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Konjac (konnyaku) sponge

October 12, 2012 | 5 comments so far - join the discussion!

Sorry for the low res pics, my camera ran out of battery and I really wanted to get this post up!


So I recently purchased a konjac sponge (“konnyaku in japanese”)  from Ebay after seeing it at the Beauty & Spa Expo two months back! I was really intrigued at the texture of the sponge and started to do some research. There are many different konjac sponges and many compare this to the couple of hundred dollar Clarasonic!!!


“Konjac is a perennial herb in aroid family and since ancient times, it has been widely used as a medical and edible natural plant. It is a popular and healthy vegetable in Korea and Japan. Being unbelieably soft and gentle, konjac sponge exfoliates dead cells while wiping the face and body, and leaves behind a colloid film to nourish and protect your skin.” – source


I’ve never had much of a problem with my skin but of course, taking care of your skin is always a must.


The advantages of using a konjac sponge over your palms is that it will help you to deep cleanse areas which your fingers are not able to reach! The konjac sponge is also 100% natural (make sure you do not get a fake one!) and so it’s extremely gentle to your skin – also suitable for sensitive skin!


I got mine in a heart shape from this fellow ebayer for about AU$4.50.




The konjac sponge arrives in a regular plastic packaging with instructions on “how to use”. These instructions were actually rather useful because when you first take out the sponge, it’s hard as rock!!

My face was like literally like.. :O when I took out the sponge. Felt like… a pedicure rock.


You need to run it under water for several minutes prior to use, or you can fill a bowl up with water and leave your sponge in there to absorb.




If you are not a regular make up user, you do not need to put a cleanser over the sponge, but I like to because I need to remove my daily make up. I’ve been using a foam cleanser from The Face Shop. But your regular cleanser is just fine.




Squeeze the excess water out and you are ready to cleanse!!! Be sure you make circles around your face so you can ensure every area has been properly washed. I’ve found that using the konjac sponge has helped me to uselessproduct whilst feeling cleaner!!

Many have been comparing it to the Clarasonic’s rotating cleansing brush which is about $200 for the Mia!!




There are also many alternatives of the Konjac Sponge. I know Sasa also sells one (which is currently out of stock) and many other bloggers have reviewed the Kuu Konjac Sponge which I want to try next.


Have you tried the Konnyaku Sponge and have you replaced it with your Clarasonic brush due to convenience or price?


5 comments so far - join the discussion!

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