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Photograph by Adam Addario

Top by Cotton On, Shorts by SES, Necklace by Lovisa, Sandals by VentiAnni (Hong Kong), Clutch by Tobi, Rings by Najo Jewellery and Kamali Moon


I’m venturing out into fashion blogging now so hopefully I will have more blog posts!! Support my photographer, Adam Addario – he’s doing a great job putting up with my camera shy poses!! And please support by hyping up my photo on!!

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Shellac pearly pink

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Manicures are so important in looking polished.

I choose Shellac because it’s the most efficient way of keeping your nails looking great for weeks without spending an excessive amount $ or high maintenance. Out of all the times I’ve had Shellac done, I think my favourite is this pearly pink.



  City Nails & Beauty
1f/5 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9235 1587 


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Beginning of 2014 and review on Koh Lanta & Phuket

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It’s been a while. I’ve been super MIA that even I almost do not remember my WordPress password. haha.


I hope you all have had a great start to 2014, a great holiday break and ready to kick into serious work this year! I AM. I’m ready.


To be honest, my 2013 was a bit of mess. I kind of gave up on blogging due to lack of motivation, kind of picked it back up again but didn’t feel like I fit into the community anymore (#sad), I started to instagram a heap (@chaigyaru), I started tumblring..

Emotionally, I was a little all over the place too. For those who have known me for years, would know that I’m crazy about smiling and laughing. Which sounds extremely strange, but even tripping down the stairs could make me laugh as if I was tickled.

2013 however, made a bit of a downturn to stress in studies and career and other aspects.


BUT, it’s a new year, so new goals and new perspectives!


2014 has began quite well with a trip to Phuket and Koh Lanta in January.


For those who haven’t been to Thailand, here’s my quick overview of the areas I’ve been to!


In my experience, I’m not the biggest fan of Phuket – or should I say, more specifically “Patong Beach”. The tourist, the pollution, the haggling, the.. harrassing was abit too much for me to handle. If you’ve been to Patong Beach, you’ll probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Probably a lot worse than Bangkok, but again, I’m not a big fan of Bangkok either.

I walked down Patong Beach Road myself one of the days and was yelled at 5 times.. “konnichiwa” from random tourist who probably thought I was Thai/Jap/(just asian). What’s worse is that I even got a guy ask me “Heloo how are you?” and when I politely answered “Good thanks” (but continued to walk), he screamed back at me “Obviously not very good since you can’t even stop to talk to me!!!!”.

Damn the tourist there are hard to please.

Apart from that though, Thai people are quite friendly. In the more “touristy” areas, half of them can actually speak decent English so haggling and ordering food that’s off the menu is much easier.

I also visited the neighbouring beaches Surin and Karon Beach. They were a little better in terms of the crowd and the busy traffic, but still quite similar to Patong in every other aspect.

If you want to travel abit south-east of Patong Beach, you can go to Rawai. It’s about an hour up (scooter speed)

I also visited an island off Phuket – called Similan Island. You’ll find that these island tours are super popular as you walk around Phuket and browse at the “Tourist Information” booths.

Although the Similian Island tour wasn’t great, there were still some great things to say about it. The beaches there were just immaculate. The words “powdery sand” and “clear water” can not even begin to explain how amazing the two were! I recommend visiting Similian Islands, but I’d say go there yourself (by speed boat), rather than taking a tour, because then you can spend as much time on the beaches you enjoy and relax.




Ofcourse though, if you do end up going on the tours (which are convenient), you can do some snorkelling! I’m a massive fan of snorkelling, but I don’t think this tour brought us to very nice parts of the ocean. I literally saw 2 small fishes in the 30 mins I snorkelled. Here is a super un-attractive photo of me snorkelling.




After about 7 days of staying in Patong Beach (which I swear, is far too much), I got a ferry to another island called Koh Lanta (which is about 6 hours away from Patong) just below Krabi.

Koh Lanta is a really.. chill island. There is really not much else I can say about it. There is a lot of land, but no where really to go. We rode a scooter to the tip of the North and South of the island and it was probably only about 1.5 hours ride on a relatively average speed.

If you go to Koh Lanta, I HIGHLY advise you to stay at a resort and pay more for it. You’ll be spending A LOT of time there.

I stayed at the south of Koh Lanta (called Koh Lanta Yai). In this part of the island (called a district), there are only about 3 restaurants, 3 other joint restaurant/bar, 1 bottle shop and 2 pharmacies! Oh, and you’ll be able to find a 7/11 and various other insignificant stores there. At night, it’s quite nice to be out at the beach bars and restaurants but during the day, it’s best to stay in your resort and chill. #thatshowyoutangirl

Make sure you visit the restaurant “Same, same but different”! I wore my tank there – which said “Same same” (on the front) “But Different” (on the back) and was super excited to visit the restaurant!! Their red fish curry is amazeballs.

My other favourite is Lanta Restaurant which is connected to a bar called “Why Not?!”. It’s probably the BEST BAR in the district. They usually have fire shows (which are just.. immaculate) and live music too. The live music was hilarious. We sat around literally listening to 3 thai (rather middle age) men singing western songs in a thai accent. Some of the songs we could barely make out that it was english!! But the experience was worth it anyway.


That pretty much sums up the beginning of my 2014 and my trip to Thailand!





Oh, and ofcourse, I miss their fresh coconut juices :’(




How was your holiday break guys? And where did you go? Share your stories with me. :)

Beginning of 2014 and review on Koh Lanta & Phuket - 2 comments so far - join the discussion!

halloween looks

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It doesn’t have to be dark..


Although Halloween isn’t as big here in Australia, it is really one of my favourite times of the year. For me, it has a somewhat personal meaning to it – which involves the meeting of my best friends, but in general, it is really an excuse for everyone to enjoy dressing up in costumes (either sexy or scary or BOTH!), adult face painting and… ofcourse, just another excuse for ANOTHER PARTY :)


Last year, my girl friends and I dressed up as these.


I chose the Geisha look because I love the japanese culture! See: “chai-gyaru”.


I love that Geishas are so mysterious. Their white face, their red lips.. demure.. and sensual. Check out my beautiful girls on the sides of me.








This year, I decided to go with some face painting!! What better outfit is there than yourself?


Guess what I am? Meow.


I didn’t want to dress sexy, nor did I want to dress scary, so I chose.. cute (with a twist of the other two). There are so many halloween ideas out there, but here are mine.







 I know it’s past halloween, but if you guys still want a tutorial on my makeup, leave me a comment below and I’ll make one :)


I decided to add a little twist to my face makeup so that I looked a little more realistic for my party. LensCircle had a range of crazy halloween contacts and I got these “Exclusive Yellow Cat circle lenses“. I haven’t got a good self-shot of the lenses, but here is what it looks like in flash photography!!


Scary, right?





What a great way to twist up your halloween look! Check out the whole range of lenses at LensCircle here.




What was your halloween look?


I’d love to see, so post pictures up on my facebook page and show me!



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