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I’ve been meaning to do this review in a while. As most of my readers know, I wear false lashes every single day that I go out, that is pretty much almost single day cause I work 5 days a week, etc. False lashes for me, are like an almost must.

I’ve made a post previously on what kind of lashes I use – and I’ve also demonstrated on how to double up your false lashes - refer to here

So, chaigyaru, chaigyaru, which eyelash glue do you use and what works best with which type of lashes?

1. Dolly Wink Glue

I’m not the biggest fan of this glue. I thought it was comparatively good to all the other glues which are included with false lashes (which I am just about to review), but it was still not up to standards for an everyday eyelash glue.

Pros: The glue was sticky and not messy – it dried fairly quickly making it very convenient to apply on the false lashes. The make of the packaging was also perfect cause the tip was thin enough for me to fix up loose areas where the eyelash had not been stuck on properly.
Cons: Was not waterproof. I think the thing an eyelash glue can fail the most on, is not being waterproof. What is the point of using an eyelash which is not waterproof? It will fall off during the day – and that is the last thing any girl would want, to happen. This brand is also very hard to purchase anywhere outside of Japan. The last, but not least con, is that this glue dries white. Not happy Jan, when I get white spots ontop of my false lash when I’m in the bathroom and need to touch up a loose lash and forget to take my liquid eyeliner out with me.

2.  The typical eyelash glue which comes with your false eyelash packaging

I hate this m-fking thing. It could be the worse type of glue out there on the market. It actually reminds me on craft glue. It does not stay on for more than a couple of hours and does not make life easy for you. The packaging is made good for touching up, but the product inside it is just simply horrible.
Some of these even makes your eyelid swell up because of whatever horrible chemicals they put in to make the glue. A huge warning: do not be a cheapo and stock up and use these eyelash glue sticks!!!! There are almost no pros for this eyelash glue, so I’m not going to bother.

3. Duo Waterproof Eyelash Glue in Clear/White

Pros: One of the best f-ing glues on the market. You cannot beat the waterproofness of this glue. I showered in this shxt once and my false lashes still stayed on!!!! Not only is it waterproof like magic, it is even easy to remove!!!!!! I love the way it dries clear cause it means I can use this shxt to stick on my lashes that come with a clear band. What is the point of using a pair of lashes with a clear band if all the eyelash glues dry either white or black?
This glue is the shxt. I love it.
: My only con for this glue is that it is expensive – relatively expensive compared to the rest of the products on the market. But that’s it.. honestly, I highly recommend this.

4. PA eyelash glue

I showed this to you all in my Japan Loot post earlier and mentioned how awesome it was because it looked like nailpolish. So yes, I’d say the packaging is simply one huge pro because it just looks too cute to resist from purchasing. But do you know whats even more awesomesauce? The eyelash glue is actually white!!!

Pros: Packaging is soo freaking cute as mentioned. Easy to apply because it has such a thin thin thin brush that it makes life so much more easier and the application messy-free.
Cons: The glue is not actually waterproof and very sticky and watery – such that it takes quite a while to dry before you can actually go out – because it dries white and you need to touch up liquid eyeliner on top. It makes it very inconvenient if you are in a hurry! I’d actually have preferred if the glue inside was black, rather than white – but, it was a great surprise that the glue was white – since the packaging is black! :D

5.  Ardell LashGrip in Dark

This is one thing I don’t think I could ever, ever, ever, ever live without. If I was stranded on an island, I would take this m-fking thing with me. I used to keep it absolutely everywhere – everywhere with me. No matter where I was going – if I was going somewhere I couldn’t take my bag with me, I’d squish it inside my bra. Honestly, I cannot live without this little brat.

Now, that said, I now can still possibly live without it if I had my Duo glue with me. Yes, I’ve cheated on my Lashgrip with my Duo.

Pros: This glue dries dark and can be substituted as an eyeliner when applying false lashes. It is a pick me up, stick me on and run glue. I love it. It is easy to apply, dries quickly, and is waterproof like the Duo – though I seem to think the Duo still handles water better.
Cons: Very very annoying to remove. The glue sticks onto your eyelashes after you remove your false eyelashes and you need to either pick at it, or use vaseline/oily-make-up-remover to clean the glue off with a cotton bud! It sucks big time when you want to just sleep after a party.

6.  Kiss Lash on Adhesive in Dark

I originally bought this because it was easier to find than the Ardell Lashgrip and cheaper. I thought it would be a great substitute considering it was also “dark” but little did I know.
I used this glue for about a month, and my eyes were just so itchy. They were always swollen after I had taken off my eyelashes and I thought I was suffering from hayfever – but I was actually allergic to this thing!!!!!!

This glue would have made a perfect substitute for the Lashgrip if it had not been so runny and yet so sticky. I found it so difficult to stick on my eyelashes in the morning because the glue would run everywhere once I squeezed lightly. I was always always always wasting glue because so much would come out at one time. When I took my eyelashes off at night, this glue would be so strong and waterproof that my own eyelashes would be teared out along with the glue. Worse of all, it was so so so so hard to remove this glue off my false eyelashes making it simply impossible to reuse my eyelashes more than just a few times.

