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DIY Ombre hair

September 21, 2011 | 26 comments so far - join the discussion!





Yep. Si. Me.



I had been contemplating on dying my hair since a few weeks ago when I had a conversation with Mr.CG and it ended up something like this.


*organising trip to Atlantis Hair
me: How should I do my hair, honeeyyy? (expects awesome boy answer, e.g. “anything!! you look good in anythinggg babe”)
But, he responded in something like…
him: Maybe you should dye it darker?
And then, ofcourse with that sort of unexpected answer, it could only end up in one story tale ending…
me: (speechless) & (*hrmpf)


But then, because I have such a complicated brain, I started to wonder if I didn’t look good in my blonde hair… then because I started to suspect that I didn’t look good… I ended up seeing how “ugly” my blonde locks were.

Sigh. Women. Tip to the boys: “Never ever play with their minds. Always always answer them the way they expect you to.”



Anyhoo! So that concludes why I decided to go dark.. but I was worried… because I deeply recall… the last time I went from blonde to dark dark brown, I almost immediately started bleaching my hair again. It was a horrible experience. I felt like ripping all my hair out because my hair just looked slick oily.. I looked emo… and I just wasn’t used to it.



The answer to my worries? The great ombre trend.

The answer to hating regrowths? The great ombre trend.

The answer to DIY hair colouring? The great ombre trend.




26 comments so far - join the discussion!

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