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Have you ever wished for flawless skin?

July 14, 2012 | 8 comments so far - join the discussion!



Bare face photos in this post


Last week, I went to the Laser Lounge to get an Enzyme treatment! I’m the type of girl who loves to pamper myself no matter what skin condition I have.


Acne? Treat!
Dry skin?


#Tip Don’t wait until something happens.. then do something about it. Prevention is key!


Although regular treatments and pampering sessions are important, something that a lot of women are missing.. is a “maintenance” routine. Much like keeping fit, you need to exercise regularly and maintain a good diet.. achieving flawless skin works the same way! You can obviously cheat here and there, but maintaining a regular skincare routine is extremely important.


I tend to change up my routine quite a lot.. so that I can try different products and find the best one for my skin! But this particular skincare line has been one of my favourites lately.



Danne-Montague King (DMK)






Step 1: Cleanse

The DMK range comes with a cleanser but I like to double cleanse. I wear a heap of makeup on a daily basis and so I like to make sure my skin can breathe at the end of each day.

First, I take my favourite cleansing wipes to cleanse up all my make up, then I take a foam cleanser to wash up any residue the make up wipes have left, or any make up I couldn’t wipe off in the first step. I find this step extremely important. When I don’t do this, I most likely wake up the next day with a pimple!





Step 2: Serum

For those skincare fanatics, we know how important a “facial serum” is.. a cream/lotion is simply not sufficient in replenishing your skin! A serum is used before your moisturiser! It can basically seep into the deeper layers of your skin that your ordinary moisturiser can not reach!

Serums are made to give nutrients, whereas a cream/lotion is made to give you moisture!! Obviously different serums can be used to treat different skin concerns – there are anti-aging, whitening and many other types of serums out there!

It’s no secret that Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins on the market, this Direct Delivery C Serum is made to skin right into your skin and give it the ability to defend itself against any damage! It also gives an instant glow!!


#Tip The tiniest amount is enough to cover the whole face because this serum absorbs so well into your skin!!!



#Tip Pat it down rather than rub! It will absorb much quicker!




Step 3: Eye Cream [ice-creme]

The muscles around your eyes are always working much harder than the rest of your face. Everytime you blink, everytime you wink, everytime you widen your eyes, close your eyes or rub your eyes – you are working the tiny muscles around your eye area.

The skin around your eyes are also thinner and will show aging signs much faster than the rest of your face.. this is why you need special care for your eyes! Your under eye area does not contain oil glands either – hence why your eye area tends to dry out quicker.

It is critical to own an eye cream separate to your facial cream.

Eye creams are expensive little things, but they are the most critical part of your skin care routine. Your eyes show the aging first and any signs of unhealthiness! I highly recommend the investment! The DMK direct delivery vitamin C serum assists to revising the signs of biological and environmental ageing – fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc!



#Tip Do not rub the eye area. Always use patting and pressing motions.





Step 4: Moisturise

As discussed in step 3, moisturising is really important! DMK’s proamino creme helps maintain the skin’s pH balance while promoting the tightening and toning of the tissues!!! It actually contains hydroscopic lipids – which will really help moisturise your skin “naturally” and also contains one of the most poerful, absorbable vitamin C complexes available in the market at the moment! Basically tricks the skin into thinking moisturising itself naturally!

I also use the herb & mineral spray with the proamino creme because it helps your skin absorb the creme better! Basically using a cotton tip (or clean fingers), dab a few dots on your face, then spray the mist four times, and spread. Pat dry as usual!







Instant Results!





And I’m done!! Check out my bright complexion!!! Seriously, I feel like my face is glowing after I’ve started to use this skin care line. Partnered with some treatments, you will be glowing with radiance without make up in no time!! Don’t be afraid to walk out bare faced now – yay!!! :)






Danne Montague-King skincare products is available at The Laser Lounge and other Danné clinics.

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