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which frames look best on you? + giveaway

November 7, 2013 | 8 comments so far - join the discussion!

(Scroll to bottom of this post for the giveaway)


If you’re like me, you.. get bored easily. You always want something new. You’re impulsive.. AND, you like to online shop.


Okay, I think I just summarised my whole life in a sentence! Damn, I’m simple. No, not really. Just the typical GEN Y.


So.. online shopping has come a long way. For clothing, shoes, accessories.. it’s been quite easy. We just take measurements, select our sizes, and check out! But, what about for specs? I mean, I don’t have time to go out to see an OPSM or Specsavers to try on hundreds of pairs of glasses? And I don’t want to buy them online because how it looks on the model may not be how it looks on me!


Well, Bespecd is probably just the thing you’re looking for. The “Home Trial” feature on Bespecd now allows us to “try on the glasses” for free before we order our prescription lenses! The only catch is that you do have to put in your credit card details INCASE you don’t return them, but you do get a one week trial before you have to return them!!


I got two home trial packs – specs and sunglasses, so I’m going to show you some of their designs!








Each home trial pack allows you to order 5 frames so that you can test which looks best on your face! I chose the above 5. All you have to do is email help@bespecd.com.au your favourite 5 lenses and contact details, and they’ll send you the pack! More information on Home Trial here.




1. Minsk – Cherry Red

I don’t know, this has to be my favourite lenses. I featured it on instagram before and got your feedback too, seems to have the majority of the votes. It’s just.. so unique, yet classy.

I love the shape of the lenses because it kinda feels “cat woman”ish. And the deep cherry red colour just suits my dark hair perfectly!!





2. Wilmington – Dark Tortoise

Chose this one cause I thought it’d suit my round face but obviously makes my face look even rounder! Dislike these lenses on me but the colour of them are so cute! A little vintage looking! I’d probably recommend these on a smaller face!

Btw, check out my crazy bicep muscles here. bighead.jpg





3. Nara – Midnight Black

Another one of my favourites – as you can tell, this is in no particular order. I love these lenses because it’s like Minsk – gives a cat eye kinda look. I think these lenses suit me the most!

I don’t know about the black though.. makes me feel as if it’s abit too dark for my liking but will suit a lot more pieces of clothing! I think it also looks mysteriously sexy!





4. Bremen – Turquoise

I wanted to try more colourful lenses! I like that Bespecd focuses on more “fashion”able frames rather than the boring traditional frames! I’m abit so-so about these ones but I think they are much more fun than any other black frames!





5. Zurich – Honey Brown

Another one I was not particularly fond of but may suit others! I may have chosen the wrong colour – it’s also available in Midnight Black and Dark Smoke. This is why Home Trial is important!! Try before you buy!






6. Rhodes – Crystal

Okay, you caught me. I actually chose more than 5 for my home trial, but that’s okay, because they let me! :)

I like these lenses because they look really fun! Kind of reminds me of the lenses you can buy at the Asian street markets, but they are actually quality frames and you can add your prescription! I’m digging it – maybe suitable for those who don’t like to wear glasses but needs them!







I think overall I enjoyed trying on the specs alot! They were fun, colourful and unique! I feel like I’m going to make an order for the Minsk tonight and possibly the Nara!


What do you guys reckon?


The best thing I found about Bespecd is that you don’t need to know your prescription! Just include your optometrists’ name and address and Bespecd will contact them for you!! But if you want to make a claim on your private health fund, I’m pretty sure you still need to go to your optometrist and get your eyes checked out yearly!


Next are the sunglasses!


I’m quite picky with my sunglasses and I feel like I don’t look very good in many. But you can be the judge!







7. Izumo – Midnight Fade

Like I said, I don’t suit many sunglasses frames. Not sure why! I definitely don’t think I suit these, but your taste and face shape may be competely different!

I do love the colour combination though! The fading/ombre effect is super cute!





8. Dresden – Black Walnut

Just like the name, this pair replicates a walnut!! These frames are wooden on the tips!! Kinda crazy but very stylish!! I like the fact that they are so unique and the shape is quite nice too!! I think these sunglasses may be one of my favourites!!

These are super lightweight as well, so they won’t form marks around your face after wearing them for an hour!






9. Montpellier – Artic Leopard

Wrong choice in colour for me but I wanted something other than black and a bit funky!





10. Treviso – Burnt Chestnut

These are definitely my favourite sunglasses. I realised I don’t suit the “retro/vintage” look so much. I feel something fancy and a little sly. Thinking of picking up a pair of these too!! Thoughts?





Now, the greatest thing about Bespecd is that it’s not just convenient, but it’s super affordable. I remember those days in highschool when I couldn’t afford expensive sunglasses and went over to Paddy’s market to buy sunnies. They were about $20 but the quality was so horrible that they used to break if I ever “accidently” dropped them on the floor. Common problems include having the lenses drop out or the frames bending!!


