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iscreamnails with gloss cosmetics!

December 18, 2012 | 3 comments so far - join the discussion!

Sponsored Post

On December 13th – 15th, Gloss cosmetics invited nail artists from Iscreamnails (based in Melbourne) to come to their new Parramatta Flagship store and help girls do their nails for free!!!

(I hope you guys went after I tweeted about it ^O^)


The new GLOSS Flagship store – like all the other Gloss stores – is super bling and pink!! You can spot it straight away!! This is their second Parramatta store and is located right beside to Ice & Supre in Parramatta Westfields! Find all their other locations here.







LOL. There is a guy in this photo. That was unintentional.. but there were quite of few of them in the store! :D






The nail artists doing free nail art for the girls. I must say.. they were super quick at it!! Each girl took about 5 minutes each! The design below was done for the girl infront of me.






They even catered for these designs which looked super time consuming! I like the diamond one on the bottom left corner!!! *sings “we’re like diamonds in the sky”*




After getting your nails done, you can walk your nails through the manicam!!! This is a new concept Gloss is really excited about!!! It’s essentially like a catwalk but for your nails!!!


**Check it out!**







They were also giving out free fairy floss at the front of the store!!! What a way to attract girls. Girls and sweets and beauty!!




The best thing about Gloss is that they always have your big brands of cosmetics – Revlon, BYS, Maybelline, SugarBaby, Chi chi cosmetics, Model Co – just to name a few – for discounted prices!! There are usually quite a few shades of the products too – unlike some discount outlets!!

IMG_4149  IMG_4147



Unfortunately I couldn’t get my nails done that day because I had shellac, but I generally love Gloss!! My closest store is in Hurstville and I quite frequently bump into readers in that store!! (Funnily enough)


Anyhow, hope you guys have been having a good week – it’s almost Christmas.. and it’s almost 2013!!! I can’t believe it!


Here’s a quick camwhore shot of me (on a Monday, hence why I had a sad face) to keep you guys updated! I have a few reviews for you guys that I will hopefully be able to post before Christmas.. which I think will be very exciting to read!!!





Happy Holidays!!!

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Nuffnang Talent Bloggers Program pt II

October 21, 2012 | 6 comments so far - join the discussion!

Forgot to upload these pictures from my last blog post about the Nuffnang’s Talent Bloggers Program launch.


With the friendliest make up blogger ever, Superkawaiimama. I super love her. Her vintage fashion styling and make up is immaculate!



With my favourite girls from Nuffnang – Ida and Vanessa. Look at how happy they are when they see me. #laughsevilly




On a side note, check out the crazy studded boots Vanessa wore to the launch. I DIY studded mine too, but compared to hers.. mine looked like nothing. Check out my DIY studding tutorial here.

Nuffnang Talent Bloggers Program pt II - 6 comments so far - join the discussion!

Nuffnang Talent Bloggers Program

October 18, 2012 | 3 comments so far - join the discussion!

Nuffnang Talent Bloggers Program has officially launched!


11 other bloggers and myself were chosen to become a part of the pilot program! Basically the Talent Program will now focus on educating all bloggers to become better and stay motivated!! Nuffnang Australia will be organising more educational master classes and resources for bloggers all over Australia! :)


The master classes will focus on a range of topics important to blogging, such as social media strategy, building a brand around your blog, working with brands, SEO, website management, and more. Talent bloggers will also be given the opportunity to sit on discussion panels with some of the world’s most popular international bloggers, sharing knowledge and applying the skill sets to Australian blogs. – Nuffnang blog


I’m super duper excited about becoming a part of this team!! See the photoshoot we had at the launch party in Melbourne!


With the rest of my fellow Australian bloggers
Childhood101, PlanningWithKids, TheOrganisedHousewife, Picklebums, MyPoppet, SuperKawaiiMama, SameliasMum, OneCraftyMumma, InsideOutStyle, SesameEllis, TinaGray

Photos courtesy of Matthew Jensen of One20 (http://matthewjensen.com.au)


If you are also interested in joining Nuffnang’s Talent Blogger Program, keep a look out on their Facebook page as they may be opening registrations from the public soon!

Nuffnang Talent Bloggers Program - 3 comments so far - join the discussion!

World’s Longest Catwalk!

August 28, 2012 | No comments yet - you should start the discussion!

World’s Longest Catwalk #WLC? Seriously?




