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top pick online stores

June 30, 2012 | No comments yet - you should start the discussion!


Over and over again, I receive emails asking what my favourite online stores are!


Ofcourse, being a crazy online shopper, there are hundreds I could list.. but I’m going to settle with a few of my top tops!


I think I might do a series of these posts.. because there are so many online shops I love! I might also do an “Australian online stores” one for my Aussies ^^





One of my top favourites is ASOS. Ofcourse most of us know what ASOS is by now.. I don’t think anyone is new to it.

I love the fact that you can actually see a “catwalk” with almost every piece of clothing you’re interested in on real life models! There are also loads of choices and the search criteria is extremely useful! There are also hundreds and thousands of items for each category so it’s never too difficult to find something you like for the occasion you are shopping for!

More amazing things about ASOS is that you can actually download an iPad or iPhone application for their website which means you can shop anytime and anywhere! Not to mention, there are almost ALWAYS SALES!!! Remember to join their newsletter because it’s always the fastest way to find out about their sales!




I could probably rave on and on about how much I like ASOS, but it would probably be useless because I’m sure 80% of my readers are also a massive fan already!


So here are a few picks from ASOS. I’m going to do this for every store so you can get the feel of what the online stores are like before clicking over.




Pastel yellow heels (AU$30.61)



Navy Party Dress in Mesh (AU$32.21)




White Skater Dress in Embellished Trim (AU$34.01)



Let’s move on!




I’ve talked about this website before, but they recently launched an Australian-friendly website – which means Australian currency displays and free shipping within Australia!!

I’ve always loved the outfits boohoo.com puts together so I was extremely excited when they launched the “Australian” side. One of the best things about this website is that it is easy to look for items and you can search by trends. I’m loving the pastel and floral print trends this season so I’ve been browsing through those categories.



Overall a great website for inexpensive dresses, shoes and accessories with free shipping! I probably wouldn’t be able to compare it with ASOS though because boohoo.com has a lot less items to choose from.


I think my favourite items from this shop is definitely the shoes. Extremely inexpensive and very cute!



See my top picks below.


Animal Top Mixi Dress (AU$40)



Gold Glitter Shoe boots (AU$70)



Turquoise Suedette  Shoe Boot (AU$70)




Esther Boutique

I randomly found out about this online shop via twitter and have saved it in my bookmarks until now. It’s about $13 for shipping but if you purchase over $200, it’s free within Australia. Although prices are fairly reasonable on this online shop, I think a lower limit in free shipping would push me to purchase more from here.



Lots of these items I’ve actually seen in stores before.. but it’s always nice to have access to them online. I love the pieces in this online store though. Very chic and great for either a nice bar or even the office!


Some of my favourite picks.


Bodice Lace Mesh Detail Dress (AU$79)

Baby blue mini skirt (AU$59)

Palace Cocktail dress in Lilac (AU$89)




I think that’s all for today. I will post more of my favourite online stores in another post! :)


Tomorrow is Nuffnang Blogopolis and I’m supposed to be reviewing my presentation slides and preparing for my speech, but instead, I am here online shopping and bookmarking my favourite pieces from each online store for this post!! *tsk tsk*


For everyone who will be coming, see you at 8am tomorrow!!!!!!


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