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Win a PA for a day with BPAY View

July 31, 2014 | 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Something really exciting happened recently and it’s really changed my life (for the better).

For years and years, I’ve struggled with owning ‘too many clothes’ but having ‘nothing to wear’. Does this sound familiar to anybody? HANDS UP?? Okay, wait, nevermind. I can’t actually see you.

Well, I decided I really needed to get that sorted, and thankfully BPAY View stepped in to help! It’s rare you get offered a personal assistant for a day, so I took this opportunity to ask him to fold, organise and colour-code my wardrobe.


If you were given a PA for a day – what would YOU ask him to do!?

Read to the end of the post if you want to win a personal assistant for a day!


Meet Tim – my bow-tied, good looking personal assistant!




Obviously with my pout – you can tell that I was really happy Tim had come to help me organise my wardrobe. Hahaha.

We opened up my wardrobe, and he was super polite when he saw the amount of clothes I had….. ha, I didn’t expect such a friendly reaction. I had about 400-500 pieces of clothing to sort out by colour and type!

He took out all my clothes, ‘relocated’ them onto my bed, sorted them by categories and found space in my wardrobe to fit everything in!

I watched him with pure amazement.



Tim not only helped me organise my clothes, he also forced me to tell him when the last time I wore each item was! This resulted in me donating 1/3 of my clothes to charity!

By the end of it, it went from that pile of mess…. to this!





Sometimes, we need someone to help us out with the things we keep putting off.


What else can you think of to ask your PA to do? For me, since this job is done, the next best thing would be to sort out my bills.

In Australia, the cost of living is quite high – but many of us still end up paying ‘late fees’. Even though we use direct debit for a lot of the bills we pay, we can still forget to keep sufficient cash funds in that savings account too!

I come from a financial planning background so I know managing your finances can be difficult! (As well as organising your wardrobe).

Now, I can probably help with both of these personal problems.

If you haven’t heard of BPAY View before (I’m sure you’ve heard of BPAY), it is a service which actually helps you to organise your bills! BPAY View actually lives in your internet banking site. To register your bills, enter the BPAY View registration number found under the BPAY logo on your paper bill and boom!

BPAY View will send you reminders to pay for your bills via SMS, email or bank message (depending on your bank)… so you won’t need to go home and remind yourself to pay for your bills again (if you can remember where you left it last!)

For me, it’s great because it means I will actually save money from not having to pay late fees, and save time by not having to rush home to pay off my bill (that was probably due yesterday).

And ofcourse, if you own a business, and can’t afford a PA just yet, it’s a great alternative too!

I think the best part about using this service is that not only is it convenient, as you can now pay anywhere, it is also environmentally friendly and creates less mess to clean up later. Let’s go paperless!


Go check it out in your internet banking now!!

But wait……..


Of course…. I won’t leave you hanging with jealousy that I had Tim organise my wardrobe….and not yours! Sharing is caring!


BPAY View is giving someone (hopefully one of my readers!)_a chance to win their own personal assistant for a day!

All you have to do is enter here and let them know what you would ask your PA to do if you win!

Fold your clothes? Clean your house? Wash your dogs? Plan your best friend’s hen’s night??


Visit www.bpayassistant.com.au for more information.


Also let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to hear your answers x


Please check to see if BPAY View is right for your circumstances.

Win a PA for a day with BPAY View - 4 comments so far - join the discussion!

Non-surgical nose job

March 18, 2014 | 13 comments so far - join the discussion!

So, as I mentioned in my last post.. I’m going to be covering my non-surgical nose job in this post!

Again, please read my disclaimer.
I am not a doctor nor do I claim to know anything at all really. I am trying to share with you my experiences and results.

I’ve never really had an issue with the typical-asian-flat-nose, but I know many asian girls do have an issue with theirs so I wanted to cover it in this post. Without going “under the knife”, it’s actually possible (to some limitations ofcourse) to change the shape of your nose.

