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Blog layout

October 17, 2011 | 27 comments so far - join the discussion!



It has been some time since I’ve blogged a proper blog post!! Gomensai for the laziness!!! Well, actually, I wasn’t very “lazy”, I was more committed in getting this new blog layout out for you!! I have spent some very long days and nights on this blog layout and although it may seem “very simple” – okay, there’s no denying, it is quite simple – but for someone who hasn’t touched webdesigning in 5 or more years… it was… a nightmare. I don’t even know how wordpress works!! The last time I designed my blog was through blogger in those teenage years when I used to blog about life & boys.


Anyhow! I’m really pleased with this layout and with the help of two – @phoenixcrash on twitter who very kindly emailed me after I blogged about needing help – and @hystericmint who has now become a great friend over googletalk! :) Thanks both of you lovely girlies!!!


The whole idea to this new layout was the fact that I wanted something that would stand out and that showed who I was (featuring me), but I also wanted something very simplistic. I hated my old layout because it wasn’t very “me”.. it was a little too cutesy… who I loved.. but it just didn’t have the features I wanted in it. My previous webdesigner did a great job and lots of time was put into it.. but I was just over it. I needed something….. less pink.


The above banner photo was actually taken less than 4 hours ago! I finished the rest of the layout already… but I had promised myself I would have the header photo.. to which… I didn’t… until today. But that being said, I wasn’t “lazy“, I was actually really busy with an assignment for my Diploma of Financial Planning… ohoh! and playing with dear Yuki, who is growing up way too fast for my liking.


I had a little bit of a dilemma with the header photo, but I feel in the end, I chose the right one…. I hate decision making…. and being the insanely indecisive girl I am, I usually take hours in making the “right” decision.. which is usually the first one I decide on anyway!


I think I’m done talking.. but I’m so so so excited about the launch of this new blog layout and wish many more exciting blog posts to come! – I still have my botox blog post & video to show you guys but I still require some hours to edit it! Hang in there!


I’m going to leave you with some of the other photos I wanted to use… but didn’t.




Feel free to leave me know which one you guys prefer in the comments – which is on the bar at the beginning of this post now by the way!

27 comments so far - join the discussion!

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