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Ash Wing lenses! Pout, pout and pout..

June 30, 2009 | 12 comments so far - join the discussion!

I got my new batch of circle lenses!

I officially own about 10 pairs at one time.. a little too much no? I really need to throw out some that I don’t wear anymore but like clothes, it’s just so so hard to throw out things that aren’t ripped or torn… JUST don’t wear anymore! =X

These lenses are the GEO Ash Wings. I’m not opening all my contacts this time! I’m going to wait until I wear out my others!

Eye Candy hungry? Here’s a piece of my vain self

The eye makeup makes me want to pout. Is this what they call the puppy look? I read about it on Fuzkittie, maybe I’ve been reading her blog too much that I’ve started to unconsciously follow the puppy look trend.  :D
I’ve made a tutorial on this look, but I am still editting it. I will try to upload it on youtube by tomorrow! :)
I also made another video on “tips to going blonde” – I share tips on tanning – which products to use and talk about colour cordination with your clothes and hair!
For those who want to know where I purchase my circle lenses from, I’ve purchased them from too many sellers out there to mention! There was Princess_ping which I’m sure most of you would’ve come across – very very popular seller, but not the cheapest! I’ve also purchased from circlelens2u.com I think? They were good also, but I’m always looking for the cheapest seller.
This time, I purchased them from Felicia from ShoppingNSpree. They are based in Australia currently so for Australian readers!!! POSTAGE IS DAMN CHEAP :D

I paid $5.50 postage fee for 8 pairs of circle lenses! They are also running a promotion where if you purchase 2 pairs of lenses, you receive the second one at 1/2 price! So I purchased 8 pairs of lenses at about AU$175! The cheapest I’ve ever come across!

This is their Singaporean site: http://www.shoppingnspree.com/ (Best for US buyers I think)
And this is their Australian site: http://www.shoppingnspreeau.com/

Now, because I know most of my readers do use circle lenses, I thought I’d write Felicia a little email asking for discounts for my readers when they mention my name.

I haven’t yet received a reply, but once I do, I will let you guys know!
Thanks for reading guys!
Love ya, as always xoxo.

12 comments so far - join the discussion!

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