Last week, ECCO shoes held an event at Darling Harbour, Sydney, to beat the world’s longest catwalk record of 2.7km in Turkey. They invited bloggers, competition winners (from their facebook) and some others from the media to model their shoes!!


I was lucky enough to be invited! I’d never tried ECCO shoes prior to this soley because I’ve always been a big fan of “uncomfortable” shoes truly believing that looks & comfort just do not go together. Think about those amazing Christian Louboutins!!! #mindsidetracks


For those who have not been introduced to ECCO shoesbefore, they are known for their lightness, comfort and flexibility. I have flat feet so it’s typically extremely hard to find comfortable shoes. They either scrape the back of my heels, or pinch either ends of my toes. But the shoes that I modelled for Ecco.. did do not any of these!!! I was essentially walking on cushions!!!!!


I wore these loafers during the whole catwalk are called KAYLOR.

Kaylor (link):
Rich leather ladies moccasin with a contemporary nautical look
Absorbent and extremely breathable leather lining for all-day freshness
Comfort foam cushioning supports the foot for easy wear
Slim, highly flexible cemented rubber sole enhances stability





Here I am with some of the other models. There were 39 of us altogether and we walked a total of 2.812 kms each!!! Some of us were even in wedges and heels!!!!


With Joelyne from Thesydneygirl



With Phoebe and Joelyne




With the super gorgeous and friendly Cecylia



Mia Freedman, author and writer of MammaMia hosted the event! She’s such an amazing speaker and David Thompson from Record Setter came to measure the distance of the catwalk and award ECCO shoes for their new record! I can’t seem to find the video that was made on the day, but here are some photos! You can also see the rest of the photos here.



You are read more about the World’s Longest Catwalk here.



After the long walk, half of us walked over to Black by ezard to indulge in a mouthwatering feast.


Ocean Trout



Potato Puree



Blueberry & Lemon Tart




I’ll be back with the video real soon!!


Did anyone manage to catch the show on Saturday morning? Let me know if you did!

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Sydney International Beauty & Spa Expo 2012

August 13, 2012 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

On Sunday morning at about 9am, Jeanice randomly sms’ me and we decide to head over to the Sydney International Beauty & Spa Expo 2012!!

I’ve received plenty of emails about it, but I didn’t think it would interest me because I didn’t realise there would be so many cosmetics, brushes and skincare stalls there! I thought there would mainly be “body treatments” and “hair treatments”, etc.

Anyhow, I rocked up and found that it was three halls!! That’s even bigger than IMATS and just about the same size as the Fashion expo I went to this year!!!



My media registration card. I love taking photos of these passes that have “Chaigyaru” or “Blogger” on them!! Makes me feel like a real blogger #blushes



OPI polishes for $10. Everyone was crowding around that stand!!! Does anyone know it’s $12 at Bankstown?



Jean & I posing at this huge make up mirror. Really reminds me of my Conair light up mirror that I use for my make up every morning!!!



I kind of feel like I’m sitting here and presenting at a talk show. I wish I could host my own talk show one day!!! #dreamsbig

Red Woolen Cardigan is from Endless Wardrobe



This brand “Eye of Horus” really caught my eye because the way they set up their store was really unique!!! They made the whole stall Egyptian themed and even had bollywood dancers dancing around their stall!!!!



In the middle of the expo, they had a catwalk too!! Damn those girls are so lean and tall!!! #fitnessmotivation



There were quite a few asian beauty stores too!! This one was one of the “korean” ones so there were “Scandal” (korean brand) nail polishes for about $4!!! Look at the amount of nail polishes on these stands!! That’s just from one stall!!!



The one thing that Jeanice was really really excited about is Minx nails!!! Apparently she can’t find them anywhere!! We were going to do a demo, but didn’t bother because the line was too long!!



Butter London also had a stall. Jeanice bought some of the shades I recommended on my review video on Butter London!





If you missed out, check out the list of exhibitors that were there at the event!

Using front camera of iphone so it was really shxt quality. Apple, you really need to consider the quality of your front camera!!!!




I only ended up making a few purchases because I have far too many beauty products (for my own good). I purchased a pink tweezer from Tweezerman for $16, some nail glitter gel for $4, sterling silver studs for sensitive ears for $13 and some tanning mousse and mitts from Techno Tan for $20.



If you missed out, I highly suggest you to go next year!! Or.. IMATS coming up this year – usually it’s in September! More info on the Sydney International Beauty & Spa expo here and IMATS here.

Sydney International Beauty & Spa Expo 2012 - 4 comments so far - join the discussion!