Ash Wing lenses! Pout, pout and pout..

June 30, 2009 | 12 comments so far - join the discussion!

I got my new batch of circle lenses!

I officially own about 10 pairs at one time.. a little too much no? I really need to throw out some that I don’t wear anymore but like clothes, it’s just so so hard to throw out things that aren’t ripped or torn… JUST don’t wear anymore! =X

These lenses are the GEO Ash Wings. I’m not opening all my contacts this time! I’m going to wait until I wear out my others!

Eye Candy hungry? Here’s a piece of my vain self

The eye makeup makes me want to pout. Is this what they call the puppy look? I read about it on Fuzkittie, maybe I’ve been reading her blog too much that I’ve started to unconsciously follow the puppy look trend.  :D
I’ve made a tutorial on this look, but I am still editting it. I will try to upload it on youtube by tomorrow! :)
I also made another video on “tips to going blonde” – I share tips on tanning – which products to use and talk about colour cordination with your clothes and hair!
For those who want to know where I purchase my circle lenses from, I’ve purchased them from too many sellers out there to mention! There was Princess_ping which I’m sure most of you would’ve come across – very very popular seller, but not the cheapest! I’ve also purchased from I think? They were good also, but I’m always looking for the cheapest seller.
This time, I purchased them from Felicia from ShoppingNSpree. They are based in Australia currently so for Australian readers!!! POSTAGE IS DAMN CHEAP :D

I paid $5.50 postage fee for 8 pairs of circle lenses! They are also running a promotion where if you purchase 2 pairs of lenses, you receive the second one at 1/2 price! So I purchased 8 pairs of lenses at about AU$175! The cheapest I’ve ever come across!

This is their Singaporean site: (Best for US buyers I think)
And this is their Australian site:

Now, because I know most of my readers do use circle lenses, I thought I’d write Felicia a little email asking for discounts for my readers when they mention my name.

I haven’t yet received a reply, but once I do, I will let you guys know!
Thanks for reading guys!
Love ya, as always xoxo.

12 comments so far - join the discussion!

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  1. fuzkittie says:

    Aw you make a great puppy look!! :D Soooo cute~ :] Love your lip color!

  2. Edna says:

    Cute look! I want circle lenses too!!

  3. ✿Ji✿ says:

    Totally adorable!♥
    I was thinking of buying the Honey Wing lenses, but now I'm unsure…
    The Ash Wing lenses look gorgeous on you!*-*

  4. Sylvia says:

    Sooooooooooo soooooooo adorable! I LOVE the sweater in the first few photos. Where did you get it? The lenses look great too!

  5. KRYSTAL says:

    you are so beautiful! i love your eues!

  6. Chomsiri says:

    i really like your hair color!

  7. louie says:

    omg i luv your hair and eyes, so pretty!

  8. Sean Henri Edmond III says:

    I joined this blog because it showed up in Google when I typed white hair.

    I like the posts because it helps with makeup tips, which admittedly help me use it; but frankly… your style has heavy influences in Ganguro.

    In fact, I would not be surprised if you moved here after being one for so long and found your style was really absurd in the western world… which logically caused you to mix it with real American style.

    It's almost like the Otaku in America; acting like complete psychos that think they know everything about Japan… until they go there in the Pikachu bus and find that Otaku in Japan is really a derogatory word that can be compared to calling someone a idiot.

    Both countries have mindless fanatics feeding on misconceptions of the other country, and it's people like me that stand back, laugh and ridicule the whole concept.

    I guess being something your not has it's benefits as you clearly have the skills of a real makeup artist; so keep up the good wor… umm… hobby?

    It's not work if you enjoy it…

  9. kawaiikao says:

    i love!! really cute puppy eye look :]

  10. Karen says:

    Hey hunny wow you are seriously a doll you are so adorable !!

    I feel the same way; I was actually cleaning my room today and their were so many clothes that I wanted to throw out but ughhh it's so hard :x haha maybe having a garage sale to sell my clothes would be a good idea … hehe

    great post :)

  11. Jess says:

    The hair color looks great on you with the makeup! ;)

    Totally suit you! Btw, thanks for entering my contest! <3

  12. izumi says:

    aww, your puppy look is so cuteeeee :)