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So we all want hair extensions, just like celebrities? We all want to look like we had just stepped out of the red carpet in the mornings and just before we sleep?

Here are some facts and my opinions on hair extensions.

NOTE: I’d have hair extensions for about 3 years now, on and off and mainly ON. I’ve tried human hair and synthetic hair in colours brown, black and blonde.
Courtesy of Bellamiami Hair Extensions

Who wears hair extensions?

  • Girls with thin hair and want to volumise the look of their hair
  • Girls who have just had a bad haircut and want to cover it up
  • Girls with short hair and want instant long hair
  • Girls who don’t want a fringe cut, but want change their look instantly

 What type of hair extensions are there?

  • Fusion glue – one of the tradition ways of bonding real hair with the fake hair. Taken out using Acetone to melt the glue. Very damaging for your hair. A very common method though and hair extensions sold to individuals are prebonded too if you wanted to do it from home.
  • Micro-bead – one of the popularest methods used for hair extensions now. Causes little damage to the hair as it is linked with a small bead and squashed with the real hair. No chemicals are used on the hair to bond. Only downfall is that when the hair grows out, the knots can be very very bad.
  • Braiding – by far the best method I’ve used. Done by plaiting/braiding the real hair and extensions and sealed with an elastic band. Knotting is minimal and looks very natural.
  • Wefting – one of the tradition ways of bonding hair. Thin strands of hair are taken and braided horizontally, and the extensions are weaved onto the hairs of hair. If this method is not done properly, it can cause tight pulling and stress on the scalp.
  • Tape – I’ve yet to try, but a fairly new method. Apparently very easy to place on and off. Tape is inserted on the extensions and stuck onto thin layers of your hair. Stronger tape is used for semi-permanent hair extensions, whereas a weaker adhesive is used for one or two day uses.
  • Clip-ons – usually used by girls who do not want to put in extensions every day. These need to be taken out every day and cannot be washed in the shower. Must be washed separately. Mostly used for events – such as weddings or photo shoots. 

Of course I’d only recommend those with short healthy hair or really really bad haircuts to use hair extensions. With hair extensions, you have to be warned that like bleached blondes, they are very high maintenance.
Even for 100% human hair, the hair will wear out and become coarse after a month of washing. Dead hair does not produce oils and hence will need to be treated with hot oils and protein treatments every few days. Even with the braiding method, the hair extensions will ruin your hair and when you take out your extensions – due to the tugging of your hair over 3 months, your hair will thin out.

If you already have thin hair, I do not recommend you to use hair extensions

After you take out your hair extensions, you must treat it with religiously with protein conditioners and hot oils for a week before you go back to your usual hair routine.

Hair Quality

  • 100% human hair (remy/indian, chinese, etc.) – can be used with heat tools such as hot irons, curlers, blow dryers, etc.
  • Synthetic hair – can not be used with anything hot

I stress that you always always buy 100% human hair.  If you are asian, chinese human hair is fine because it is thin and can blend with the rest of your hair, but if you are cauasian, I would ask you not to use Chinese human hair.  Remy hair is by far the best human hair available on the market. It is thick, soft and untreated. With A grade Remy Human hair, it can last alot longer than the Chinese human hair.


  • The cost varies greatly on the amount of hair you input and the quality of the hair they offer. If you are looking at investing in good high quality hair extensions, I suggest you choose 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions, but be warned, many claim to be 100% Remy – but have actually added synthetic hair in it. Expect to pay about AU$800~$1000 for a reputable hair salon for a full head.
  • Chinese Human hair usually costs a fraction of the price of remy hair. Some salons claim that their hair is 100% Remy, but if you ask them where the hair extensions are from, they say China…. I pay about AU$230 for half a head or AU$460 for a full head. Some places charge a little less or more. I never get a full head. It is not necessary if you are only creating volume or length.
  • Clip-on hair extensions usually come in sets of 8. This will include some smaller sections for the side of your head (behind your ears, or as highlights) and larger sections for the back of your head. This set would usually cost you about AU$100 or slightly more. The quality of clip-ons are usually synthetic as they are not made for daily use, however, many sellers also offer human hair. You can also find fringe clip ons at some stores for about AU$50 or less.

At the hairdressers, what do you ask?
So REMEMBER, before you sit down at the hairdressers, you must ask about the quality of the hair, the method they will be using, the cost of the whole process, the number of strands they will be placing and the colours they offer.

