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Garnier Olia Review

July 5, 2013 | 20 comments so far - join the discussion!



I’ve finally had the time to dye my hair with the new Garnier Olia hair colour I had previously blogged about! I’ve read some mixed reviews so I’m glad I finally tried it out to share my opinion!


Hmm, there’s quite a bit to cover, so let’s start with packaging. I love the packaging of the box dye. It’s very fresh and different to all the other hair dyes you find in the Supermarket! Kinda.. stands out.


The best thing about it is that it markets exactly what it is. Let me recap for my newer readers, or those who missed my last Garnier post.


Garnier Olia uses ODS technology by using four flower oils – camellia, sunflower, passionflower and limnanthes alba to propel colour deep into the hair fibre! In simplier words, it is boxed hair dye powered by oil, INSTEAD of ammonia!!




Meaning what?


Less split ends (dry ends) and less damaged hair!


The process is just like any other boxed hair dye.























My overall opinion on the product


I found that the application of the dye was much smoother than the average box hair dye. I’m assuming this is thanks to the oils added in the colour mixture. I found that combing my hair during application was a lot easier. Usually, I would be tugging onto my hair and pulling off lots of hair during application!

One thing I must mention though, is that I found my bathroom didn’t smell like poison during application! My mum was pleasantly surprised too!



I ordered a “4.0 Brown” for myself because box hair dyes normally come out a lot darker than expected. However, I was pleasantly surprised as I stared at myself in the mirror when drying my hair.

I love that the results could almost pull off as a “salon” job!! I dyed the back of my hair myself and it almost seems perfect! Last time I used a box hair dye (by myself), I left a huge spot at the back of my head!



I expected “hands will slide off my hair” finish, to which.. I was obviously disappointed. But that being said, I suppose my hair feels a lot softer than after using an “Ammonia” box hair dye. Also knowing I didn’t put my hair through all the chemicals makes me feel a lot better.

I don’t think you should expect your hair to feel like you just had a Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment done, but in the long run, if you continue using Garnier Olia, I feel like it will make a difference :)


If you want to dye your hair a lighter colour perhaps, but you’re too scared to damage your hair with Ammonia and bleach, make sure you try this product!!


Now, if you didn’t win the last Garnier prize pack, here is another chance! (sorry, Aussie residents only!)


This second prize pack includes:

  • 1 x Garnier Olia hair colour
  • 1 x Garnier Colour Last Shampoo & Conditioner
  • 1 x Garnier Fructis Style Blow Dry Balm


How to enter the giveaway?


Answer the below question in my comment box/facebook/twitter. Remember to leave your email address or I won’t be able to contact you to let you know you’ve won!



“What colour would you like to dye your hair next?”



The Promotion will be open from 12:01 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (“AEST”) on Tuesday 2 July 2013 and will continue until 5:00 pm AEST on Tuesday 9 July 2013 (“Promotion Period”).

More terms and conditions here.



Garnier Olia Review - 20 comments so far - join the discussion!

Keep your hair colour vibrant for longer

July 2, 2013 | 10 comments so far - join the discussion!





Dove has launched a new hair range – Dove Colour Radiance – specifically for targeted at coloured hair!!

I quite like Dove as a brand because of the amazing “real beauty” campaigns they run. I’m sure many of you would have come across their “Sketching” campaign which is an extremely popular video (viewed over 52,000,000 times).


You can watch the video here.



I love the way Dove markets their products because they do not focus on just outer beauty, but rather inner beauty as well.

Many of us tend to be so caught up with the way we look that we forget about our inner beauty. We portray ourselves in a certain way just by the way we see ourselves in the mirror (or photos).


I’m going to take you on an imaginary journey – just as Dove had taken me on mine.


Close your eyes.. and.. breathe in.. breathe out.. (wait, can you still read this?)

Now… visualize yourself.. the way you see yourself. Think about your hair colour, think about the colour of your eyes, think about the colour of your clothing, think about where you are..

Then tell me.. what colour evolved around you the most?

What colour was your hair?


Colours you wear on you can show a lot about your personality. Here are a few key points I’ve learnt from the Dove colour specialists.


Red: You are passionate and fiery

Yellow/Blonde – You are full of laughter, bubbly and fun!

Green/Ash – You are fresh and natural

Dark – You are sophiscated and professional

Brunette – You are down to earth, but have a fun side to you

Black – You like to play “hard to get”


Like me, I think most of us like to keep a “fresh” colour in our hair after we dye it. My biggest pet peeve is not only regrowths, but “dull” hair.

The new Dove Colour Radiance Range will help to keep the feeling of coloured hair for longer! Dove Colour Radiance helps to keep your hair looking and feeling as beautiful and healthy and vibrant as it did when you “just dyed it”. So now.. your perfect “just got out of the salon” feel won’t only last for a week, it will last as long as eight weeks!!!