When I was trying to clean the glue off these eyelashes, I would always end up ripping little pieces of hair off my false eyelashes and ruining the shape of the false lashes. Every couple of days, I would have to open a new pair of eyelashes and toss my own ones because there was simply a) too much glue on them, b) they were ruined from trying to rip off the excess/old glue on the lash band.

The price of this glue was not actually that much more cheaper than the Ardell Lashgrip and so I would actually highly recommend you stay clear from this glue if you could get access to the Lashgrip instead.

I guess that concludes to the two eyelash glues I could not further stress how great they are. Learn from my experience and purchase only the best products for your eyes. Your eyes contain the most sensitive skin on your face and deserves to be treated with care. Do not use products such as the eyelash glue which comes free in the box to apply your lashes to your eyes – you never know what your skin is allergic to and you do not want to end up with itchy skin on your eyelid which ends up swelling up for days.

I hope this review has helped you and if you disagree with any of my comments, you may leave me a comment below, or if you would just like to share your experiences with these eyelash glues, please do so. :)


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  1. Tamara says:

    Thank you so much for this review! I am also looking for the best falsies glue, since it’s damn hard to find!!
    I bought the eyelids glue and still waiting to try it as a eyelashes glue … I’m not really sure about ti tho..

  2. Nana says:

    OHh! I love the ardell one too, that’s what i use…

    i never really have the problem with it stickingg cuz i pull it off all at once =)

  3. XDOLL says:

    I never go anywhere without my ardell lash glue! I know what you mean about removing it, i tend to pick the dried glue from the middle and then peel off one half before doing the other. Need to try out the Duo ones since rate it so highly :grin: thanks doll, this is such a helpful review!

  4. Chomfifi says:

    im glad you blogged about this! i just love fake eyelashes! for me, DUO (the pink tube with black glue) is a MUST for me! you know when i saw the PA eyelash glue in a nail polish tube i was really interested into buying it but after reading your review, imma skip it. so thanks for the heads up!

    i really like your blog :) ive been following you for months now. I REALLY like your hair color too!

  5. christine says:

    heyyyy ! do you know where to purchase the ardell glue in sydney and also how much are they ? thank you x

  6. Donna says:

    Omg, tell me about the crap eyelash glue that they usually come with. they are the most terrible-iest thing ever invented. I use the lashgrip stuff, but i should try the Duo waterproof lash glue. never knew people had invented waterproof one.

  7. jeannie says:

    I love duo glue the best! =)

  8. BowsNHearts says:

    Thanks for the review.

    I like using the DUO glue but I hate it how they dry white. I need to get hold of the ones that dry transparent.

  9. Kanae says:

    I use Ardell Lashgrip, and I love this eyelash glue!! Is the best I have try!

  10. Mel says:

    First time on your blog, and I love it. I’m wondering though, what products did you use to get the bleach blonde hair? Asian hair is difficult to achieve a nice blonde or even platinum. Let me know! Thanks!!

  11. Haruka says:

    I’ve been following your blog lately and i love it!
    especially your layout! it’s so adorable XD

    Being a huge fan of Dolly Wink line,
    i must tell you that Dolly Wink eyelash glue is superb!
    The free tubes that comes together with the lashes is totally different from the full sized one which you need to buy on it’s own.
    I agree with your review on the small tube. It’s sucks! I know! From your review i think you can accept that glue better than me. I would never go out with that glue

    But the full tube one.. SUPERB!
    It smell soo nice for a lash glue! Smells like sweet floral perfume :p
    and it has brush applicator like the PA one. Its white as well, but it dries totally transparent!
    it’s superrr strong and can be removed quite easily. I must say it’s stronger than DUO glue!

    the packaging is so damn cute for a lash glue, i bet you’ll love it so much!

  12. Emma says:

    I agree with almost all of the selections here. I find the DUO range the best eyelash glue for all purpose lashes!

  13. akym says:

    for lash growth revitalash for me really works and i am so contented with the results done to my eyebrow and lashes…so nice effect.

  14. rubilyn says:

    Nothing is better then getting things that make you feel pretty..try maximumlash!. Before I have very light and thin eyelashes. In about 4 – 6 weeks of applying maximumlash you will see a change!..hurry try it!

  15. marcy says:

    Hi everyone who love and uses MaximumLash and to those not yet using this product yet this is a great opportunity now to avail. Coz they have a promotion. Buy your MaximumLash at Walgreens.com and fax in your receipt and your entitle to get a $10 rebate check. Offer good until Novermber 20th only!

  16. Kappers Groningen…

    […]chaigyaru.com; just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary dream… » Blog Archive » Eyelash glues review[…]…

  17. Cathy Rees says:

    I still have not found a true waterproof glue. I was using the Revlon glue … it awesome, very sticky, dried beautifully, great hold, but easy to remove in one pull. Well, they “improved it”! Well, now it sucks! This would be a great market niche for a company. False lashes r bigger & better than ever … but the glue sucks! Somebody make a better glue!