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LovelyShoes.NET Review

September 30, 2009 | 44 comments so far - join the discussion!

So recently I purchased a lot of shoes from lovelyshoes.net – a wholesale site for shoes “made in china”. So I’m just going to do a review for those girls out there who are thinking of maybe purchasing from there. I mean, each pair of shoes were under $20US, which is damn cheap, but to purchase from there, you must make an order of more than 10 pairs of shoes. I made a trial order, which means you can make an order of less than 10 pairs of shoes once but, you must pay an additional $10US.

I purchased 6 pairs of shoes for a total of $124.89 including shipping.

Total products money: US $ 77.25 + Shipping money: US $ 37.64 + Packing money: US $ 10.00

Shipping: Shipping is fairly expensive because understandable because shoes are quite heavy and $40 for shipping internationally for 7 pairs of shoes is actually very very cheap in comparison to many other international online stores. Shipping did not take long either, it was within their estimated period of time – which is just under 2 weeks. I received the package by Registered post which means the parcel is collected with a signature, and tends to be more safe than Air Mail – which is alternatively cheaper.

Packaging: Each pair of shoes were packed in an individual plastic wrap. Each shoe clip was also packed in a smaller plastic wrap and placed inside the shoes.

Quality: I wouldn’t say the quality of the shoes were perfect, but rather, you get what you pay for. The material of the shoes were mostly plastic and very light and flimsy. One of the shoes I received had missing diamontes and for another, the pearls were already falling off the first day I wore them.
Because the shoes were sitting the box all squished up, the shape of the shoes weren’t perfect either. For example, because I hadn’t worn the pink pair on the top row yet, they still look a bit out of shape.

Overall: I wouldn’t say it was a bad haul as the price














44 comments so far - join the discussion!

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