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How I got my V line

March 6, 2014 | 11 comments so far - join the discussion!

I know some of you are really “against” surgery, some of you are “against” injections, and some of you have no problems at all, so just as a disclaimer, these are just my thoughts, my experiences and what you think, and what you experience may differ.

A few years ago, I had my first “jaw reduction” procedure at The Laser Lounge. I’ve always wanted a smaller face because I have a really square jaw and when I went in for a consultation, I was told that anti-aging injections can help to reduce the size of my jaw muscles which can change the look of a ‘wide/square’ face without going under the knife.

Obviously, this meant, LESS RISK and temporary results. But that’s okay, because I wasn’t up for too much risk and cutting my skin to shave the my jaw bones.

I know I didn’t really blog about the “results” in on my blog previously when I had talked about my jaw reduction procedure, but that’s because it’s honestly really hard to show – as it is the Botox (or equivalent) treatment only shows over time.

Okay, so I did abit of research because I didn’t want to give you guys the wrong information (and once again, I’m no doctor, so please just take my words as OPINIONS and not facts).

This ‘non-surgical jaw reduction’ procedure basically helps to reduce the size of your masseters. MASSETERS are two muscles on the side of your jaw that help you to chew. There are two other muscle groups which assist you to chew too – namely the temporalis muscles and pterygoid muscles. So, NO, it does not mean you will not be able to chew if you get this procedure.

For me, my masseters were quite big because I always grind my teeth at night or even, from stress. If your masseters are also big, it can be due to other reasons. Masseters are essentially just muscles right, so it’s very similar to going to the gym – if you work on that particular muscle constantly, it will grow bigger and stronger. By injecting an ‘anti-wrinkle’ product, you can RELAX these muscles and by not using these muscles as frequent, it can result to shrinking the jawline – hence creating a “V” line.

That is basically how it works – IN VERY SIMPLE TERMS. Please speak to your doctor/nurse about this procedure before committing to any sort of treatment.

2 weeks ago, I visited The Laser Lounge to get anti-wrinkle injections on my jaw muscles again and chin fillers. My Cosmetic Nurse recommended these procedures to me for the V line look I was trying to achieve. Please note: This is the look I WANTED, it may not necessary be what YOU think looks good.


Pictures taken BEFORE my first treatment:



I’m aware that one side of my jaw is a little bigger than the other side, but everyones face has flaws. One eyebrow can be higher than the other, one eye can be bigger than the other, one nostril can be smaller, one foot can be smaller, so it is not necessary to tell me I’m not perfect. I’m AWARE OF THIS.


My Medical Aesthetic and Cosmetic Nurse Injector is Susan. She’s amazing at what she does. She listens to what you want and explains the procedure step by step in simple layman terms. JUST WHAT I NEED!!! Not to mention, she’s beautiful too!!!





She had a quick consultation with me in my first meeting with her and then proceeded to mark where she would place my fillers. I got my nose fillers too but I’ll cover that in another blog post. TOO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!!! But you will see some markings on my nose in this post.






Does it hurt?

Pretty sure this is the question I get asked THE MOST. Well, I think it really depends on YOUR OWN pain threshold, but for me, the pain was bearable. Some areas were much more painful than others. I think like most injections, the first stab hurts the most. If you are scared of needles, you can always close your eyes, or request for numbing cream/ice.


How long does it last?

Well, again, it can vary from person to person. It also depends on the product you use! For me, I was told that my treatment could last me from 6-12 months. If you have had the treatment before, results can last longer than your last treatment.



The results are still not the most prominent but I’m so happy with it I think you should all see how my face has changed in JUST TWO WEEKS!!!!

These photos are taken on my phone and NO LIQUIDIFYING or image-editting (apart from adjusting the colours/brightness) were made to these photos.


This photo was taken a few days after treatment. You can see that my chin has definitely elongated creating a longer face and smaller jaw. You can sort of see the “V line” in this photo. I also do have a small bruise on my chin from the injection hitting one of my blood vessels. This is a common issue and not life-threatening. Bruising goes away in a few days to a week.




This is exactly 2 weeks later (also no editting) and you can see that my jaw muscles has definitely shrank. Compare it with the first side photo. My chin fillers were swollen in the first week so it may appear a little longer than in this next photo. But my jaws have definitely shrank after 2 weeks.




Obviously results will differ from person to person. Sometimes you will see results within 2 weeks and sometimes it may take 8 weeks til you see any difference!!

This below photo was taken like, after 2 weeks and 2 days. Maybe it’s the angle of the photo but I’m really seeing a major difference!!



For those who have done some research on the above procedures and would like to know more about them, you can email me on janice@chaigyaru.com or better yet, have a consultation with The Laser Lounge!!! The anti-wrinkle product I was treated with is Dysport, whereas the last time I was treated with Botox. Honestly, they work exactly the same under a different brand. Some may find one more effective, but it’s really trial and error.


The Laser Lounge has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide and specialises in Laser Hair Removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Stubborn Fat and Cellulite Reduction, Skin Corrective Treatments and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Enhancements. I have done two videos with them which you can see on my youtube channel here and here.


Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.20.47 pm

The Laser Lounge – Sydney CBD
12B Westpac Place,
Sussex Lane
275 Kent Street
Sydney NSW

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halloween looks

November 12, 2013 | No comments yet - you should start the discussion!



It doesn’t have to be dark..


Although Halloween isn’t as big here in Australia, it is really one of my favourite times of the year. For me, it has a somewhat personal meaning to it – which involves the meeting of my best friends, but in general, it is really an excuse for everyone to enjoy dressing up in costumes (either sexy or scary or BOTH!), adult face painting and… ofcourse, just another excuse for ANOTHER PARTY :)


Last year, my girl friends and I dressed up as these.


