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Beginning of 2014 and review on Koh Lanta & Phuket

January 23, 2014 | 2 comments so far - join the discussion!


It’s been a while. I’ve been super MIA that even I almost do not remember my WordPress password. haha.


I hope you all have had a great start to 2014, a great holiday break and ready to kick into serious work this year! I AM. I’m ready.


To be honest, my 2013 was a bit of mess. I kind of gave up on blogging due to lack of motivation, kind of picked it back up again but didn’t feel like I fit into the community anymore (#sad), I started to instagram a heap (@chaigyaru), I started tumblring..

Emotionally, I was a little all over the place too. For those who have known me for years, would know that I’m crazy about smiling and laughing. Which sounds extremely strange, but even tripping down the stairs could make me laugh as if I was tickled.

2013 however, made a bit of a downturn to stress in studies and career and other aspects.


BUT, it’s a new year, so new goals and new perspectives!


2014 has began quite well with a trip to Phuket and Koh Lanta in January.


For those who haven’t been to Thailand, here’s my quick overview of the areas I’ve been to!


In my experience, I’m not the biggest fan of Phuket – or should I say, more specifically “Patong Beach”. The tourist, the pollution, the haggling, the.. harrassing was abit too much for me to handle. If you’ve been to Patong Beach, you’ll probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Probably a lot worse than Bangkok, but again, I’m not a big fan of Bangkok either.

I walked down Patong Beach Road myself one of the days and was yelled at 5 times.. “konnichiwa” from random tourist who probably thought I was Thai/Jap/(just asian). What’s worse is that I even got a guy ask me “Heloo how are you?” and when I politely answered “Good thanks” (but continued to walk), he screamed back at me “Obviously not very good since you can’t even stop to talk to me!!!!”.

Damn the tourist there are hard to please.

Apart from that though, Thai people are quite friendly. In the more “touristy” areas, half of them can actually speak decent English so haggling and ordering food that’s off the menu is much easier.

I also visited the neighbouring beaches Surin and Karon Beach. They were a little better in terms of the crowd and the busy traffic, but still quite similar to Patong in every other aspect.

If you want to travel abit south-east of Patong Beach, you can go to Rawai. It’s about an hour up (scooter speed)

I also visited an island off Phuket – called Similan Island. You’ll find that these island tours are super popular as you walk around Phuket and browse at the “Tourist Information” booths.

Although the Similian Island tour wasn’t great, there were still some great things to say about it. The beaches there were just immaculate. The words “powdery sand” and “clear water” can not even begin to explain how amazing the two were! I recommend visiting Similian Islands, but I’d say go there yourself (by speed boat), rather than taking a tour, because then you can spend as much time on the beaches you enjoy and relax.




Ofcourse though, if you do end up going on the tours (which are convenient), you can do some snorkelling! I’m a massive fan of snorkelling, but I don’t think this tour brought us to very nice parts of the ocean. I literally saw 2 small fishes in the 30 mins I snorkelled. Here is a super un-attractive photo of me snorkelling.




After about 7 days of staying in Patong Beach (which I swear, is far too much), I got a ferry to another island called Koh Lanta (which is about 6 hours away from Patong) just below Krabi.

Koh Lanta is a really.. chill island. There is really not much else I can say about it. There is a lot of land, but no where really to go. We rode a scooter to the tip of the North and South of the island and it was probably only about 1.5 hours ride on a relatively average speed.

If you go to Koh Lanta, I HIGHLY advise you to stay at a resort and pay more for it. You’ll be spending A LOT of time there.

I stayed at the south of Koh Lanta (called Koh Lanta Yai). In this part of the island (called a district), there are only about 3 restaurants, 3 other joint restaurant/bar, 1 bottle shop and 2 pharmacies! Oh, and you’ll be able to find a 7/11 and various other insignificant stores there. At night, it’s quite nice to be out at the beach bars and restaurants but during the day, it’s best to stay in your resort and chill. #thatshowyoutangirl

Make sure you visit the restaurant “Same, same but different”! I wore my tank there – which said “Same same” (on the front) “But Different” (on the back) and was super excited to visit the restaurant!! Their red fish curry is amazeballs.

My other favourite is Lanta Restaurant which is connected to a bar called “Why Not?!”. It’s probably the BEST BAR in the district. They usually have fire shows (which are just.. immaculate) and live music too. The live music was hilarious. We sat around literally listening to 3 thai (rather middle age) men singing western songs in a thai accent. Some of the songs we could barely make out that it was english!! But the experience was worth it anyway.


That pretty much sums up the beginning of my 2014 and my trip to Thailand!





Oh, and ofcourse, I miss their fresh coconut juices :'(




How was your holiday break guys? And where did you go? Share your stories with me. :)

Beginning of 2014 and review on Koh Lanta & Phuket - 2 comments so far - join the discussion!

Taipei haul

March 13, 2013 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

It’s been over a month since I’ve been to Taipei, Taiwan and I still have not had to chance to post up pictures of my beauty haul!!! Read about my adventures here, here and here.