Most women believe that they should “spend more on their hair dye job” but I think it’s more necessary to “spend more on maintenance”. Maintaining your colour is more important as it will save you money in the long run!


Okay, now that I’m finishing raving about the new line, let me… be generous and give away a Dove hamper to one special reader!!! (Ofcourse sponsored by Dove haha)

Hamper will include the following:

  • Dove Colour Radiance Lower Sulphate Shampoo
  • Dove Colour Radiance Lower Sulphate Conditioner
  • Dove Colour Radiance Daily Treatment Conditioner
  • Dove Colour Radiance Leave In Conditioning & Care Spray
  • Dove Summer Glow
  • Dove Original Anti-Perspirant
  • Dove Purely pampering Body Wash
  • Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion
  • Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Cream Bar


How to enter the giveaway?


Answer the below question in my comment box/facebook/twitter. Remember to leave your email address or I won’t be able to contact you to let you know you’ve won!


“What appeals to you most about the new Dove Colour Radiance range?”


e.g for answers could be “the pink packaging!” or “the fact that my hair colour will last longer!” or “I love Dove as a brand” or “I love the smell of Dove products!”. Be creative!



Dove hamper will include the new Dove Colour Radiance shampoo and conditioner,  leave-in conditioning spray and express treatment– each of which contains Vibrant Colour Lock specially developed to deeply nourish your hair and keep it feeling healthy and with colour full of vibrancy and luminosity!


My favourite product is the “leave-in conditioning spray” because it smells amazing and really unlike the traditional “Dove” scent!


Try it to believe it!




Join me in obtaining amazingly soft, smooth and healthy coloured hair


 Please see Terms & Conditions for the giveaway here

Keep your hair colour vibrant for longer - 10 comments so far - join the discussion!

Garnier Olia Giveaway

June 4, 2013 | 13 comments so far - join the discussion!

Sponsored post by Nuffnang


Woah. How far has hair dying technology come since we all first started dying our hair? I think I started in about yr 7, which is… in the year 2000.

Since I can remember, I’ve watched my mum dye her hair endlessly – maybe every few months – with Henna, with burgundys, with reds, with blacks… I knew when I was “old enough”, I would definitely have to follow her footsteps.

When I hit the age of 13, I remember starting with “Sun In” – it was one of my favourite products because it caused no mess, but would allow your hair to slowly lighten. Then I realized how dry my hair got after a few applications, so I resorted to using box hair dyes… and I’ve come a long way from there.

Testing professional DIY hair colours, to foam hair dyes, to semi-permanents, to Fudge hair colour… I’ve tried everything.




In the end, they all resulted with dry split ends.

At age 24 (which is really only a few months ago, hehe), I decided to STOP dying my hair to grow out all of my dry split ends and chop them off.

BUT.. this all changed.. when Garnier introduced their Garnier Olia range. “Garnier Olia is the 1st home hair colour powered by oil” – INSTEAD of ammonia. The formula uses ODS technology by using four flower oils – camellia, sunflower, passionflower and limnanthes alba to propel colour deep into the hair fibre!

This means….



I will be putting this to the test really soon and I want you guys to follow my first hair dying session in a long, long time!


So what you should do now.

1. See more on Garnier Olia here

2. Visit their colour chart

3. Enter my Garnier Olia giveaway!

4. Come back to see the results soon!


Okay, so to the section you’ve been waiting for!




GARNIER OLIA GIVEAWAY DETAILS (Australian Residents only)




One lucky reader will be gifted a Garnier Olia prize pack!

The prize pack includes:

  •  1 x Garnier Olia hair colour
  • 1 x Garnier Colour Last Shampoo & Conditioner
  • 1 x Garnier Fructis Style Blow Dry Balm


To enter, please leave a comment in the comment section before the AEST 11th June 2013 5pm and answer this question.


What difference would Garnier Olia make to your home hair dye routine?


The winners will be the entries deemed most creative by the judges. Chance plays no part in determining the identity of the winners. Please remember to leave your contact details in your entry so that we are able to contact you for your prize.

Please read T & C fine print here.


Garnier Olia Giveaway - 13 comments so far - join the discussion!

My relationship story & what is XTL?

April 8, 2013 | 2 comments so far - join the discussion!

Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia


About two months ago, I started a series of Advice posts for my readers who wanted to send me questions to reach out for my opinion – about anything! As a result, 100% of the questions I seemed to have received were about relationships. Through that experience, I realised how much “romantic relationships” have taken over young adult’s minds (I assume my readers are about ages 14-25).

Romantic relationships have taken such a large part of our lives that many girls (or boys) have even gone to the path of thinking about suicide for their failed relationships. I.. for one, am absolutely against this. Now, let’s talk more about this and share our experiences together to make sure no one follows the same path as us.


Do not let your partner cross the line (XTL).