I chose the Geisha look because I love the japanese culture! See: “chai-gyaru”.


I love that Geishas are so mysterious. Their white face, their red lips.. demure.. and sensual. Check out my beautiful girls on the sides of me.








This year, I decided to go with some face painting!! What better outfit is there than yourself?


Guess what I am? Meow.


I didn’t want to dress sexy, nor did I want to dress scary, so I chose.. cute (with a twist of the other two). There are so many halloween ideas out there, but here are mine.







 I know it’s past halloween, but if you guys still want a tutorial on my makeup, leave me a comment below and I’ll make one :)


I decided to add a little twist to my face makeup so that I looked a little more realistic for my party. LensCircle had a range of crazy halloween contacts and I got these “Exclusive Yellow Cat circle lenses“. I haven’t got a good self-shot of the lenses, but here is what it looks like in flash photography!!


Scary, right?





What a great way to twist up your halloween look! Check out the whole range of lenses at LensCircle here.




What was your halloween look?


I’d love to see, so post pictures up on my facebook page and show me!



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Fiorr’s graduation

May 14, 2013 | 2 comments so far - join the discussion!

Yesterday, it was Fiorr’s graduation! In case you’ve forgotten, or haven’t followed me for long, Fiorr is my sister. She has made guest posts on my blog and is also one of my partners in Skylar Fashion (along with Raine)!


I’m so proud of her because she just graduated from her law degree – and it’s her second degree!! Seriously thought she would be studying til she’s 30, but anyhow, she’s finally completed it now!







My family. Lots say I look like my dad, but it seems like I look like my mum here, and my sister looks like my dad! You tell me!





The typical graduation moment. *Throws grad hat in the air





Happy belated mothers day to all those mothers who read my blog!


I didn’t get to celebrate it much, only really ended up helping out at my dads restaurant for the weekend – which was sorta doing my parents a huge favour anyway!


This week’s a huge week for me at work. Seems like the market is picking itself up so we’re getting super busy! Speak again soon x

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love your locks

February 25, 2013 | 2 comments so far - join the discussion!

Usually, I’m intimidated by “branded”/”higher-end” salons. Christopher Hanna (CH).. just sounded as if they were going to charge me hundreds for a blow dry (obviously exaggerating a little… or alot)




I mean, I’ve been to so many salons in my lifetime. Infact, high and low end. Had my hair ruined, had my hair pampered.. but I’m still too scared to risk spending hundreds if they “may” destroy my hair.

Another problem with living in Australia is that it is very hard to find a salon who knows how to deal with asian hair!

Now.. to solve this problem, I usually try the salon with a blowdry first!


Last week, I was one of the lucky bloggers to be invited to CH Platinum (located on Oxford Street) for a meet and greet! The staff at CH immediately welcomed us with a glass of champagne and a quick introduction of their team!


To my surprise, everyone was super friendly and was not pushy at all! The best part about coming to a salon is when they actually make you feel welcome, instead of pushing products to your face and telling you “what you need” for your hair.


Here’s Sam genuinely talking to me about what services they offer at their salon. CH Platinum actually offers more than just for the hair! They do complete makeovers with botox, fraxel and more!





My hairdresser was just a beauty. She discussed with me the types of curls I wanted – which is rare because normally when I walk into a salon and ask for my hair curled, they curl it in their own way!!

As we, beauty gurus know, there are so many different ways your hair can be curled. Big dolly curls, waves, mermaid waves, victoria secret style.. the list goes on! So I was very pleased she went through my preference with me!







The result you ask?


Here! Take a look for yourself!


I asked for curls which would not make my face look bigger. It would frame my face and were soft enough to touch with the hand. I told her I was going to a CNY family dinner and would need to keep it rather conservative.


And this is what she came up with!





If you want a blowdry for a Friday Night or an event, it’s $35 and if you work in the city, you can go right after work or during your lunch break! (Who needs to eat lunch when they can look good instead??)


With the rest of the bloggers who also attended the CH event.





Now because I also know that you may be intimidated and fear wasting money at a new salon, I will share with you a website that was unknown to me!


CH actually have their very own online deals site!! And like I said earlier, because CH Platinum does not only offer hair services, the deals site offers cosmedical services too!! You can receive a full fraxel restore treatment for $799, or a full hair colour package for $140!


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.50.54 AM


Now unfortunately, the deals are only valid on new customers!! But if you are new to CH, I definitely recommend trying it out!


Christopher Hanna is located in Sydney CBD (inside Ivy) or Paddington (Oxford Street). Mention “chaigyaru” when you visit and I’m sure they will take care of you!

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Merry Xmas

December 29, 2012 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Merry Christmas girls and boys!!


I’m an extremely festive girl when it comes to special occasions and I tend to love having parties and dressing up for Christmas!! This year, we held a house party at my best friend’s apartment and had kris kringle (also known as secret santa) with my loved ones.


Jeanice gave me a photo frame filled with our memories and a jewellery tree! Thank you baby!








To complete our christmas party, we also ordered Laos dishes from one of my favourite laos restaurants called Laos Village in Fairfield. You guys have to try this place. It’s cheap & their dishes are mouth-wateringggg.








Pic of me right before heading to Christmas Dinner. I think my makeup & hair looks abit different because I had darker pink lips and had my hair tied up, but it’s definitely still the same night!!

It was also raining in Sydney on Christmas (hence the umbrella)





And ofcourse Christmas isn’t christmas without driving around scouting out the best lit-up houses. We drove to about 10 houses this year and found some of the best ones I’ve ever seen in my 24 years of life! :O







That’s it for my christmas. I hope you guys had a great christmas break and had a great getaway – if you went anywhere!


What is everyone’s plans for New Years Eve? :)

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