If there are any more questions on hair extensions, I hope I will be able to assist. Remember, I’m not a hairdresser and have not got any hairdressing certificates or qualifications. I only speak from experience. Thanks ya’ll!

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  1. Dana Yoshimizu says:

    This was very informative, thank you. I have never used hair extensions before, so I really didn't know too much before reading this post.

  2. ✿Ji✿ says:

    Awww I didn't know anything about that!
    Thx for sharing!^-^
    I never had any extensions, I was searching for fake fringes, but couldn't find any…;__;

  3. MiuMiu says:

    thanks for the info!
    i got extensions while in Hong kong last year and they were glued on..they were cheap and synthetic..i should have spent on the better stuff. now i just buy clip ons haha.

  4. beautifuldiirt says:

    i have a question :) when you put on the false eyelashes, do you leave them a bit longer than your actual eye length? if so, don't the ends irritate the outer corner of eye? mine does :T

    i LOVE your hair!

  5. LAMAHkun says:

    Yep I use dA (: I went on a really long hiatus in the beginning of the year though haha, and only re-started using a few weeks ago.

    Yeah sure :D, I love photoshoots haha. Just hit me up with your ideas on theme, location etc (:

  6. CHAIGYARU says:

    @ beautifuldiirt: Thanks for your lovely comment! :)
    When I put on false lashes, you always cut them to fit your eye. Your eyelid skin is very very sensitive and thin! The last thing you'd want to do is scratch it.
    But it also depends on the shape of your eye. If you have a doublelid, you could stick the lashes a little higher – hide it with black eyeliner and you could probably get away with it and achieve a longer eye look. But I think there are plenty more way of achieving the effect of a longer eye than that!

    I'll be making a video tutorial on false lashes shortly, as a request from a youtube subscriber. Hope it helps you a little more!

  7. sher says:

    thinking of getting micro bead extensions. my hair is very damaged at the ends & tired of waiting for it to grow. It is also quite fine-do you think it wil thin my hair out & therefore worsen the condition of my hair in the long run?

    • chaigyaru says:

      hey sher

      all methods of hair extensions will thin out your hair, that's an undeniable fact. if you want, i suggest you use either micro bead, braiding or clip-on hair extensions to grow out your hair.
      the only thing you may need to be aware of, is the fact that whilst you take off your hair extensions, you'll be pulling off many strands of your own hair, such that half of whatever has grown out, will be gone.
      so growing your hair when you have hair extensions would make your hair growing process much slower.

      the condition of your hair however, if you are talking about the damage, will not worsen and because you must deep condition your hair extensions so regularly, you might find that the condition of your real hair has improved! :)

      hope i've helped! if you've got any more questions, don't hestitate to ask again :)

  8. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  9. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post “No teme” in your blog with the link to you?

  10. That helped me a lot! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!

  11. A friend referred me to your blog, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far! Thank you for the interesting posts!

  12. those who need you should say this in your blogs. you just miss this otherwise your blogs is awesome.

  13. After reading your blogs like i opened my instinct from the myth that after getting hair extensions you don’t need any care but i must say you should not stop caring about your hair at any time any place.

  14. Tilly says:

    I have just had micro beads in my hair for about 3 months now I have taken them out my hair is really thin how long should I wait before putting them back in my hair was already thin to start with is it a good idea to put them back in I miss my long hair :(

  15. millie bruni says:

    I need more information on mircobeads please advise me cause i want to research before i do it so i know its right for me and products to use to wash my hair etc so they dont fall out quicker than expected thanks :)

  16. Bianca says:

    I just got micro bead hair extentions put in Sunday night, i was just wondering how long do i have to wait to wash my hair?

  17. esther says:

    since having my micro beads removed,my hair has gone very thin,the micro beads only lasted one month because of the itch,will my hair go back to normal,ive bought alpecin to grow hair,starting alpecin today,

  18. Brooke says:

    I have micro beads and she did them really right is that normal they stick up about and hurt a lot is it normal as well she said it will take a few days before they will sit down

  19. Diane Otte says:

    Hi I live in Manitoba. I have human hair extensions I paid over 400 for them they are only 2 months old
    I had them removed by a hospital they caused a severe skin problem on the head it was put on by a good glue tape top of the line. My head was burning and itchy and caused my leg to have no circulation. These are dangerous. They won’t even refund me. When hair was out it thinned it completely like no hair was on my hair I cried. I should sou the company. Has this ever happened to anyone before?