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DIY: Volumising your old false lashes

April 2, 2013 | 9 comments so far - join the discussion!

I’m finally back. I’m actually a little embarrassed that I haven’t blogged for such a long time. I want to have the perfect reason, but I don’t.. so I have come back with a Do-it-Yourself tutorial!!

Since purchasing hundreds of false lashes from Taiwan, I’ve realised that most of the ones I purchased are quite natural! I’m not a big fan of “thick thick” lashes because I feel like it drops my eyes down or looks really “fake”, but on occasions where you want to bring a little more attention to your eyes, the typical natural lash just isn’t enough.

This technique will also work for volumising your old false lashes which you’ve probably worn for about a week or two, and really need some freshening up!



It’s really a simple idea really, and I’ve definitely talked about it in my videos or posts before. The “doubling” technique.


By using this technique, you can upgrade the most simplest lashes to look more perky.


Lots of us spend hundreds on our favourite “style” of eyelashes, but we do not realise that these could be easily made ourselves with the hundreds of lashes we do not use.


Let me show you what I mean.


I’m taking the below two types of lashes.

The first box is a box I purchased from Taiwan. These lashes are extremely nice as they are long and really bring out the eyes, but after a few wears, I realised they didn’t have any volume in them. It was just long. I wanted to make a pair of lashes that would help my eyes stand out with miminal eyeliner and eyeshadow.

The second box is a box I purchased from Ebay. I’ve had a few of these sets of lashes for a long time. They were cheap but the band is stiff and really hard to wear. They would keep poking my eyes and I really did not find much use for them.




Our first step is to take the cheap ebay lashes and snip it in 3. I use a nail clipper because I find that it’s easier to cut. Ofcourse you can choose to use anything from a pair of kitchen scissors to a pair of nose hair clippers. ^O^


The step is to choose your piece. I like more volume in the centre because I feel like that creates more of a dolly (larger looking) eye. I know many of you may like more volume on the outer corner to create more of a sultry (sexy looking) eye so feel free to use the outer third of the lash.

I chose the middle piece.


Although this is a very simple technique, many people do not actually remember to “bend” the two lashes together. This will help to blend the lashes to help the lashes look more realistic and less “chunky”. It is almost to do so whilst it’s drying because once the lashes are dry, they will be stuck and will be hard to alter.

The result is subtle, but definitely noticable. I’ll let you judge. Excuse my eyes as I am not wearing contacts. I’ve cut down on wearing contacts now. :)



If you analyse the two lashes below, you can see exactly where I stuck the extra piece of lash. Be creative, you can add smaller pieces to different areas of the lash. Experiment with it and you will find which style of lashes suit you best!

Stop wasting money on purchasing lashes which do not suit you! Utilise what you’ve got. ;)


If you’ve also done this, show me your creations!

DIY: Volumising your old false lashes - 9 comments so far - join the discussion!

DIY studded shorts

October 5, 2012 | 16 comments so far - join the discussion!

I think it’s the trend again. I really believe studs have made it back into fashion again. Yes, it has. Who am I kidding?

I still remember a few years ago when I was trying to stud everything up. I had studded a pair of my shorts, and due to inexperience, after a wash, my shorts just looked half ripped and broken. Half the studs had fallen off and remained… looked like a pair of item you’d pick up at the “donate-clothing” bins. #sigh

This year, I’m doing it better.

Studs and spikes can be purchased from Ebay, Etsy or StudsandSpikes.com

Personally, I found Etsy the cheapest. My total purchase consisted of 400 pcs of 10mm 4 legged gold pyramid studs (link here) and 50pcs of 14mm gold screw back cone spikes (link here) and 50pcs of 10mm rose gold screw back cone spikes (link here)

The first part of my project was to stud up the pockets of my Supre shorts. I chose a cheap pair of shorts – just incase I screwed anything up.





Using the same studs, I continued to the back pocket. I still wanted to use the pocket so I decided only to stud the flap. My biggest mistake last time was that I did not secure the studs. These four-legged studs need to pressed in, so to secure it, I hot-glued the back of the legs. I highly recommend that you do this.



The last area I decided to randomly spike the opposite side of the shorts. This creates less of a “harsh” look to the overall shorts. I placed random holes using a belt-hole puncher (also purchased from Ebay for about $15) and put the screwback spikes through – attaching the opposite end of the spikes to each other with the sound of a click.

Once again, I secured the back of these screwback spikes with a hot-glue gun.


I was more than happy with the results!!!

I think it really turned out looking like a more expensive pair of shorts and I’ve definitely been wearing these more than I used to!!

It’s a really fun project and I encourage you all to do-it-yourself if you also want a pair of studded shoes/shorts/jacket!

I’m definitely going to be working on more projects in the near future with the remaining studs!! Keep a look out on any accessories or shoes I might be studding!

If you have also DIY‘ed something using studs, please show me!

DIY studded shorts - 16 comments so far - join the discussion!