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Review: Shinny Grey/Puffy 3 tone Lens

November 19, 2012 | 6 comments so far - join the discussion!

Finally a new circle lens review!

I haven’t done these in a while because for the longest time, I was just wearing my favourite GEO Bambi in Green Apple. I’m so glad I’ve sorta grown past that phase now and experimenting with new lens – which means more reviews for you guys!

Shinny Gray – also known as Puffy 3 tone lenses by G&G have been one of my favourites lately.

Typically, I like lenses with the darker rim to help my eyes look bigger and brighter.. but these lenses don’t do that. If you like these lenses, you may need to check out my other reviews.


These lenses are 14.5mm – which isn’t “anime” big – and I like that cause it’s more comfortable to wear.




Comfort level is about 5/5 because I find that these lenses are much softer than most other circle lenses!!! The downside to the soft lenses is that if you have be careful if you have longer nails.

Longer nails = Higher chance of your lenses ripping!



Comfort: ✰✰✰✰✰
Enlarging effect: ✰
Design: ✰✰✰✰✰


Overall: ✰✰✰✰



Ending with a camwhore shot because I feel like I haven’t camwhored in a long long time!




If you don’t follow me on twitter or instagram, you may not have seen that I’m in the middle of launching my online clothing store Skylar Fashion! It is about to launch in about 2 weeks and I’m really excited to show you the gorgeous party dresses me and my partners have chosen!


Follow us on twitter and instagram to follow on our updates and we will let you know as soon as we launch!


Review: Shinny Grey/Puffy 3 tone Lens - 6 comments so far - join the discussion!

Hands down favourite pink lipsticks

October 22, 2012 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!


When it comes to the perfect bright, but baby pink lips, I think I’ve dug deeper than the ocean by the perfect pout. I used to be an insane “it’s all about nude lipstick” girl, until I dyed my hair darker of course.. and realised nude lipsticks only make me look like Snooki (hell no).


For me.. the perfect lipstick means that it has to be moisturising, long-lasting (cause I tend to grab food off any table top to “taste”) and pigmented. I dislike sheer lipsticks because it means you need to apply several layers which defeats the whole purpose of “long-lasting” because the thicker the layer, the easier it is to wear off. #doesthatmakesense?


I believe I’ve talked about all of these favourites at some point, but here they are swatched on my lips.



In the first #selfie photo, I’m wearing my favourite at the moment, Revlon’s Lip Butter in Cupcake. I bought it when I went down to Melbourne in April but for some reason never touched it until last month. Now I am obsessed. It is the easiest lipstick to apply because of it’s creaminess and it also doubles up as a lip balm!! Really convenient – especially for the office girls. It retails for about $21.95 (I think), so it’s not too bad, but some of the alternatives below are cheaper.


My second favourite is MAC’s lipstick in Lady Gaga. I know this lipstick can be hard to buy because it’s so popular but it’s one of the first lipsticks I’ve ever finished! It’s a little drying, but then again I’m not the biggest fan of the formula of any of the MAC lipsticks. This lipstick retails for $35 which I think is quite pricey, but if you can order it internationally, it’s definitely worth it! The pigmentation is immaculate and it can even be applied over a lip gloss or balm to further enhance the pink!




I remember purchasing this lipstick when I watched one of Hollyannarae’s favourite videos. I was desperate to find it but could never find it.. until I took a trip to the U.S and stocked up on it. I like this lipstick and it definitely belongs in one of my top favourites but I don’t think it’s any near as much as I like the other three mentioned in this post. Reason being is because the colour payment is not as “bright” or as “appealing” as the rest. Infact, it looks rather.. dull. But, it is definitely one of my favourites compared to many other pink lipsticks I’ve tried and for the price, you really can’t beat it. I think it was less than US$5!




