DIY Ombre hair

September 21, 2011 | 26 comments so far - join the discussion!





Yep. Si. Me.



I had been contemplating on dying my hair since a few weeks ago when I had a conversation with Mr.CG and it ended up something like this.


*organising trip to Atlantis Hair
me: How should I do my hair, honeeyyy? (expects awesome boy answer, e.g. “anything!! you look good in anythinggg babe”)
But, he responded in something like…
him: Maybe you should dye it darker?
And then, ofcourse with that sort of unexpected answer, it could only end up in one story tale ending…
me: (speechless) & (*hrmpf)


But then, because I have such a complicated brain, I started to wonder if I didn’t look good in my blonde hair… then because I started to suspect that I didn’t look good… I ended up seeing how “ugly” my blonde locks were.

Sigh. Women. Tip to the boys: “Never ever play with their minds. Always always answer them the way they expect you to.”



Anyhoo! So that concludes why I decided to go dark.. but I was worried… because I deeply recall… the last time I went from blonde to dark dark brown, I almost immediately started bleaching my hair again. It was a horrible experience. I felt like ripping all my hair out because my hair just looked slick oily.. I looked emo… and I just wasn’t used to it.



The answer to my worries? The great ombre trend.

The answer to hating regrowths? The great ombre trend.

The answer to DIY hair colouring? The great ombre trend.




26 comments so far - join the discussion!

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  1. Lulu says:

    I love the darker colour, I think the ombre trend works well on you. I think many asians (myself included) cannot pull it off because I’ve seen some that just looked like bad regrowth. I would also like to see photos of your hair straight like this just to compare curl/straight. But yes, I like it!

  2. Angel says:

    I love your haircolor! it suits you very well! oh you’re accent is super cute btw :)

  3. C. says:

    Thought this wouldnt suit asians but actually turned out really nice on you – LOL second half of your vid your dog is like chasing his tail =P

  4. chiky says:

    woooooah!!! it suits amazingly on you! i have a darker complexion than yours so i wouldn’t probabably suit on me.. so envious! ….:D

  5. Nani says:

    GORGEOUS on you! : D

  6. Jamilla says:

    I really like the ombre effect – this matches your complexion really well! This is a lot softer and more chic than the blonde – hope you stick with caramelly shades!

  7. Stunning!! Blonde was very pretty but this look is so so so gorgeous Janice! I’ll get to see it in real life soon YAY ♥

  8. Mindy says:

    I’m definitely loving it!!! <3

  9. Ida says:

    Looks cute on you :D :D
    – Ida /

  10. kimchi says:

    love the ombre hair on you! it looks great

  11. Ashley says:

    One word: WOAH!
    You did a great ombre job. It looks good on you, kind of glamorous in a way :)

  12. stella lee says:

    wow! love ombre on you! it looks really gorgeous! though i wish the blonde part would be a little lighter :-D

  13. Helen says:

    omg!!! i wanna try this!!

  14. blovetbeauty says:

    i love ombre on u too! i feel like getting this done for my hair now!

  15. Diana says:

    ohh much better!! now you just need to go back to a full fringe lol :)

  16. Anna says:

    omg! That’s soo adorable! I love the new color~

  17. wow ombre hair looks amazing on you! ive always wanted to try this but dying my hair freaks me out.

  18. Anoncat says:

    You look best with darker hair. This is fantastic!

  19. Saranghae says:

    You look really much better with the brown Ombre hair :)

  20. ewongb says:

    your hair is beautifulllllll!! ombre looks good on you :)

  21. annarhz says:

    i’ve read this post before.. but i just realised that your title banner thingy says ” Yo! guess who got a new hair ‘DID’ ” instead do? lolol. anyways i love love love the new colour xD

  22. Kimiki says:

    Heh sometimes boyfriends have good suggestions…and I think this was one of them! Blonde looks great on you, but I definitely prefer your darker locks. It makes you look more/very sophisticated and mature! The ombré looks awesome!

  23. Julia says:

    I’m currently in the market for a new colour and this post on how you did it for blonde hair isn’t helping lol! But I could see myself just dyeing it a different colour in a week. It looks good on you, though!

  24. Mel says:

    Beautiful hair– It looks gorgeous! I love the ash brown look!

    I was just wonddering where you got your ring light from?? :)

  25. E-von says:

    I LOVE your hair colour! I want to get to that light but having no faith in my dark hair :/ Is it possible to reach ash brown with at home hair dye? How did you do it?

  26. leesa says:

    loving the color! i was wondering if its the 60 pure light brown you had used or if its the 50 which is the pure brown? haha kinda confused since you had mentioned dye 60 and 50 on your vid and on your blog :p pretty please get back to me soon since my hair is horribly bleached >.< thanks x