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September 30, 2009 | 44 comments so far - join the discussion!

So recently I purchased a lot of shoes from – a wholesale site for shoes “made in china”. So I’m just going to do a review for those girls out there who are thinking of maybe purchasing from there. I mean, each pair of shoes were under $20US, which is damn cheap, but to purchase from there, you must make an order of more than 10 pairs of shoes. I made a trial order, which means you can make an order of less than 10 pairs of shoes once but, you must pay an additional $10US.

I purchased 6 pairs of shoes for a total of $124.89 including shipping.

Total products money: US $ 77.25 + Shipping money: US $ 37.64 + Packing money: US $ 10.00

Shipping: Shipping is fairly expensive because understandable because shoes are quite heavy and $40 for shipping internationally for 7 pairs of shoes is actually very very cheap in comparison to many other international online stores. Shipping did not take long either, it was within their estimated period of time – which is just under 2 weeks. I received the package by Registered post which means the parcel is collected with a signature, and tends to be more safe than Air Mail – which is alternatively cheaper.

Packaging: Each pair of shoes were packed in an individual plastic wrap. Each shoe clip was also packed in a smaller plastic wrap and placed inside the shoes.

Quality: I wouldn’t say the quality of the shoes were perfect, but rather, you get what you pay for. The material of the shoes were mostly plastic and very light and flimsy. One of the shoes I received had missing diamontes and for another, the pearls were already falling off the first day I wore them.
Because the shoes were sitting the box all squished up, the shape of the shoes weren’t perfect either. For example, because I hadn’t worn the pink pair on the top row yet, they still look a bit out of shape.

Overall: I wouldn’t say it was a bad haul as the price














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  1. Tamara says:

    Sweetie thank you for the link!
    Since I'm used to buy stuff in Deichman, I guess I can survive with that kind of quality. And I don't even mind, since I spend lots of money only on a certain type of shoe. Boots! :D
    And sneakers. But everything else has to be cute, and not really expensive, so this site will work for me. THANK YOU! ^^

  2. Aralka says:

    Wow, cute shoes. I like ribbons. <3 And cheap, yeah!

  3. these shoes look pretty! i would buy them in a heart beat but i wonder if they hurt?

  4. Linh says:

    I think the shoes are absolutely gorgeous! <3 Would love to see you model them! :D x

  5. pangie says:

    those are some really cute shoes! love them all.

  6. sarah says:

    cute :) but alas, you get what you pay for, right?

  7. MeiZi says:

    Well im sold hehe gonna check this out i dont have that many cute shoes! niiiice i love the color pink so these shoes are sooooo amazing

  8. 2-3 days ago I started wanting these ones
    (i've found them for 75 usd+ more than 15USD for shipping–>WAY TOO MUCH! and for 40USD but with a batch order–>Too much)
    so badly and now u post this wonderful site WHERE THEY ARE VERY CHEAAPPP only 19,5USD XXDD OMG!!!THIS IS ONE REASON OUT OF 30000000000 Y I LOVE CHINA

  9. Shirley says:

    Hey. I just stumbled upon your blog & i'm glad i did. Those shoes are super cute and thanks for sharing! :) I'm checking the website out myself now. I love how the prices aren't super expensive.. but we do get what we pay for! :p

  10. Jian says:

    I really love the designs of the shoes! You can never find shoes as cute or pretty as that in the UK D=
    Also I don't think I could order anyway, because I swear Chinese people (for the most part) only stock up to 39. I'm 39.5 so I have to wear 40. I wish I had smaller feet T_____T

    Also is it just me, but do the actual shoes not look as nice as the official photographs? But still, really really adorable! Thanks for the review!

  11. Stacy says:

    WOW the shoes are so cute!!! Love the flats!! The first pair looks really painful to wear =P

  12. Charlene says:

    After reading your post I went straight to the site and ordered 7 shoes!! :D
    But the only thing is…. I paid through paypal already and I haven't received a single email from them about it :( did you ever received an email from them after you placed an order??

    But thank you for recommending the site ;)

    • Hi Charlene, they don’t really email you directly. They take a few days for handling – say 4-5 working days, then send you a tracking number.
      Make sure you keep signing into the Member Centre to check your status! :)

  13. Michelle says:

    tip! never get shoes with those diamond studs. they will DEFINITELY fall off. I buy shoes from too and besides the above tip, one advice to bear in mind is that for shoes that you'll be wearing in fall and/or winter, it's better to get a size bigger. Even if they don't fit perfectly, just wear a thicker pair of socks. I bought one pair that looks like a doc marts and it's awesome but the thing is that it fits TOO PERFECTLY, it's a little tight.

    oh and STAY AWAY from shoes like these –> Really lousy quality for some reason.

