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iscreamnails with gloss cosmetics!

December 18, 2012 | 3 comments so far - join the discussion!

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On December 13th – 15th, Gloss cosmetics invited nail artists from Iscreamnails (based in Melbourne) to come to their new Parramatta Flagship store and help girls do their nails for free!!!

(I hope you guys went after I tweeted about it ^O^)


The new GLOSS Flagship store – like all the other Gloss stores – is super bling and pink!! You can spot it straight away!! This is their second Parramatta store and is located right beside to Ice & Supre in Parramatta Westfields! Find all their other locations here.







LOL. There is a guy in this photo. That was unintentional.. but there were quite of few of them in the store! :D






The nail artists doing free nail art for the girls. I must say.. they were super quick at it!! Each girl took about 5 minutes each! The design below was done for the girl infront of me.






They even catered for these designs which looked super time consuming! I like the diamond one on the bottom left corner!!! *sings “we’re like diamonds in the sky”*




After getting your nails done, you can walk your nails through the manicam!!! This is a new concept Gloss is really excited about!!! It’s essentially like a catwalk but for your nails!!!


**Check it out!**







They were also giving out free fairy floss at the front of the store!!! What a way to attract girls. Girls and sweets and beauty!!




The best thing about Gloss is that they always have your big brands of cosmetics – Revlon, BYS, Maybelline, SugarBaby, Chi chi cosmetics, Model Co – just to name a few – for discounted prices!! There are usually quite a few shades of the products too – unlike some discount outlets!!

IMG_4149  IMG_4147



Unfortunately I couldn’t get my nails done that day because I had shellac, but I generally love Gloss!! My closest store is in Hurstville and I quite frequently bump into readers in that store!! (Funnily enough)


Anyhow, hope you guys have been having a good week – it’s almost Christmas.. and it’s almost 2013!!! I can’t believe it!


Here’s a quick camwhore shot of me (on a Monday, hence why I had a sad face) to keep you guys updated! I have a few reviews for you guys that I will hopefully be able to post before Christmas.. which I think will be very exciting to read!!!





Happy Holidays!!!

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