I got botox!

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I probably would have never imagined doing something so crazy before but I took the plunge and went for a consultation with Dr. Rahbar at the Laser Lounge and realised what an easy procedure it is.


Now… let’s see… botox. That’s such a mis-used word.. such that when you say that to anyone, they automatically assume you are in your 40s and require some sort of lifting of your face. Let me explain. Find a comfortable seat and a comfortable position.. because this may take a while.


Ok, “Botox” is a neurotoxic protein – it actually stands for botulinum toxin. Botox is only a “brand” of this neurotoxic protein.. so essentially, you can replace “botox” for other similar injectibles. This is something to beware of when you do purchase “Anti-Wrinkle injections” from group deal websites such as Spreets and Scoopon. Do your research!

Although Botox is commonly used as an “Anti-Wrinkle” agent, it can also be used for Non-Cosmetic procedures.. such as excessive sweating and teeth grinding!


The procedure I took is to reduce the size of my massetter (my jaw muscles). Your jaw muscles can be larger from genetics, excessive chewing or even grinding your teeth!! I have a really bad habit of grinding my teeth when I sleep and when I’m stressed, so I think this was one of the main issues for me.




Botox is injected into the “enlarged” massetter muscle to weaken it so that it can gradually become smaller over several months. This procedure can be a good alternative to plastic surgery but not everyone is a good candidate. The reason I say this is because if you naturally have a square jaw – rather than enlarged jaw muscles, the only solution would be to reduce the size of your bone, not your muscle (obviously).

The best way to see if you are a good candidate or not is if you actually go for a consultation to ask your Doctor, or clench your teeth together to feel your jaw muscles.


In terms of units, typically for this type of procedure, I started off with the smallest amount – I think Dr.Rahbar mentioned that its 25ml on each side – which was equivalent to 5 injectibles on each jaw. If you have any further questions on units/prices, you can email Dr.Rahbar here. The more units you have, the more costly the procedure is. I believe some doctors charge you by units, whereas some others will charge you based on what you want to do because if you “purchase” more units, they are give you a “bulk” price.


What I did & Why?
At the initial consultation, I mentioned to Dr.Rahbar that all I wanted was to reduce the size of my face. He analysed my face shape and features and told me that to reduce the square appearance he would recommend some botox on my jaw muscles and my chin. If you look back up and see my “Before” picture, you will see that my jaw muscles were very apparent and my chin looked as if it had a “lump” (what Dr.Rahbar called a “fat pad”). He basically said that if I were to insert a miminal dosage on the jaw muscles and chin, I could create more of a “V” face to my face. I agreed.

Obviously, the decision wasn’t rushed. It took me about 2 months before I actually had the procedure done.


How much is it?
Although this procedure was kindly sponsored by The Laser Lounge, the procedure itself would typically cost AU$650 for the Jaw Botox and AU$90 for the Chin Botox.


How long do results last?
Dependent on every individual and the areas being treated, results typically last for 6-12 months.


Did it hurt?
I would say it really depends on your pain tolerant level. I can tolerate injection pain and I occasionally donate blood with Australian Red Cross.. so.. it didn’t hurt much for me. Areas that were more sensitive for me were the chin area, and areas closer to my cheekbone. You can see the whole procedure in the video to see where I really felt the pain the most.



Before photos




Pictures from the procedure

Waiting whilst Dr.Rahbar washed his hands to prep for the procedure


Anti-bacteria wipes and makeup remover to begin the treatment


Ice pack to prevent swelling and to numb the area


White outline to guide the treatment area


After the treatment. No redness or swelling at all!!!



As you can see, the treatment was really a “lunch break” treatment. There was absolutely no swelling nor redness. I couldn’t drink alcohol or lie down for 4 hours after the treatment.. and that was all!


The treatment literally took about 5 mins, and you can see from the video below. It is freaking amazing!!!


Thank god I found such an amazing cosmetic physcian.. otherwise I would have never wanted to get this treatment done. I will be reporting back within the next few weeks with results, but for now, I can already see results!!!! See my more recent pictures for reference!!!

Results are supposed to be gradually.. and it should be visible in about 6 weeks time. I’m at 4 weeks right now.. so I’m excited to see what will happen within the next 2 weeks.



Thank you The Laser Lounge & Dr. Rahbar (he’s cute too, isn’t he!)



Dr. Rahbar (pictured above) was kind enough to let me provide you with his email so that he can answer any of your questions about botox or any other cosmetic treatment for your convenience!!!!

If you have any further questions about the treatment or you’d like to ask me another questions, you can leave a comment below or email Dr. Rahbar or myself.


Don’t forget to check out the video first before you ask any questions though, because watching the treatment it in “real time” and on footage can possibly answer most of your questions!!!




Watch the video

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  1. William says:

    Great post and pics :P Especially love the fact you two look like your dressed for a fancy dinner outing lol.