Prices at Bespecd are very fixed and very affordable.


Standard prescription optical or non-prescription sunglasses $95

Stronger prescription optical $145

Prescription sunglasses $185


And you can still claim on your health insurance!!


The best part is the service. You have FREE SHIPPING with every order, FREE 60-DAY RETURNS and FREE HOME TRIALS. They are essentially not charging for all their services!! What have you got to lose now?


And it gets even better, the Bespecd team will donate to charity every time they sell a pair of glasses!! So as it goes,


look good do good











Okay, giveaway time. Simple rules! Win a pair of sunglasses of your choice worth $95. Simply follow the steps below!!


Like my facebook page – www.facebook.com/misschaigyaru

Follow my instagram – @chaigyaru

Comment on this post with your favourite pair of lenses on me! Just write the number of the frame (you might wana read the blog post now)

Leave your email address for me to contact you!!

Fingers cross and pray you’ll win!

Share with your friends if you like!



Until next time,

which frames look best on you? + giveaway - 8 comments so far - join the discussion!

review: najo jewellery

October 23, 2013 | No comments yet - you should start the discussion!



I think as you age, you become more of a fan of.. simple and timeless pieces of jewellery. I’m now 25 years old, but have pretty much grown out of all the “fun jewellery” from Diva, Equip, etc.


I mean, I still do buy jewellery from there occasionally – but definitely not as much. I feel like I’d much rather wear jewellery that I can shower with and wash my hands with, and not have to worry about my fingers turning green or blue. :S


I’ve been shopping around a lot lately and although “Tiffany & Co” may be the first store most girls think of, there are many other jewellery stores with great quality pieces and designs without the heavy price tag.


Najo jewellery is a perfect example of timeless, classic and inexpensive jewellery.




I ordered three pieces from Najo and it totaled to about AU $303. I think I received the pieces within a day or two after I ordered and there is free shipping within Australia for any orders over $100! International shipping is about $25.


Najo Jewellery doesn’t only have your typical “classic” pieces, but they also have a Diamond collection, Steel collection, Alegria collection (Mexican inspired) and a couple more!!


Because I like classic pieces, my favourite collections are the classic and diamond (girls best frannn, duh!).





The piece that attracted me the most were these bow studs – Bonita Diamond Stud Earrings ($179). The studs are .925 sterling silver (solid) – as are most of their jewellery, and inside the bow, there is a 2 x 1.5mm certified 0.015 carat brilliant cut round SI2 clarity G/H colour diamond.


With piece of jewellery with a diamond, you will receive a certificate booklet to ensure you are buying genuine and quality products!







I just love these earrings!!!



I also chose a ring that I love. I was going to buy the matching bow ring, but thought it might be abit too matchy matchy. Instead, I opted for the La French Knot Ring ($79)

I love eternity rings and this one reminded me of my friendship thing I have with my best friends!! I immediately fell in love with this design because it just looked so.. ‘promising’ (pun intended).

I purchased a size small – which is about a size 7. It fits a little lose on my middle finger, so I’ll probably opt for the extra small next time I purchase their rings. Make sure you check your size on their size chart too!!






Okay, lastly, I’m sure ya’ll pretty sick of my face..

(I’m almost done!!! >_<)


I got these Simply Sleek Earrings ($45). They look pretty regular to the average eye, but it’s actually in the shape of a fish!! You can wear it in any angle you like, but I think the “norm” way to wear it is having the fish ‘face upwards’.


I really love how these hoop earrings look!! They are seriously just so classy, so chic and just super fun!!







My say on Najo Jewellery?


Hmm, I’m going to conclude to say that NONE of the pieces actually failed to please me. I actually love each piece equally, and have been wearing my La French Knot ring since the day I received it! Shipping was one thing that managed to surprise me. I received my package within 48-72 hours of ordering!!!


For those who skimmed down before and did not read my post.. (why were you just skimming btw), there is free shipping on all Australian orders over $100 and a postage fee of $25 for all international orders.


I would highly recommend Najo Jewellery if you are looking for good quality sterling silver (.925) jewellery and don’t want to splurge the $300+ for a piece of jewellery! I think I’m going to order again from Najo Jewellery when it comes around to Christmas or a girl-friend’s birthday so that I can share the beautiful pieces with them!!



Want to shop now?



Head over to www.najo.com.au, select the options you wish to order, click on checkout and enter promo code CHAIGYARU10 for 10% discount!! Offer is unfortunately over available for one week so make sure you click onto there now and make your order!



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wantable, a personal styler in a box.

September 19, 2013 | 6 comments so far - join the discussion!