This is the lipstick I bring out to most of my clubbing events because it stays on.. like.. #ITSTAYSON. I can’t emphasize that enough!!! Not your typical lipstick, infact NYX call it a “lip cream”. It is exactly what it claims to be. A matte lip cream which comes conveniently in a tube like a lipstick and you paint onto your lips. I’ve recommended this lippie to several friends and they all fell in love with it!! The only down side is that because it is a matte texture, it can be extremely drying. It’s also unavailable in Australia, but you can purchase on Ebay for less than $10!



In many of my youtube vlogs, I’m always asked what pink lipstick I’m wearing.. well, typically, it’d be either one of the above! If not, it’s listed in the description box!!


Tomorrow, I’m back with another tutorial. This time, it will be featuring a kpop star which I think most of you will like!!!


I’m so excited to share it! So visit again tomorrow!!!


Hands down favourite pink lipsticks - 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Cover your blemishes!

October 2, 2012 | 11 comments so far - join the discussion!

Lots of people mistaken me to have perfect skin. But ofcourse, that’s not the case. No one has perfect skin. Especially for a girl who wear make up every single day, it requires alot of care to have perfect skin. Unfortunately for me, I just need to fake it.

So, I’ll teach you to fake it. LOL

To be honest, there’s really not much to it. The most important thing is to really take care of the smoothness of your skin. Exfoliate, cleanse well, and eat well.

I choose to use a light daily exfoliator. That way, I can get rid of the dead skin cells and dry skin and excess make up from my skin on a daily basis. I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash pink grapefruit scrub but ofcourse, you can choose any of your choice.

Next, I like to use a rose water mist to keep my skin hydrated. Sometimes I replace my moisturiser with the mist. I use a natural rose water mist, but you can choose from any brands, such as Jurlique or Trilogy (as a cheaper alternative,  Australis also make a make up setting spray with rose water and aloe vera).

Now that my skin is set, I prime with a make up primer. To be honest, I don’t find primers very useful in controlling oil but I do find them useful for creating a smoother surface and protecting your skin from sucking in all the chemicals in your foundation. This step really helps to free your skin from clogging up.




After primer, it’s covering up the blemishes time. For the summer and special occasions, I love to use my Revlon Photoready foundation. It really helps to create an amazing flawless face without feeling overly heavy.



You can check out my flawed (non photoshopped) skin. #shame

For many years, I didn’t take care of my skin because I thought I was blessed with such flawless skin. Little did I know, it’d slap me back on the face one day.

Ok, so to cover, I suggest you DAB the liquid foundation (up to you which one) on the areas you need most coverage. I have been breaking out like crazy on my chin and jaw areas, so I have dabbed a fair bit on those areas. Do not dab foundation on the other areas you do not need the coverage because we can go back with the excess on those areas later.




Using more of a “patting” motion rather than “swiping” motion, try to blend out the foundation to create maximum coverage on your blemishes areas. This can also be doubled up as concealer, but ofcourse if you require, you can also use concealer (which will be shown later). The reason I use my hands is because using your fingers can warm up the foundation allowing it to blend more flawlessly into your skin.



Tada. See how most of the red spots and blemishes are gone already? The technique you use to apply make up is sometimes what makes the biggest difference. 50% product, 50% skill.

Now, you can go back in with concealer and cover any spots which need the extra coverage. I typically skip this step unless I have a huge red pimple or a cluster of acne. But this is rarely the case.

I like to use a concealer palette because it means I can mix my own combination of shades depending on how tan I am during the year.




With concealer, I like to take a flat concealer brush (shown below) to pat on the blemishes. I find this is more helpful with aiming at smaller areas – especially any where you may have missed by using your fingers in the first step.



The last step is the most important step which I think most people seem to miss! It is to set the concealer. Setting the concealer is important because if you just use a big fluffy brush to set your own face makeup, you will most likely miss the little areas you just spent minutes concealing!

I like to take a blending brush and loose powder and similar to setting your face make up, I set the areas I applied concealer or had more blemishes!



And you’re done!!

Remember to deep cleanse your face every single night and take care of your skin by keeping hydrated and moisturised at all hours of the day. Keep a water spray – such as rose water sprays or Avene thermal water spray – in your bag handy to spray when you need like you need to freshen up!

