Nuffnang Talent Bloggers Program

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Nuffnang Talent Bloggers Program has officially launched!


11 other bloggers and myself were chosen to become a part of the pilot program! Basically the Talent Program will now focus on educating all bloggers to become better and stay motivated!! Nuffnang Australia will be organising more educational master classes and resources for bloggers all over Australia! :)


The master classes will focus on a range of topics important to blogging, such as social media strategy, building a brand around your blog, working with brands, SEO, website management, and more. Talent bloggers will also be given the opportunity to sit on discussion panels with some of the world’s most popular international bloggers, sharing knowledge and applying the skill sets to Australian blogs. – Nuffnang blog


I’m super duper excited about becoming a part of this team!! See the photoshoot we had at the launch party in Melbourne!


With the rest of my fellow Australian bloggers
Childhood101, PlanningWithKids, TheOrganisedHousewife, Picklebums, MyPoppet, SuperKawaiiMama, SameliasMum, OneCraftyMumma, InsideOutStyle, SesameEllis, TinaGray

Photos courtesy of Matthew Jensen of One20 (


If you are also interested in joining Nuffnang’s Talent Blogger Program, keep a look out on their Facebook page as they may be opening registrations from the public soon!

3 comments so far - join the discussion!

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