Taipei is renown for its beauty industry- other countries being Korea and Japan! It’s one of the countries in Asia where beauty plays such a large role in their city. From plastic surgerys, to facial masks, to false eyelashes.. you will be able to find hundreds of these stalls in every street of Guangfu Road.


During my trip, I made several trips to purchase beauty products, and many of the products I had already opened up to use, but for the ones I have not..


I purchased 2 x Skin79 Pink Super BB Cream! I’ve had it before and I know I used to love it! There was a sale at Watsons for buy one get one for $1, so I purchased two as a backup or to gift. Below that, you can see false plastic nails. I purchased these for special events or to stick on for advertorials. I’m quite dedicated to my blog in that way. hehehe ^O^ *selfcompliment*


In Sasa, I found gel pencil liners (I’m pretty sure that’s what it was called) by Jealousness. They were also on Buy one get one free (BOGOF) so I got two of them as well – smoked black and sparkling brown.








How can I not have bulk bought facial masks!! They were incredibly cheap in Taiwan! I think each box only cost me about 300 Taiwanese dollars which is equivalent to about AU$10! Some were cheaper and some were more expensive of course. I actually walked around the Sasa store with a lady assistant who picked up every box of masks I looked at and helped me store it behind the counter. Poor lady ended up carrying about 5-6 boxes at a time in the end.

One thing I did notice about the taiwanese is that they say “harlo harlo!” alot. Everytime she tried to get my attention, they would “harlo” me. I didn’t know how to react much so I just nodded or shook my head so tell her whether I was interested or not.

I purchased quite a few brands so I can’t name them all, but Sasatinnie, My Beauty Diary, Lioele to list a few.






Here is the bigger picture from before. I purchased some liquid eyeliners, some drugstore mascaras (which are really cheap btw. About AU$10 when it’s about AU$20 in Sydney). I also got a Cyber Colors eyelash curler because the shop assistant wouldn’t stop showing me how amazing her eyelashes looked with this eyelash curler… and some eyelid tape – which I haven’t really had much of a chance to try yet!





Okay okay okay.. so now it comes to my favourite part of my shopping haul!!!! I possibly spent way too much on false eyelashes, but I do not regret it one little bit!!!

Every corner you walk to, each shop you pretty much step into, will sell false eyelashes! I never thought it could be physically possible to find so many different styles of false eyelashes!!! It almost shocked me! Here is a part of my haul.. and I’m saying this because I gave tonnes of these away to family and friends!!!!

I think each box was about 199 or 300 taiwanese dollars – which is equivalent to about AU$6-10!!!






That’s about all from my haul. If you love beauty products, I highly recommend you take a trip to Taiwan – but remember to save up lots of money or you might find yourself a couple of hundreds of dollars below your intended spend!!!!






And just a quick plug pic of myself in black hair!! I’m really loving the colour now because it’s somewhat faded to a “less fake-black” colour. Definitely need to make a video soon to show y’all, but for now….


Until next time!

Taipei haul - 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Phuket & Koh Samui, Thailand

February 22, 2013 | 9 comments so far - join the discussion!

Sorry for the little mini break. I’ve had quite a bit to deal with in the last week. Coming back to Sydney has been quite hectic.


Honestly, Phuket is quite amazing even though we did not stay for long. The main attraction was Fantasea – which is a famous night time cultural theme park. We patted elephants, took photos of the amazing detailed designs of the theme park and watched the show. It’s much like Cirque Soleil for those who are wondering. I’d say you’d have to watch it if you’re in Phuket.




Our second day in Phuket, we actually went to the well known Phi phi island. It’s known for it’s amazingly soft sand and perfect beach. I believe it’s also the beach from the movie “The Beach“.


Phi Phi island is great to tour around because there are so many activities to do! I think if I ever come back to Phuket, I’ll most likely revisit Phi phi!


We were allowed to feed monkeys, jet boat and swim in the ocean and snorkel amongst the fish.






Because most of the activities were water-based, I didn’t actually get to take many photos. But nonetheless, I had a fabulous time.


Our next destination was Koh Samui. This was the island I was looking forward to the most because I had heard that it was relaxing and for old-retired couples!! Perfect for me! HAHA.


We stayed there for about 6 days and there was quite a bit of drama there! The resort we stayed at (which I don’t want to mention the name of) was amazing. We had our own private pool villa and I honestly think I could have stayed in the resort for our whole trip.. maybe even for a whole month.

The only reason I didn’t want to mention the name of the resort is because I had an accident there, which I wasn’t too happy about. Although the resort had made up with their immaculate service, I don’t want to make an influence towards their resort by writing about it.


During our stay there, we booked a Safari tour where we were able to ride elephants, hold snakes, watch monkey shows and elephant shows!






We also took a short bush walk to see the Na Muang Waterfall 2 – a famous attraction in Koh Samui




The rest of Koh Samui was great. We went jet-skiing (my first time!!!) and sunbaked quite alot. Chaweng Beach was a great location to discover great food and great bars. We hired a scooter and I think that was my favourite part of this island! There is minimal traffic and travelling from one place to another was really easy. We did not get scammed by taxi drivers or tuk tuks too!!


