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fav iphone photo editting apps – part I

June 1, 2012 | 12 comments so far - join the discussion!

So, many of you have seemed to be asking me about my favourite iphone photography applications, so I knew this blog post would be useful to all of you. See how nice I am? I’m sharing all my secrets >:)


Iphones have come such a long way since they were first introduced. I went from having the Apple iphone 2G (is that what it was called?) to the Samsung Galaxy I (which I absolutely hated by the way) and, back to the Apple iphone 4S.


If you are love photography, then you would absolutely adore the iphone – but… that being said.. who doesn’t love the iphone? *mumbles about boring blackberry users*


Ok, let’s start rolling the secrets. Btw, this is in no particular order because I like all these applications equally.. ok, not equally… but close enough.







This application was introduced to me by Xiaxue because she kept on using all the awesome heart bokeh effects! It’s $1.99 which means it’s not free but it’s a great app to use if you like to have abit more control over your photos. The best part about this app is that manual adjustment.

Here, I’ll show you.


See where that bar is with the dropper on the right?

You can actually use that bar to adjust how strong you want the effect to be on your original image. Most apps don’t allow this feature. I like it because it’s almost like duplicating a new image over that original image and just adjusting the opacity of the image – remind you of layers in Photoshop? Yes. Exactly like that!

Another great feature on this app is the ability to “randomise”.. so if you are unsure how you want to enhance your image, you can just keep “randomising” until you’re happy! I don’t normally use that though – because I know just how I like my pictures, but some of you may find it extremely helpful if you are just starting off! The “randomise” feature is the dice on the top right hand corner of the menu bar!


The last most important thing to look for in a good photo-editting app, is the ability to share.





As a standard, most apps have the option to “save to album/phone”, but iDarkroom (and most of the other apps I’ll be showing you) have the ability to upload to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. That’s double thumbs up!!!






I only recently discovered this app, but I was downloaded it immediately because it’s created by Baidu (a huge search engine in China). I figured that since chinese/asians had a much greater understanding of how I wanted to edit my photos, the app would be very useful.

And I was right!

This app has quickly turned into one of my favourite apps because it consolidates almost everything I need into the one!!!!



One of favourite features (I have many favourites btw wahaha) that were not offered on iDarkroom is the “collage” option. This app (also like a few others I’m going to show you) has the option to create collages in frames!! That means, you can make more fashion “outfit of the day” pictures!!!!


There are several different options for the collage layouts so its very customisable too!!




Ok.. so that was just a small “favourite” feature.



This is the big one.

(creates tension)






Can you see that????? I repeat. BEAUTIFY.

This app allows you to “SLIM” down your face or body which just the touch of your fingers, enlarge your eyes by just pointing at your pupils, remove acne, better skin, whiten, remove red eyes, etc, etc, etc!!!!

What more am I asking for???

Ok.. so to be a little more technical for those photoshop freaks (like me) who are actually looking for photoshop alternatives (but easier) on the iphone….

The slimming feature is actually just the same as “liquify push left” feature. It essentially pushes the area you are touch to another area so that you can slim down the areas you need to!

The larger eye feature is also from the liquify tool in photoshop. Quite self-explanatory because photoshop one does exactly the same thing!

Remove acne is a cloning tool,  Better skin is a blurring action and the whitening tool basically just lightens the image!!


There are obvious several other settings on this app which also make it really amazing! You can add “decorations” onto your images like purikura (japanese photo booth incase you don’t know)!!! You can add hats, glasses, lips and all sorts of random things.. but the most important one is…. eyelashes.



They call these decorations the “prank” decorations – hahaha, but some of them are actually quite useful for enhancements!!


Ok, enough about this app. Obviously you have already discovered that although I am not putting these suggestions in any particular order, it does not mean I don’t favour one ontop of another.

But… I still do use more than one to edit any one image!! Just for being a perfectionist’s sake!





 Fotolr PS

Ok, this next one isn’t my favourite.. but does work well. Works well for enhancements for those who are into makeup or would like to enhance their makeup via photo editting.




Again, you can build collages – though I don’t find this app offers as many options and layouts as the rest. I usually click straight to “Edit a Picture”, select an image and edit away.

I’m not going to be showing the best picture here, but let’s just see what this app can do, hey?



As you can see in the picture above, you can all sorts of crazy things such as “face lift” – where it is essentially like the liquify push tool, or remove acne, pack on some blush or lipstick. It’s really a “make up” app! I do like it, but I usually put on my own make up prior to camwhoring.. so it is quite pointless for me. Great for the lazy days though (but if you’re lazy… would you really put in so much effort to edit in the makeup? Probably takes more effort than putting it on your own face!)

But nonetheless, I have enhanced a photo for you to see!



I used the “Eyes”>”Eye ball” option to paste in new contacts for my eyes! It’s super customisable because you can move, rotate, resize and adjust as much as you like until it’s realistic!

You can also really zoom in to accurately position your “make up”.



See the green dots? They rotate your “blush”. The blue dots help you to adjust the size of your “blush” and the “alpha value” helps you to adjust the transparency of your “blush”. Neat, right?

Also, you may have noticed I added in some crazy false eyelashes in the above image. It looks nice la, but I just don’t know if I’ll go that effort to edit my images on my iphone – much rather do it on photoshop! But this app is super handy for travel blogging!





Okay, enough for today. I will go through more apps with you in another post. This will also keep you intrigued and keep you coming back! *evil laugh.




More to be revealed.. now for now.. I’ll show you a before and after picture of one of my most recent uploaded pictures on instagram (username: chaigyaru).





Roll over to see changes!


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