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Surprise lunch

February 27, 2011 | 9 comments so far - join the discussion!

Nom nom nom.


Random but I was tweeting about this the other day.. and how excited I was to go to lunch during my work break. One of my girlfriend’s slash work colleague because we work together (LOL) 22nd birthday is tomorrow and I decided to surprise her with a little lunch downstairs with a birthday cake. She thought we were all just going down for lunch but didn’t realise everyone knew it was her birthday. It was kinda funny and freaky cause of some of the comments some of the other girls made…. which almost slipped out the surprise!


I didn’t get to take many photos because all the girls were -_-” about my camera… for some reason! No one is as vain as me at work!!! Wtf. Need to train some of the girls at work. LOL.


Anyhow. I did get two group photos and pics of the birthday girl, Therese, with her gorgeous cake.



Cake is “Mousse Picasso” from La Renaissance CafĂ© Pâtisserie at The Rocks.



(Before I continue blogging, I just wanna say blogging on a laptop sucks. I hate trying to control the freaking mouse tracking pad thing!!!)



Ok. Let’s continue. So the cake was sooo nice, but probably worth 2000 calories. Inside were layers of dark, milk and white chocolate. Mmm!!!


The birthday girl was so surprised!!!

Hurray for a successful surprise because it is a rare case!!





Ok. I’m not blogging in the right order, but we actually did have mains before we had our dessert. haha!!


We went to an Indonesian restaurant, Terasbali, downstairs from our workplace which is actually quite nice!!! It is a tad expensive considering all we want to do is eat lunch majority of the time, but for a special lunch event, it’s perfect.


We had quite a few things which I cannot name because I didn’t mark them down, so excuse my fail food blogging. Trust me!! I try really hard!!!







F my life. Everytime I blog about food, I get hungry. I don’t know how you girls do it. *Runs over to kitchen to raid every bit of tasty food left in it.


Ok. Enough of food. I shall leave you guys with some group pics.







Ok. Off to read my new obsession, Marley & Me.



Tell me about any surprise parties you have thrown for your friends or any surprise parties you’ve received!!



P.S. Adding these photos in this post because I don’t wanna make a new post for it. On the same day, after work, I went to Meet Fresh to get yummy Taiwanese dessert.


Got Herbal Jelly No.4 and Taro No.2. I duno how I remembered that but it’s so yummy!!! I heart taiwanese dessert.






P.P.S. I can’t believe I linked THREE different restaurants in this post and none sponsored me. LOLOL. I need some food sponsors. No MacDonalds please!! Kthxbye.


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