tofu! :o (which I normally eat anyway!!)






For the rest of the day I headed over to Ximen which is a shopping district you definitely need to check out if you are ever in Taipei!! I was originally quite sick of shopping already after the first two days but this place gave me the urge to buy heaps!! It’s almost like… a night market in a whole suburb!!!

Amazing food and cheap shopping!








That’s all from me for today!!! Need to head out so I will be back soon!

Taipei Hot Baths - Someone has commented - check it out!

Taipei day 2

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I’m sitting at Time cafe at the moment – which is near where I’m staying in Taipei. I’m having Seafood soup as my dinner tonight because I need to rehydrate after shopping for 9 hours straight.

Today, I visited Zhonghao Road. This area is supposably the place for fashionistas. All the girls and boys apparently look like models here (quoted by another blog I read) – I would definitely agree that it is the most fashionable but probably not about the model-looking people.

SOGO and Mingyao also live on this road.





I also tried some street food today!!! I struggled with ordering food, but eventually got through it!


After shopping on Zhonghao road, I caught a cab to Taipei101. At first I thought it was like an observatory tower like Sydney’s sky tower but it is actually a shopping mall with the observatory on the 6th(?) floor!!! I didn’t go in because there was a 30-40mins wait but it’s definitely something worth visiting. I’m just lazy #noshame

Here are some pics from Taipei 101!



Just a few streets below Taipei 101 is Linjiang night markets!! I’ve wanted to visit a night markets since I got here so I took a quick cab ride down!!
There are so many little things to buy and eat there!! I had my favourite street snack – Smelly Tofu!!








I bought these flats for NT 390~ which is equivalent to about AUD 13!!



Okay next (yes I had a longggg day), I went around the streets near the night markets. The Linjiang markets is only one long street btw.
The street intersecting is actually a whole street filled with pets!!! I got overly excited when I found huskies and shibainus!





It’s abit cruel that all these pets were in cages, but it was still very entertaining to visit each shop to observe the cute puppies and kittens!! There are sooo many couples here!!

Okayyy time to head homeeee. Last meal of the night.


And ofcourse, a selfie with the beautiful city of Taipei.


Goodnight Taipei. I’m looking forward to a more relaxing day of Hot Springs tomorrow :)

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Taipei day 1

January 16, 2013 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Hi ya’ll!

Today it’s an amazing weather in Taipei! I walked around Da-an district to Sogo and mini boutiques everywhere!!

Really reminds me of Hong Kong (cause that’s probably my only memory of Asia).

I purchased some lingerie and eyelashes today. There are many manu little aisles of stores and I’ve found myself getting lost through all of them!!

I’m currently drafting this post in a restaurant where I ate the infamous Taiwanese beef noodle soup!! It cost NT140 which is equivalent to about $4.50!!! And I also ordered a mango juice for NT30 which is less than $1!! I’m stunned at how cheap Asia is.

Taiwan is relatively safe compared to many parts of Asia. Most people here mind their own business and no one really stares at you like most other parts of Asia!!

I’m struggling with everyone speaking mandarin but I’m surprisingly pulling through with communication! #day1

Hopefully the next few days will get better!! I’ll leave you guys with some pics!











Taipei day 1 - 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Otw to Taiwan!

January 15, 2013 | 3 comments so far - join the discussion!

I’m currently at Sydney Airport but I will be making small updates on my blog whilst I’m travelling!

First stop will be Singapore where I will have a stop over for 3 hours before heading to Taipei!

It’s my first time flying with FlyScoot so I’m a little nervous!!!

I know there will be no inflight entertainment so I have prepared myself with Cleo and Cosmopolitan magazines!! Also headphones are a must!!


Sneak peek in my carry on bag!

Wish me luck on my flight!!! And see you all in Singapore and Taipei! ❤

Otw to Taiwan! - 3 comments so far - join the discussion!