Me without my eyelashes

August 14, 2010 | 49 comments so far - join the discussion!

I think eyelashes make a freaking huge difference to my eyes.

I know alot of my readers are still young and have been influenced by me completely to start wearing fake eyelashes, but I’m tellin ya’ll, they are fantastic and make a huge difference to my eyes.

So many girls always question me on Formspring or twitter “do you wear false eyelashes.. like, everyday?”

Well, the answer is yes, I do. Everytime I go out. Obviously not at home.

So, I’m going to post some pictures of me without my false eyelashes, upper and lower.. and you guys are going to realise why I wear my eyelashes ^__^””” hehehehehhe!

Don’t judge. Takes alot of courage to show my readers what I look like without the eye makeup.

Hope you guys don’t leave nasty comments! haha! I don’t think I always have to be perfect in my blog.. so.. don’t expect me to always be either :)

49 comments so far - join the discussion!

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