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Hottt short hairstyles

September 25, 2009 | 26 comments so far - join the discussion!

Apparently, long hair has a high correlation with love ♥

Women tend to grow their hair when they are in love or in a relationship. I think having long hair kind of makes you feel a little more secure about your physical appearance, especially body wise. Girls like to cover their shoulders as it makes them feel as if they aren’t revealing as much skin, and also, could make them look skinnier too! :)

However, its been statistically proven that women who fall out of love, break up with a partner, or lose their loved ones, tend to cut their hair short. This could possibly be to increase their confidence – to look “sexier” to find new love, to find a new start by growing/starting everything all over again?

You know how it is– sometimes you need a big change in look and lifestyle to jump start your confidence again. Some people go for a daring cut or make-over, some even change their whole wardrobe! Others don’t stop there– they might take up something they have never done before– a new language, or Foxy Bingo or badminton, for example. The haircut is sometimes a symbol for a whole personal revolution!

As you all know, I only recently cut my hair short and I’m still trying to get used to it! I’ve been using hair extensions once in a while, and for special occasions, I still can’t go out without the need of styling long hair!

When we think of gyaru’s, we always tend to think that they have long blonde/light brown/brown hair – with either hair extensions for length and volume, or natural long hair.



And ofcourse, when we all love Kumiko Funayama‘s long two=toned blonde hair.

But, who said you can’t look good with short hair? I know alot of you’s have been asking me how I maintain my short hair, how I style it, and what short hair styles look good? So I found a collection of scans I’m going to share with you’s! :)










I love this two-toned colour hairstyle! I think I might try it out next time I need to get my regrowths done. What do you all think of the colour?


26 comments so far - join the discussion!

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