Fing’rs stick on nails

May 28, 2012 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Sticker nails are still a pretty new thing for me. I can do with nail sticker decals but using it on the whole nail… is still quite strange.

Nonetheless, I was sent some from Fing’rs so I decided to try it out!!

I usually change my nail polish and design every 3 days because it always ends up chipping or after the 3 days, I’ll need to reapply the same shade on top! My nails are also quite prone to chipping due to the acetone I use to remove my polishes.


Fing’rs Flirt Nail Bling




Results of the nail stickers after a quick application. I think the whole process took me less than 3 minutes to apply on one hand! The application is super easy, but I think the time taken to “perfect” the corners and sides of the stickers is the most time-consuming!

Overall, I do think the nails turned out amazing. It looks like stamps on the nails except in 3D. I like there is also bling on the nails so the effect is super stand out rather than just prints on the nails.

I don’t think I’d use any “plain/single coloured” nail stickers (I’ve seen some of these which have no designs on it) because applying the nail stickers would be more time consuming than painting your nails a single shade, but I’d definitely consider the ones which look too complicated to paint yourself or too time-consuming!






Quick tutorial


Fing’rs range can be purchased from leading discount department stores including Priceline, Target, Big W, Kmart and leading pharmacies nationally.

4 comments so far - join the discussion!

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  1. tse parfait says:

    that looks so pretty and convenient! :)
    will try next time :p

  2. Ally says:


    I know this is not related but I want to say I enjoy reading your blog. I actually know one of your close friends but I don’t know you personally so please don’t get creeped out by my next comments.

    I am going through the emotions you are going through. I admire you for being strong because it does hurt a lot when you’re feeling pain from someone leaving and betraying you.

    Everything does happen for a reason as you said. I wish I didn’t have to experience the heartache and that I never met the person. At the end, we become better people after getting through it even though it feels like it will never end.

    All we have to do is let go. That’s the start and the hardest part. Good luck! You have a great network of friend that I’m not as lucky to have. Reading your blog does make feel happier, knowing that I’m not the only person going through this :)


    • chaigyaru says:

      Hi Ally,

      Thanks for writing such a sweet comment here. It does feel rather strange that someone who reads my blog knows so much about my personal life, but then again, I don\’t really try to hide much to my readers.

      I\’m glad to know that you are wise enough to know that sometimes break ups happen for a reason. Whether it\’d be friends, family or boyfriends.. it will always hurt when someone walks out of your life.

      The hardest part is to learn to let go, but it\’s also definitely the start to a whole new journey that you\’ll discover on the way.

      I\’m happy to hear you out and talk to you if you ever need a friend. =)

      Thanks for supporting my blog.


  3. LaLa says:

    I think this is my first comment lol, but I have been reading your blog for a quite a while now! I love your posts!<3 My aunt just recently grabbed me some stick on bling for my nails, they are so cute and simple to use. I like your zebra ones!