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March 19, 2012 | 19 comments so far - join the discussion!

ohai! whats been happening dear readers?


I’m actually just about to step into the bathroom to dye my hair but thought I’d get a blog post up because I’ve been MIA for so long!! Horrible me.


About 3 weeks ago, I decided to jump onto the eyelash extensions bandwagon. BFF, Joanna, introduced me to mink/silk eyelashes and I’m honestly not going back to plastic ones.


I’ve had really bad experiences with plastic eyelash extensions in the past. They always seemed to pull and tug at my eyelashes and I never seemed to be able to pull them all off evenly!!! I swore never to ruin my eyelashes with eyelash extensions again.


But, that being said…. after trying the silk eyelash extensions, I’ve decided to that I want to have eyelash extensions for the rest of my life!! Except that it is actually more high maintenance than bleached hair!


Here are the amazing lashes from top view. I have one of the longest lengths possible – 12, 13mm.


I love that they look so natural! I’ve asked so many people and no one can tell that they are eyelash extensions!!!

On the side because I think they look so amazing from every angle. I don’t know what happened with the blurry hand by the way – I did not try to edit it. There was just a random  blurry patch.

The best thing about eyelash extensions is saving time. Being an office girl, I wake up at 7am every morning to shower, make up and change. These eyelash extensions has pushed my alarm back to 7.30am, and I have saved so much time getting ready!!! :D

Maintenance – extremely high
Cost – extremely high
Convenience – extremely convenient!

If you’re up for it, I highly highly recommend it!

19 comments so far - join the discussion!

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  1. Joanna says:

    Where can I get this done?! And how much $? You look gorg as always.

  2. ClosetVoyage says:

    Wowowww so pretty!! I’ve wanted eyelash extensions for the longest time! I hope you show us more pics of you fully done up! :D

  3. eergh, you know how i told you i got lash extensions like a month ago? hated them! they were the plastic ones :( and i vowed to never get them again lol but you’re tempting me with these silk ones :P

  4. kerker says:

    they look really good!

  5. Julien says:

    oh m goodness! aren’t these the lashes that celebrities wear? i always said to myself i was going to get them when i can afford them, for now i have to stick to the plastic ones though. I read one concern about this though, are you able to curl the lashes and apply mascara? i’ve read that curling and applying mascara damages the extensions, and that totally makes sense when i think about it. how much damage, i wouldn’t know. what is your experience with that?? and what’s the front view look like?

    • chaigyaru says:

      i would not curl or put mascara on these lashes. they are beautiful on its own. i believe you can curl and put mascara on them, but with the harsh chemicals of the mascara AND the makeup remover, it\’s only going to weaken the eyelashes and the glue.. so i would not recommend it.

  6. priincess says:

    Janice, how much were they? and where did you get them done?

    • chaigyaru says:

      there are many places you can get it done in sydney but I got it done in a korean hairdresser in the city called Lindas Beauty Salon

      • KC says:

        My eyelashes weren’t too bad to start with, quite long but not thick, so I had eyelash extensions done, this was about 4 weeks ago. I loved the look but then after a few days the glue was all gluggy and clumped, some were glued so that the end was scratching my eyeball, and then they started falling off. Now i have these stumpy non existent lashes, you can hardly see i have any, they are completely ruined. I paid $400.

        I read that you had this experience where your lashes were ruined by extensions. Did you just leave them to grow back and look silly for a while? or did you use the mink ones on top and let them grow underneath the extensions?

        I tried to look up Lindas Beauty Salon to see if i could go to them to see what i could do.

        I feel really ugly and wish i never got them, just need to find a fix till they grow back.

  7. Nora says:

    I love your blog and the eyelashes are amazing! I wish we had some like that available in London. Feel free to check out my blog: c: x

  8. lozku87 says:

    I’ve heard about these! They look so luxurious and yet very natural!

  9. tam says:

    hi, when you say they are hard to maintain – what do you mean by that? also, how much should you expect to pay?

  10. Saskia says:

    Hi Chai!

    I’m from Spain and I’ve just found your blog luckily :)
    I really like it. I love “gyaru” makeups and tips, and this one, about eye lash extension is so useful. I was thinking about and, definetly, I like them, because they look very natural. Now, I only have to know where I can “sell” them, in a clinic or something like this.
    Thank you so much!

    PD: You’ve got a very BEAUTIFUL blog!!
    Best regards!

  11. Angela says:

    I just did eyelash extension too!
    here is the before and after pictures:

  12. Ora says:

    How long do they last before touchup?

  13. prettylashes says:

    They look amazing, but just a precaution, if the extensions are too long or too thick for your natural lashes, it adds stress and it may cause your natural lashes to shed earlier than it should. So, if you are planning to wear eyelash extensions for long period of time (several months, years) then make sure to consult with your eyelash tech. A professional eyelash tech should know the appropriate length and thickness for your lashes so that it won’t cause any damage :)