Me without my eyelashes

August 14, 2010 | 49 comments so far - join the discussion!

I think eyelashes make a freaking huge difference to my eyes.

I know alot of my readers are still young and have been influenced by me completely to start wearing fake eyelashes, but I’m tellin ya’ll, they are fantastic and make a huge difference to my eyes.

So many girls always question me on Formspring or twitter “do you wear false eyelashes.. like, everyday?”

Well, the answer is yes, I do. Everytime I go out. Obviously not at home.

So, I’m going to post some pictures of me without my false eyelashes, upper and lower.. and you guys are going to realise why I wear my eyelashes ^__^””” hehehehehhe!

Don’t judge. Takes alot of courage to show my readers what I look like without the eye makeup.

Hope you guys don’t leave nasty comments! haha! I don’t think I always have to be perfect in my blog.. so.. don’t expect me to always be either :)

49 comments so far - join the discussion!

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  1. trashtastika says:

    Oh, you’re still a cutie, Janice!!

  2. liz says:

    & you still look gorgeous! :]

  3. Kristin says:

    You still look pretty without the lashes babe,

    and cheers for having the courage to show us pics of yourself with out eye make up ^^

  4. Rebecca says:

    You’re beautiful without them too!<3

    Yes, eyelashes do make a huge difference, but I see them as a special way of making my make-up, a special style. I try to wear natural make-up without any fake lashes and circle lenses to achieve a different style.

    You shouldn't feel insecure about yourself without falsies! You're really beautiful<3

  5. dollysweet says:

    you look amazing with and without! love the lenses too ^0^

  6. miemiemie says:

    you look cute even without the lashes! sometimes though its nicer to make the eyes prettier right?

  7. Jasmine says:

    babe,you look absolutely beautiful without them!

  8. Sabina ❤ says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while even though I have never left a comment before ._.
    But I must say that you look really cute even without make up^^

  9. Jess says:

    Hmm… I think you already have really big eyes, and I can’t believe that a good mascara wouldn’t be able to replace your beloved falsies, hehe… ;)

    You still look pretty!

    As to me, I have really hard to curl and firm Asian lashes, but I’m not big on falsies simply because I’m a nut when it comes to applying them properly. :]

  10. zuuchini says:

    You worry too much sweetie! That’s what i would call a natural beauty right there <3

  11. Nicole says:

    girl!!! i think you look gorgeous with or without the falsies, the without falsies look is also cute and baby-ish, can you do some make up look without falsies??

  12. coco says:

    you look different, but you’re still pretty without falsies. you should try some simple looks without them.

  13. Dani says:

    You honestly look so cute without them… But I completely understand how you feel. My eyelashes are all blonde and without mascara, I feel so gross and ugly. But compared to myself, you have eyelashes that are dark so your eyes are at least outlined, and a nice shape without eyeliner or mascara- so lucky!!! :) We all have our pitfalls when it comes to makeup, things we don’t feel proper without.

  14. Jenna says:

    You look gorgeous! With or without makeup… Im like u, I wear eyelashes everytime i go out n thats basically everyday. I lost most of my lashes from permanent eye lash extensions and my lashes havent grown since then. xoxo

    P.s your skin so flawless =)

  15. jennifer says:

    wow!! they do make a big difference.. but you still look cute with or without ;)

  16. Lorina says:

    Aww, you have BEAUTIFUL eyes. I’m quite envious of the shape of them.

  17. Tina Marie says:

    Aww you look cute! :)

  18. Emerie says:

    You look cute without them too :)

  19. livelovelaugh says:

    I actually think you look better without them

    It looks more bright and fresh =D

  20. Ashley says:

    You look beautiful without them nevertheless. xD

  21. PinkMonkey says:

    Hey Janice I’ve been reading your blog for a while & I really like it!

    Well I just want to tell u that u look super cute still, it would be nice if u can show us a few looks w/out false lashes. ;) thanks!

  22. anna says:

    wAoo! you look so cute !! =3 shape of your eyes is gorgeous!—

  23. nanana says:

    i think you look very foxy

  24. Angie says:

    I always appreciate honesty and confidence with who you really are. I’m glad you showed us your naked eyes ^__^

  25. Helen says:

    still beautiful without false lashes/make up!! u go girl!

  26. kelsey says:

    If youw want to emphasize your natural lashes a bit more I heard you can dye them to make them stand out!

  27. Anna says:

    awwwwww, you might be one of the cutest things in the world without make up !! ;__; ♥

  28. fifi says:

    your still as cute :)

  29. pinkue says:

    You are still so sweet looking! You should see me without makeup :D

  30. amy says:

    aww. i think you look much younger, in a good way though! yes it does take a lot of courage to show your face without eye makeup, but you are naturally beautiful so you have nothing to worry about! gorgeous girl!

  31. Anna says:

    just curious.. r u in those Circle coloured contact lenses now? ur eyes still look so nice..

  32. cherry says:

    u look younger w/o falsies…

  33. stephanie says:

    Leavin my first comment here, just to tell you all the respect i have for what you’ve done for there, i know how hard it can be to let anyone see your face bare nude when you’re used to wear make up for years… and i’m sure that the fact you are a natural cutie didn’t even make it easier for you ;)

  34. Mona says:

    I WILL judge, sorry!

    And my judgement is: You look so beautyful <33 This is what I call 'real beauty'! Your eyes have an awesome shape! *_*

    I want to kiss your cheek on that photo, haha. XD

  35. Bunny says:

    You still look gorgeous with or without lashes! but it does make a lot of different. You just look so cuuuuute ^^

  36. Shmuberry says:

    You are beautiful!

    Actually, you look really cute without eyelashes!

  37. Yen says:

    you look more innocent and younger and you are still pretty!!

  38. Grey says:

    You’re STUNNING. You should model or something. Your face is so exotic and interesting, it’s amazing. So jealous!

  39. juuuunn says:

    you are still looking good, really really cute !

  40. Kim says:

    Aw sweety, what are you talking about, you look simply gorgeous! Your eyes have a perfect slant to them, and it’s extremely exotic. With or without false lashes, you’re still beautiful. And good on you for having the courage to put up a picture without makeup – it would be hard for any regular make-up wearing girl to do that. Not that you needed courage. You still look amazing. ^_^ <33

  41. Violet says:

    As if you could *not* look adorable! I love you with or without falsies <3

  42. Ninja says:

    I give you mad props! Either way you are very pretty though!

  43. PluMoon says:

    omg! you are so cute! with your round big cheeks =^-^= kawaiiiiiii

    dont worry, with or without make up / eyelashes you look pretty!

    you are beautiful and you seems to be a nice girl =)

    btw love your site!

    very pink and sparkling ! o/

    kisses S2

    Plu (from Brazil)

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  45. I feel your pain. I’ve always had super thin lashes and had to gob on mascara, and false lashes always felt awkward. I tried something called Neulash recently and love the results! You can read up on it at I have thicker, fuller lashes and don’t need to rely on false eyelashes or use as much mascara.

  46. kiama desmangles says:

    Why are so many people worried about having eye lashes? I’m think about shaving them off and just using eyeliner like the Egyptians did. : [