  2. Pandablush says:

    Great post baby! :D you know what dr rahbar is pretty cute HAHAHAHAH :P

  3. Wow it’s great to be able to see the procedure, you are so brave.
    Me on the other hand, hate needles and anything involving pain lol ( I want a tatt but so scared) so I don’t think it’s something I’d do but seriously good for you if it’s working! I guess there are mixed opinions on this, I can see where the negative comments are coming from but seriously, it’s your life, your blog and most of all, it is your face. Like you said I think it’s great for ppl who wana do botox or who are interested but if not then just skip it. You shouldn’t be held responsible for ‘young girls’ wanting it lols.
    Anyway how is it? Do you see a big difference now? If only there were no needles or pain involved LOL. X

  4. Rin says:

    Um, yes. He is cute! I wish he did boobs, cuz I’ll hopefully be getting mine done! Perhaps I shall consider botox… Is the consultation with him?! Haha now I just sound like a creepy soon-to-be stalker :D

  5. aznangel says:

    wow you are so brave!
    I love your clothes in the video!
    where did you get your blazer/ jacket from?!!!

  6. Meaghan says:

    Did you tell your parents about this procedure? & What was their reaction when/if you did?

  7. Xine says:

    Kinda the same with Charice’s procedure right? http://justjared.buzznet.com/2010/07/19/charice-botox-treatments-to-look-fresh-for-glee-debut/
    so I wasn’t really shocked to know that young’ins do the procedure. Please keep us posted on your results! :)

  8. amber220 says:

    Hi chaigyaru,

    I admire you so much! especially how brave you are ((((:

    did it hurt after the procedure?

    i also love your makeup and clothes in this post
    where did you get your skirt and blazor from?

    thanks!! <3

  9. Natalie says:

    HAHAHA that doctor actually is pretty cute!

    And I totally understand how people could misunderstand botox! I think the procedure looks great :)

    I kind of want to get that for my jaw as well… my face is so square T_T I want a pointed chin.

  10. missy says:

    Um… I had to comment on how adorable Dr. Rahbar is!!

  11. Kate says:

    Where did you get your earrings from?? Please reply :D

  12. Lucy says:

    Hey been a long time reader but never commented :P
    just wanted to say you look great!!!

    btw I have the same top in orange hahaha <3

  13. Sonya says:

    I think the video is great! good on you, im having it done tomorrow yay!!! im so thrilled!!

  14. I wonder why those comments talked about your clothes. Lol. But anyway, having the botox doesn’t require braveness. It’s all about eagerness. Eager to be beautiful.

  15. cindy chang says:

    IM FRom fresno ca and where is it from??? so i know to go there??

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  17. joy says:

    Please reply back but the picture of you at the top holding the stuffed animal is that you after the botox or before

  18. joy says:

    Wow Im Getting IT Soon:) Thank You

  19. jram says:

    you’re beautiful. there is really no need for the enhancements. :)

  20. betuna says:

    hi, well..what can i say? you already look gorgeous! , but i do want to see the after pics. cant find’em did u post them? “oh… and the Dr.” … well he is Super! duper Cute!!

  21. Anna says:

    Can you post before and after photos please??

  22. anggi says:

    May i know where this treatment location?

  23. Maria says:

    Can you post before and after photos on your facebook album so everybody can see the different please? tx ^_^

  24. pamela says:


  25. botox says:

    Hello ,
    I would say it really depends on your pain tolerant level. I can tolerate injection pain and I occasionally donate blood with Australian Red Cross.. so.. it didn’t hurt much for me.

    Dr saras and Team

  26. Kirstin says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’m considering this treatment, but not for cosmetic reasons. I have severe bruxism (how severe? I’m getting a root canal next week because of tooth nerve damage from grinding.) and TMJ pain. I’m seeing a fancy dentist now and am about to get an extra fancy bite guard, but if it doesn’t work, I’m at my wit’s end. I don’t want to take vast amounts of ibuprofen every day for the rest of my life.

    So…how did the treatment impact your grinding? Did the paralysis last long enough for you to stop? And how many treatments were required? Help me, Chaigyaru, you’re my only hope!

    • Hi Kirstin,

      I’m sorry to hear this! I’m obviously not a doctor, or expert in any way, but from my experience, Botox has worked for me to stop grinding my teeth! It does take some time to work though so you’ll only start noticing around the 3-4 week mark. I’ve heard about the mouth guards too and heard it can be great help especially if it’s very severe.

      Botox will also only last for 6-12 months so it can be an expensive procedure ongoing. However you can fall into the habit of ceasing to grind your teeth. Each session of botox you do on the same muscles (after 6-12months) will actually last longer than your last, so I hope you only need a few sessions.

      Do try both methods! Wish you best of luck!