Koh Samui is more touristy and definitely more friendly.



Our best night was spent at Ark Bar on Chaweng Beach! This bar gets really busy on Friday nights and the place is really amazing. You get to sit along Chaweng beach on beach chairs and enjoy the view of the waves in the ocean at night. The music was really loud so you sort of feel like you’re in a club too! But it was really chill.


There were also lots of performances off the beach! Check this out!





After Koh Samui, I headed back to Bangkok to route back to Sydney. On the way, we checked out Chatuchak market!!! I was really excited because it’s actually one place I’ve always wanted to go to!!! If you go to Bangkok, make sure you visit Chatuchak! You will not regret!


The best deals for fashion and anything young and trendy! It is run every weekend next to Mochi BTS station!




Anyway, enough on my trip!


Next post will definitely be more beauty related! =)

Phuket & Koh Samui, Thailand - 9 comments so far - join the discussion!

Bangkok, Thailand

February 10, 2013 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Bangkok was fun in it’s own way, but it was probably the country I enjoyed the least compared to the rest of the islands/cities I visited – but I will talk about that later.


In Bangkok, I stayed in Sukhumvit – which I think is the best area to stay at due to the number of things happening around the area!!


We visited Soi 11 alot, which was one of the most busiest streets for bars and street food!



That being said, what I disliked the most about Bangkok is the amount of people there were on the streets at any point in time! I found it almost impossible to walk in a straight line!! Even when it was possible, you’d be stopped by promoters of Ping Pong shows or street salesmen trying to sell you their tshirts or watches.


One of the things I enjoyed the most however, were the tuk tuk bars!! There were so many tuk tuks which were pimped up with lights and music to be a portable bar!! The drinks were about 80B for a cup of cocktail and 250B for a bucket of cocktail! ~equivalent to less than AUD$3 per cup and AUD$7.50 per bucket!




Because we only stayed in Bangkok for two days initially, we weren’t able to get much done! But we did go on a canal tour which was provided by our hotel. The experience wasn’t amazing, but I would recommend it as something you’d have to do for sight-seeing. We saw some amazing temples and the view of some of the “houses” people live in by the river.


We also got to see some ladies selling drinks and snacks off their boat!!



I’ll be coming back to abit more on Bangkok towards the end of my travel diaries, but that was about all we got to for the first few days!!

Bangkok, Thailand - 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Singapore Pt 2 – Chinatown fun!

February 6, 2013 | 7 comments so far - join the discussion!

The next day in Singapore, we had a bit more fun shopping rather than just drinking and sightseeing!


Tammy & her best friend, Kiyoko brought us to Universal Studios and the Aquarium (many thanks to the two as they were super friendly and helpful throughout our trip to Singapore!!)!!

We went to dine at the Aquarium restaurant for lunch to check out the fishies.. on a side note, I highly do not recommend dining at the Aquarium restaurant because the food takes an hour to arrive, didn’t taste very fresh at all and was absurdly overpriced!! However, that being said, we were able to experience the whole aquarium without paying for the entry fee!



After lunch, we decided to go to Chinatown and Orchard Road!

I heard that these two places were the “to-go” places in Singapore so I wanted to check them out!


Chinatown was filled with cute Chinese New Year goodies and heaps of food!



I also had a massive coconut for $3SGD I think – and tried on the QiPao!! I didn’t want to try it on because I was super #shy initially but I’m glad I did!! It’s super pretty!!



At Orchard Road, the most most most most exciting moment was trying out the Durian Icecream in Pandan bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in love.




But the fun only just started!

We went to The Underground and shopped at the girly markets! I found pink hair chalk!!!! And I’ve always wanted to try hair chalk!!! I think I got too excited and we tested it on my hair right away! The only problem is that you need to have wet hair, so we used a bottle of water we had and wet my hair in the middle of Orchard Road. #yesidid #embarrassing #overexcited


Here comes the pink hair!!!




More fun at the arcades with skill testers ^O^


And finally..

More Singaporean crab for dinner.



To finish off our short visit in Singapore, we had to swim at the pool one last time!! I miss Marina Bay Sands!!!!



I think my overall Singaporean trip was very short and rushed, but I still got to enjoy every second of it. I’m glad I got to stay at Marina Bay Sands (thanks again to Tammy) and I’m really glad I got to experience Chinatown and Bugis Street and Orchard Road.

I continually read so much about Singapore in so many blogs but my memory of visiting the country is faint (I went there when I was 13 years old). I’ve been urging to visit since I started blogging!!!

It was a pity I did not get to visit some of my blogger friends in Singapore, but for the time I had, the amount of things I had done was very satisfying!! I’m definitely going to go back to Singapore and will probably stay at Marina Bay Sands again!


Onto my Thailand trip next!!! I’m super excited to write about it!!!!!

Singapore Pt 2 – Chinatown fun! - 7 comments so far - join the discussion!