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So… ya’ll know that I’ve got hair problems. Infact, I have a mind problem, because I’m never… ever satisfied with my hair.

Ok, so for those who have been following me for a while.. whether it’d be on my blog or youtube.. you should know that I was a blonde for a big chunk of my life. Infact, I was.. all shades of blondes… ashy, orangy, redy, whitey…

Here is a picture to remind you of what I looked like when I was blonde.


What was wrong with being blonde? Why did I change? I get asked that questions almost every.. single.. day. I mean, first and foremost, the biggest problem with being blonde, is that every moment was a #blondemoment #punintended


I kid. The biggest problem about being a blonde.. was the bleach. The colour was great, but the maintenance time and effort really killed it for me. Whats worse? It ruined the condition of my hair.


I’m going to be trialling Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum for the next month so I thought this would be the best opportunity to show you guys just how this all goes for me!


First, I want to show you guys the condition of my hair.



I probably shouldn’t even be smiling in this picture. The ends of my hair are sooo damaged from the constant bleaching, that they have said goodbye to me so many times (i.e. fallen off)


Back in year 2010, I cut my hair into a bob because the ends of my hair were just so ruined from the bleach!!!


Hair is actually dead (says Wikipedia) and actually exhibits no biochemical activity – so basically, if you had blonde hair and dyed it back black – even though it looks like it is in better condition, its only a lie from the outside!



However, even though hair is dead, by moisturizing and repairing, it is possible to have your hair look smooth and shiny again!


My hair has an awful amount of colours to it because of the number of times I’ve dyed it. It really needs repairing!!


It’s stressful when you can’t find the right product for your hair because just like your skin, it can “break out”!!!!


I’ll be updating with the journey of my “hair repair” program with Dove Nutri-Oil Serum is make sure you guys continue to check back for my updates!!!


Remember what my hair looks like nowww and we will see healthy/shiny hair in a few weeks time!!! <3


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  1. stella lee says:

    Your hair still looks great, not as bad as mine hahaha
    You must have done a lot of treatments too before so it still looks quite healthy despite all the bleaching ^^

    Cant wait to see your progress!!

  2. isa says:

    You look beautiful, your hair doesn’t seem to be damaged ^^

  3. In the photos, your hair looks nice :) Not bad at all for what it`s been through x) But yes, moisturizer and conditioner is super duperrr important!

    And your eyes are looking gorgeous in this post btw, love the blue :)

  4. Camille says:

    You are adorable! & for someone who dyes they’re hair really often, it’s seems REALLY healthy. You’re lucky.

    Your photos really remind me of Xiaxue.

  5. kerker says:

    I think your hair looks fine from the pics! for some reason even though i dont dye my hair it’s still quite dry!


  6. Bunny says:

    When I had blonde hair my roots were such a nightmare. People constantly pointed out my black roots, I’m like I know, I know geeez T___T My hair grows quite fast I had to touch up really frequently and eventually it looked like straw. My hair was extremely damaged looking even after I dyed it darker. I ended up getting inches cut off. Your hair does not look damaged at all, so lucky. T^T

  7. Ishah says:

    You are sooo pretty :) I love your falsies, what brand are they? My hair is horrible right now, I’ve been dying it light brown for the longest time and I just can’t bring myself to dye it dark again. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  8. 3H7 says:

    I love the photos and your hair even if it’s damaged.. .. >.<

  9. Julie says:

    Your hair doesn’t look that bad at all from the photos! I love Dove products, always have, so I hope they work for you!

  10. Jamilla says:

    I think your hair shows the care you put into it, despite all that bleach! I can relate – I have a double process job myself – INOA colourant (only a couple of shades darker than my natural colour) and dark blonde highlights (BLEACH!). I swear by Moroccanoil and Kerastase products – Oleo Relax (my hair is wavy) and Elixir Ultime.

  11. Fenny says:

    I think your hair looked okay. I didn’t see anything wrong with your hair ^^

  12. Clouds says:

    I bleached the tips of my hair last summer and it ruined the condition so much. I know exactly what you mean… I probably want to bleach them this summer again, even though I know it will break them again.

  13. Sarah says:

    Your hair looks beautiful and healthy! But of course, a little extra moisture + treatment can’t hurt, right? lol. Cute photos.

  14. Veyroniqa says:

    BLEACH KILLS. It makes me so sad because beauty comes with such a high price! My hair has recently retired and is currently in rehab. x) Good luck!

  15. Stella says:

    Omgosh, your hair is just like mine! Very oily at the roots and dry at the ends. Let us know how the product goes xx

  16. Sumabella says:

    OmG you look very pretty in this post!you look so relax and chill! :D

  17. Stardust says:

    You look great with dark hair!