  14. Guest says:

    WOW! These shoes are chou kawaii <3
    I'm a little nervous about buying though… I totally understand that you get what you pay for.. but do you think you would recommend a trial, or should I just put up with more expensive (quality) shoes in Aus?

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  16. vvn says:

    great post! i definitely might try this in the future…just gotta get $100 somewhere…

    how would you describe the quality of the shoes compared to the pictures on the site? and do you live in the us?


  17. Anita says:

    Hihi! Stumbled upon your super cute blog :) So would you order from here again?
    My recent post Nails of the week- never had this color before!

  18. heartJM says:

    hi .. i was about to see your page and found out what you share i just wanted to ask if how do you purchased them well i think youre also from japan i mean how you pay for those shoes i was really about to buy but some second thoughts were catching.. hhehhe :mrgreen: plss plss help

    by the way thank you love it! ;-)

  19. cherlizlisa says:

    i would like to ask how did u decide on the sizings of the shoes. cos i am very confused about the chart provided.


  20. Sushie says:

    Wah, how can you wear this choes, there are very beautiful but their heel are so high! o_O i will fall down everytime i wore them xD.
    Snif, 10 shoes at once? it’s so unfair because when you’re saying that it was just less tha 20$, i’m was very excited and then… XD
    Great blog, very nice design and pictures! ^^

  21. Dikshita says:


    I bought few things from and they just came in. I had originally ordered 4 pairs of shoes, but only 2 came in cuz other 2 were out of stock. Each item costs 2$ extra if u buy them less than 12.
    I didn’t know about before, or else i would have bought them from here cuz i realised that things are lil cheaper in this site than in fashion4us. Although they do have many similar things.

  22. Angel says:

    I had HORRIBLE experience with this site and hope that no one else will suffer from it. I am very glad that you had a pleasant experience, but I would like to save others from any trouble since promoting the wholesale site does not benefit you, so I hope it does not hurt your feelings. They were absolutely rude to me, and the quality of my heels were HORRIBLE.

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  24. mangopancake says:

    Wow, these are the cutiest shoes ever!

    Hmm…Do all the shoes hurt, even the ballerina shoes? Do they hurt just on the soles of your feet or at the back of the shoe as well?

  25. zee says:

    hello chaigyaru im a reader on your blog :) i just wna ask, you posted about buying shoes online in and you bought that really nice wedge. i just wna ask did you get your shoe size right? i’ve been asking them about their shoe size reference if its right. and they keep blabbing that its just a refernce. im just really confused. if you could help me about it be really helpful :) cheers!! im from brisbane queenslad and wants to know about china size converted to australian ones. i ope i make sense hihi.

    • Andreea says:

      Hi, I bought two pair of boots from them. One was perfect and one was awful. I can’t even wear it. It’s 2 size bigger (even if it is the same size as the other one that fits perfect) and the inner material is… INEXISTENT(they say it’s artificial leather). The color: the say it’s coffee… well it’s a dark brown-dark green color. Somewhere in between. The upper material… they say it’s artificial leather/PU… it’s something that’s not even uniform…
      If you want to buy something from there… buy some bags… they are cute and they are the same as in the picture.

  26. chizha says:

    is it trusted onlineshop ?
    i am still afraid it’s a scamer

  27. Jhenn says:

    heyy , i see that you purchased size 39 .. what size are you in AUS standard size ? cause i wanna buy some as well

  28. wow… buy 6 pairs lovely shoes …
    cute cute cute
    i love the ribbon shoes

    look cute however see actual pink shoes have a big differ colour

  29. rona says:

    hi guys.. i purchased about 4 times in that store and i always bought a bunch of shoes, just for myself.. i would say wedges are the best kind of shoes they made, and if you are looking for comfortable shoes in that site pick the peep toe shoes, whether its flat or heels.. :)

  30. Moya Gabania says:

    Hi chaigyaru! I really like your blog! I’m also a new blogger from Ukaraine. I made my own review about company on my personal blog,mostly it is on russian but every letters in english, it is my own experience with two pairs of shoes with a huge difects and that happend after that I got them
    maybe it also can be interesting for the readers
    Moya G.

  31. Danielle says:

    How did you track your package?
    Or when did they give you the tracking number?
    Because they havent given me my tracking number, I’ve only gotten the receipt for my payment

  32. refiloe says:

    is this website for real or a scam

  33. Anonymous says:

    I was truly impressed with Lovely shoes customer service and the shoes i had reieved from them.All of them fit me well and the quality was pretty good and comfy.and they had packed each shoe in a tissue cloth bag with thick foamy sponge fitted inside the shoes to maintain the shape.I expected that strange smell to be present when i opened the carton but by luck there was no overpowering smell that filled up my apartment.I am so happy about my shoes that i can’t wait to wear them.