Don’t pack on more and more foundation because more than 90% of the time, your skin is only feeling dehydrated. And one of my biggest tips would be “do not pick your blemishes“.

Keep these things in mind and you’re on your way to a brighter, clearer complexion!

Leave any other tips in the comment section to help everyone else battling with their skin! 

Cover your blemishes! - 11 comments so far - join the discussion!

Battle of the eyeliners

September 23, 2012 | 3 comments so far - join the discussion!

So.. it appears I haven’t made a video in a really really long time! My last video was over a month ago when I did my best friends tag!! Time passes so quickly.. #sigh


Welll. Here is a new one!


For a long time, I’ve been testing out my favourite eyeliners. It’s always a hard one because everyone has different eyelids and for some, they like a smudgable formula, whereas for others who have oily eyelids, they prefer a waterproof liquid formula.


For me.. I prefer creamy, fast drying pencil liner.

Here is the list of eyeliners I’ve tried in the last few months..

Barry M mechanic pencil liner
BYS automatic pencil liner
Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner
Face of Australia mechanical eyeliner
Prestige automatic waterproof eyeliner
Prestige waterproof pencil eyeliner
Prestige Total Intensity long lasting eyeliner
L’Oreal Extra Intense pencil liquid eyeliner
SAX blackest black liquid eyeliner
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen







Battle of the black eyeliners






And here is a shot of meeeeee!!! I’ve missed blogging so much but all the micro blogging is making me soo lazy to blog!!!




If you guys haven’t followed me on NuffnangX yet, do so because it’s easier and faster to keep up with my blog and it’s also much easier to make comments and interact with me!!!

Check out NuffnangX here but if you don’t want to read, just download the iphone/android app on your smart phone for free and search for my blog name and add! :)

Once you’ve done it, leave me on a comment on this post to test out how easy it is and I’ll reply to you straight away too!!!

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Pillow Lips

September 6, 2012 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Last week I was invited to the launch of Eternal Beauty’s new line, Elevate. Lately, or should I say.. for the last few years, I have been testing and trialling different skincare products to find the right products for my skin type. Lucky for me, I have quite tough skin and so I do not suffer from trial & errors like those with sensitive skin.

During the Elevate launch, the Plump and Shine was introduced and it really caught my eye!! Fillers have been such a hot topic in the market but not every one wants to pay the dollars $ for a temporary effect.

Full lips have been a want since Angelina Jolie came into the picture – they call it “Pillow Lips”



Eternal Plump and Shine

Plump & Shine does not just plump the lips, but it actually moisturises too – without leaving your lips feeling all sticky!! I used a nude lipstick (Gosh Darling lipstick) on my lips to mute out my natural lip colour prior to applying the gloss.  The best thing about this product is that with continuous usage of about 2-3 times a week, you will actually notice a difference in the fullness of your lips without applying the gloss!





One coat of the lipgloss is more than sufficient. Infact, I would suggest to only lightly dab it on your lips because if you get it on your tongue, it may numb/sting your tongue a little! But it’s not dangerous or toxic ofcourse!



It comes with a typical doe foot applicator which is my favourite for applying lip glosses anyway.



The Plump & Shine really does moisturise your lips and the colour pay off is also quite nice!! I used the shade “Candy” above.



It comes in three shades. So you can choose from any of the three to match your make up and outfit! I personally like the nude or candy one the most because they are more neutral shades but the “red” one would be nice if you were to hang out with the girls at a night club.









And… since red lips don’t work on me….

I’m happy with my nude pink (candy) ones. Do they look fuller?




Now you know how to get sexy pillow lips! Flaunt it!



 And… here is an act cute pic of myself.. just because I haven’t posted my face on here for some time la!





Plump & Shine is available at the Eternal Beauty online store and retails for AU$49.00. To order, click here to be taken to their online store.

Pillow Lips - 4 comments so far - join the discussion!