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my iphone

July 27, 2012 | 5 comments so far - join the discussion!

I’m always interested to see what’s in other people’s iphones.. what applications they store, what pictures they take.. what wallpaper and case they have..


Call me curious or 8 gwa, but I’m just super interested! I think it can really show someone’s personality.


If you got nothing, can also just be a simple, minimalist person!


For me….. I’ve a crazy applications person! I’ve got 50 applications altogether with 21 of them being photo-editting apps!!! Shows my personality is major vain. hahaha!




my awesome hello kitty bumper case



Features a super cute pink crystallised bow and a bumper with pearls. I love the fact that it stands out.. but isn’t too inconvenient. And best of all, it does not affect the flash on the camera when taking photos under low-lighting!!!!!


I think this case really shows that I am (still) a camwhore. Wants a bling and pretty case yet still wants to take nice photos. #princess





I changed the wallpaper after I filmed that video, so this following pictures are going to look a little different to the video.. but here are my applications!




I’m pretty sure I went through all my applications one by one in the video (to be uploaded very soon), so make sure you watch it if you also like to know what is my iphone!



And ofcourse.. as always, I know you guys are interested in what applications I use to take and edit my photos for instagram! Here are the 21 photo editting applications I use. I wrote a photo-editting applications blog post here to show which photo-editting apps are my favourite.. so make sure you read that one before you ask me! :)





I’ve added a lot more photo-editting applications on my iphone since my last blog post on my favourite photo-editting applications, but some still remain my favourite. Should I make another blog post on tutorials to use other photo-editting apps as a “part II” to my last blog post?



Leave a comment to let me know which iphone apps are your favourite!!!


5 comments so far - join the discussion!

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