Not just for girls, but also for boys. Naturally, women are ultra sensitive and we can also go overboard sometimes. It’s important to keep this in mind.

It’s ok for your boyfriend to raise their voice at you if the TV is on and he is on the other side of the room. But it is not ok if he throws a fork at you to get your attention.

It’s ok for your partner to fistbump you. But it is not ok if he punches you on any part of your body when he is angry. Whether you get bruises or not, it is not okay.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced or heard of an experience of an abusive relationship. Sometimes, it may not just be physcially abusive, but it could also be emotionally abusive, or vocally abusive.

Any of these abusive actions are able to make you feel “worse off” in the relationship and are therefore classified as XTL.

It’s always hard to bring up a past experience that has traumatised you.. but I think it’s necessary to face the past and be able to talk about it. It is good to talk about your experiences with others who may have shared the same kind of experience.. it’s always easier when you know you’re not alone.

We’ve all gone through bad break ups. I had a particular bad one.

I mean.. we were all young and silly at one time of our lives. We meet the wrong person, love the wrong person.. and when we realise it, we try to leave, and that’s when we get stuck. No break ups are easy. If it’s easy, deep feelings were never involved.

For me.. I had a very loving “summer-love-story” – but it lasted a lot longer than a Summer. I was 16 or 17 when I met him and we shared almost every minute possible together. We sneaked into the library to play and laugh, we sneaked into golf courses to cuddle, we sneaked into schools near my house to just sit around and talk, we climbed on rooftops to watch the stars, we… did amazing.. and ofcourse romantic but childish things together. And never was there a moment.. where I felt.. unloved.

We took hundreds and thousands of selfies together each day. We were young and poor, but we were able to purchase the sweetest and cutest little gifts with minimal money.




We were so perfect together..

When we both graduated from highschool, we went our separate ways. I started to hang around a new crowd at university and he left highschool and started to work. We had very different perspectives of how our life would be in the future. I turned 18, and I just wanted to have fun. He started to settle down because highschool was all the fun he had, and started to try to lock me down.

As an 18 year old girl who had just started uni and started to make all these new friends who ran clubbing communities, and dance classes, and other societies, I refused. Again and again, I refused to stay home, I refused to spend every minute possible together.. and we started to drift…

Immediately, he started to feel like he was losing me. With the love story we shared, he refused to believe that I wanted to spend time with my own friends, and I wanted to spend time with other people but him! He started to..


Now.. lucky for me, I had very loving friends and family who supported me.


He continuously threatened to do things to me had I left him, he waited around my house and my workplace to find me and talk to me.. When I had refused to stay with him, he would punch the wall and shout at me. I was frightened.

As an 18 year old girl who had just stepped into adulthood, I had no idea what to do. With the threatening, with the stalking, with the hundreds of calls I’d receive in a day…

I knew there was only one thing to do. I called 000 (for those who are not in Australia, 000 is the national police line). In the end, I commenced an AVO against him, and decided not to go ahead and we worked things out from there and are now actually friends again.

But the moral of the story is to “reach out to someone when someone else has XTL”


We need to reach out for help when someone else has XTL. We need to educate our friends and family – especially the young ones – to reach out for help. It’s not easy to be brave enough to tell someone what’s happened to us. It’s never easy to reach out for help but with the hundreds and thousands of helplines available in each country, with the hundreds and thousands of people we have who care for us every day, it is necessary.

If you have a story you’d like to share, please tell me in the comment box.

If you are in a situation where someone else has XTL, you can reach out to me.


My relationship story & what is XTL? - 2 comments so far - join the discussion!

visit my new online store!

March 7, 2013 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Skylar Fashion has been a little secret since a few months ago, and I started talking about it back in December when it was supposed to launch. We got held up due to some technical problems and because I had to travel, but we have finally launched!


We aim to deliver fashionable pieces ready for any work event or party.




Here are some of our pieces I particularly like. Don’t forget that we also ship worldwide and free shipping to Australia over AU$50!!




Sleeveless White Blouse (here) RRP $30.00
Floral Blue Skirt (here) RRP $30.00




Floral Strapless High Low Dress in Pink (here) RRP $95.00




Gold Sequin Party Dress in White (here) RRP $50.00




Gold Sequined Tee (here) RRP $35.00
Pastel Yellow Skater Skirt (here) RRP $40.00




Strapless Mesh Candy Party Dress in Black (here) RRP $50.00




Studded Skater Dress in White (here) RRP $55.00




And because we have literally JUST LAUNCHED and you guys are the first to find out, I have a special discount code for you!! If you input FIRST10 in the discount code at checkout, you will 10% off your total cart!!


Now, as we are trying to get the word out, please support us by spreading the word on our newly launched store. You can tweet us, instagram or facebook us!






visit my new online store! - 4 comments so far - join the discussion!