I was recently approached by Wantable, and at first… I’m gona say, I thought it was another one of those “beauty boxes” so I didn’t have much interest. I’ve been a subscriber or have been gifted quite a few of those, and I no longer have space for any more make up at home!! ;o

 wantable logo

However!!!! To my surprise, when I clicked onto Wantable, I noticed something in the corner of my eye!! It’s… what?? Accessories (jewellery/sunglasses/hair accessories) box?? Intimate (lingerie) box???


Yeap, you didn’t read wrong. Accessories and Intimate box!!


I mean, seriously, this has just brought “beauty in a box” to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. I’ve always… ALWAYS wanted to order from stylemint and jewelmint (US based websites) but have never had the chance due to the “No international shipping policy” so I quickly checked for shipping details on Wantable!!







I contemplated about which to order at first, but quickly realised that alike most women, I probably have too many pieces of lingerie for my one set of goodies. However, if I get the accessories box… I do have two long arms, ten fingers (or some may not call thumbs fingers but lets just leave it at that for the purpose of this context) and five piercings!!! Soooo… I got the accessories. :D


To use the website, you actually fill in an extremely long and detailed survey about your likes and dislikes. With this quiz, they can more accurately judge your style. Examples of the questions are:


“What types of earrings would you wear?”

▪ Studs

▪ Dangly earrings

▪ Hoop earrings


It costs $40 USD for a “one off” box or $36 USD for a monthly subscriber. Monthly subscribers get a slight discount and it’s not a “commitment thing” either, you can cancel at any time!! Shipping is $5 USD for Canadians and $9 USD for Australians! More details here.


Alright, enough about the website, let’s show you what I received in my first box!!!


I received a total of four items so I think for the cost of the box, it was well worth it!


Okay, first thing I noticed.. is this ring. (Please look at second finger. Not third)




It’s really unique and I LOVE IT because I’ve never seen anything like it before!!! I also posted it on my instagram immediately after I received it!!!

I’m a massive fan of simple, yet strangely shaped rings. This one is just perfect! I’m pretty sure during the survey, you’re required to give them your ring size too!! This ring pretty much fit my second and fourth fingers perfectly. I also like that you can also use it as a knuckle ring on your second and third ring if you like!!! (You should find out your ring size prior to filling in the survey. I’m pretty sure I choose a size 6)


Second thing I noticed (I’m saying “noticed” because it’s just a big box of surprises) are these studded earrings. Those who have been reading my blog for a while or following my youtube, or even know me in real life, will know I am.. ZE BIGGEST, MOST MASSIVE, MOST INSANE STUD LOVER. STUD STUD STUD EVERYTHING. WOOT WOOT!!





Similar to the above ring, it’s simplistic but I LOVE IT! I only ever wear studs, and rarely do I wear dangles or hoops, so this is perfect for me :)


Okay, now, there was a little black pouch with drawstrings within the box and I immediately knew they were sunglasses. You can call me a bit of a snob, but I’ve only ever worn designer sunglasses? I feel it’s one of those things.. like designer bags, where you just spend a lot of money on one of them, and use it for a long time! I don’t have many sunglasses.. I probably purchase.. one.. every… 3-4 years?


I mean, I’ve definitely purchased cheap sunnies in my life, but they tend to break within the first 2 weeks! Shrug, never had a great experience with $20 sunnies!


So you could imagine my reaction when I first saw that little black pouch. But, oh well. I opened it up. It really is only $40 for the whole box.






To my surprise, they looked like that! Kinda reminds me of Raybans? I don’t own a pair of Raybans either, so I don’t mind it at all!!

The quality looked pretty similar to the ones you can get from the markets but they weren’t HORRIBLE. I’m also a massive fan of leopard prints!!! I don’t know if I actually put that in the survey or not? Anyway, it’s not too bad. I reckon I’ll still wear them here and there! Maybe to Stereosonic, which is coming up in November!!! Who else is going??


Last item is a necklace!

This one kind of reminds me of House of Harlow, but… with empty triangles?? Haha!! I know loads of companies have been trying to duplicate the infamous House of Harlow necklace for years now, so it doesn’t bother me.

I wouldn’t say I LOVE THIS necklace, but I think it’s a-okay! Somewhat geometrical like the ring I showed initially so they can be kinda matchy matchy!




If you looked closely, each triangle actually has a different tone to it, meaning it’s super easy to match anything! You don’t need to stick to the silver accessories with silver accessories, gold to gold, rose gold to rose gold rule!! Yaaayyyyy!!


So.. my final say on Wantable?


I think it’s worth it!!! I will definitely get another box, maybe I’ll try an Intimates box! OH, and there’s even a new Halloween box that’s limited edition!!!


I most likely wouldn’t get Make Up box only because I have too much make up for my own good, and there are too many competitors in the market for this kind of thing. You could probably find a cheaper alternative like Bellabox or Lusthaveit, on the Australian market and not have to pay for the extra shipping cost.


I think the other thing I would have to say about Wantable is that their packaging is not as good as some of the beauty boxes I’ve received. I know Bellabox always had an amazing solid box which I always reuse for storing my rings and other bits and bobs.


Wantable sent their products in an average filmsy cardrobe box with sponge another the accessories to protect it.. which is FINE for the purpose of mailing, but not so much for the purpose of presentation.


Anyhow, Wantable is still.. a beautiful new thing. Definitely blog-worthy.




Catch you girls next time!

wantable, a personal styler in a box. - 6 comments so far - join the discussion!

Tobi.com Review

July 31, 2013 | 12 comments so far - join the discussion!



Gosh, I take a long time to show my face sometimes. But it’s not because I don’t want to, but it’s because I’m such a lazy blogger. As you blog for longer, somehow you can just become a lazy lazy blogger. You think you’ve already talked about everything possible, so somehow.. you drag out each blog post. haha. #excuses


Todays topic is interesting lah. I promise you. It’s more about… online shopping. Who doesn’t like online shopping?


I think at the moment, I probably buy 5x more online than in shops. It’s super easy to buy things online because it does not require you to “walk around”, then “think about it”, then “think about the price”.

It’s as simple as “Add to Cart” and “Check Measurement Chart“. And even most of the time, I don’t do the latter. You’d think the most important thing in online shopping is for you to know all your measurements!!


This is why… I find one thing quite important for online stores. Must have a return policy. Keep that in mind.


Now, let’s go onto the review.


I came across Tobi.com when I was Facebooking. I believe Tobi has a very large network on Facebook. It’s one of those websites where it is highly socially connected, so you are able to “like” an item and it will share it to your facebook friends. I believe it also shows the items you’ve “clicked” on, but ofcourse that could probably be just a Setting you can turn off.


Anyhoo, what I’m trying to say with the above, is that the concept of being so socially connected is great… depending on how active you like to be on Facebook. For me, I don’t mind too much!


Now, once you connect your Tobi to your Facebook, you actually get a hefty 50% off!!!! They allow this ONCE PER PERSON and they can monitor it by checking whether you’ve already activated it on your “Facebook” account. Most people (I’m hoping) only have one Facebook profile so their monitoring system actually works! I doubt anyone will create a second Facebook just to get 50% off their order.


I would probably rate the online store:
Cost: 8/10
Shipping: 3/10
Quality: 6/10


Prices are quite cheap – obviously depending on what you’re buying but there are loads of sales on the site and you also get the 50% off first purchases.

Shipping is heck slow but free over US$150 (or US$10 if under $150) . HOWEVER, you do risk not even being able to receive your package because of the horrible shipping!! The customer service is a 8/10 I would say because I got my refund back within 2 business days after notifying them I had not received my parcel and requested a refund!

The only reason I reduced the score for customer service is because CS could have resent my package rather than pushing me to get a refund!! You can watch the video for more info on my experience!

Quality – you will also need to watch my video as I talk about each item!





Have you purchased from Tobi before? What were your experiences?


Leave a comment below for any questions, requests for posts or have your say/opinions.



Tobi.com Review - 12 comments so far - join the discussion!


May 1, 2013 | Someone has commented about this - check it out!

Woah, first of all.. can you smell something special coming? Don’t peak! Don’t scroll down!!

Okay.. you might be able to see it infront of you anyway (if your screen is as big as my 24″ iMac screen). I’ve uploaded a new video! HELLO!

Not too exciting because it’s not a “tutorial”, yes yes, I’m getting to that, but it’s a haul video? *clap clap*


Let me introduce.. PLNDR.

PLNDR is the sister website of Karmaloop and is an exclusive “member’s only” area for Karmaloop customers! The concept is much like Ozsale, BrandsExclusive, and I’m sure many other websites out there. But the good thing with PLNDR is that it focuses on fashion.


The items I chose:

1. As Sweet As Sin dress ($44.99) – Size S

2. The Burning One Shoulder Party Dress in Black ($39.99) – Size M

3. The Jack Ring in Silver ($36.00) – Size 7

4. The Made with Love Ziggy Tank Top ($19.98) – Size S/M

5. The Tell It to the Rain Top in Vanilla & Ivory ($27.00) – Size S

6. The Midnight Lullaby Playsuit in Chevron Print ($71.98) – Size M



My thoughts?

I go into more detail in the video but in a few basic words, I think the site is “trendy”, “fun”, “affordable”. I will definitely repurchase.

My favourite pieces were definitely selection 6 – The Midnight Lullaby Playsuit in Chevron Print and selection 5 – The Tell It to the Rain Top in Vanilla & Ivory.



Watch the video here

PLNDR - Someone has commented - check it out!