The most common method is… once again, fillers. When I covered my “How I got my V line” post last time, I mentioned that I also got nose fillers. I don’t know how many of you are actually interested in this procedure, but I’m sure usually super interested in reading about other blogger’s procedures!

Basically, dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid gel particles which are implanted into the skin to create volume. It can help to maintain volume augmentation for about 6-12months (once again dependent on which product you use). The brand that Susan (My Medical Aesthetic and Cosmetic Nurse Injector from The Laser Lounge) used is called Perlane.

I am honestly no expert when it comes to the “what, how, where, when”s, so if you email me or comment below (I think most of you don’t know I have a comment box because you guys love emailing me! Haha), I can refer all questions to her –  or alternatively, you can email them at info@thelaserlounge.com.au.


If you want a face to the name and you missed my last blog post…. here is SUSAN. :)

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 2.53.17 pm


And ofcourse you’re wondering, yes, this is right after my procedure with no photoshop. I FREAKING LOVE THE RESULTS, but please read on about the pain factor, close up photos, etc.


Okayy….. now onto the post because I know you’re dying to read about it!!


Susan had a consultation with me first prior to “fixing” my nose, she told me what she thought about my nose currently, and how I could use fillers to make a higher nose bridge and sharper tip. She also explained all the possible complications to me so that I was able to reconsider if I wanted to. She really is a really really super sweet nurse!!!!

She explained to that the risks of injecting too much at one time, and that safe is better than sorry. So, I’ve actually had TWO sessions for my nose as opposed to ONE. Don’t worry though, I will show you the difference between the two treatments.


Does it hurt?

Okay, I think….. this is an important question. Prior to getting my nose fillers, I’ve heard from many friends and bloggers that this treatment is PAINFUL. so mentally, I was quite ready to bear the pain. The first prick in the bridge of my nose actually felt really funny. Infact, it hurt, but I was more concerned about the fact that I could feel a needle in my nose, and eventually some liquid weezing out of it. Think about it for a second… now that’s a sensation I’ve never felt before in my life.

I think the MOST painful part of this treatment is injecting into the tip of my nose. The needle is actually inserted in between your nostrils and the needle is pushed into the tip of your nose. I was extremely uncomfortable during this part of the procedure!! I think I would rate the pain 8.5/10.

But again, like I mentioned in my last post, you can use a numbing cream/ice to help you minimise the pain. Just ask your doctor/nurse!


How long does it last?

Can vary from product to product and person to person but Perlane lasts about 6-12months. There are various dermal fillers and some can even be permanent.



 20140318-143700.jpgPre treatment (Before) and Post-second treatment (After)





Post-first treatment


After my first treatment, I actually had a huge bruise (see the above photo) on the left of my nose!! But the swelling did go down within the first 12 hours and didn’t cause any issues. This can be a side-effect when using injectibles – but ofcourse, its not a big issue, unless the bruising continues for a longer-period of time. If it does, you should contact the clinic/doctor IMMEDIATELY.



Post-second treatment


No bruising or swelling following my second treatment. I guess I was unlucky the first time! But because the swelling went down within 12 hours, I wasn’t too worried about it.


OKAY, are you sick of staring at my nose yet???


Well, keep staring. Haahah. Because this whole post will be about my nose.

As you can see, there is an obvious difference in the height of my nose bridge and the tip of my nose has been lowered slightly. I used to have a big dip between my eyebrows and I had that filled so that it creates a straighter angle down to the tip of my nose. I wish I had drawn lines on these pictures so you guys can see the difference, but if you take out a ruler or pen (anything straight really), you can place it right at the tip of my nose and see how the curvature of my nose has changed.



Post-second treatment



I think the one thing that most people don’t tell you, is that you may bruise/swell after your treatment and I’m bringing this to your attention because I wasn’t actually expecting this!! When they say “it’s a lunch time procedure”, it doesn’t mean everyone will be comfortable in going back to work! The treatment does take less than an hour – but you may not look the best walking back into the office. I recommend booking in this treatment if you get at least half a day off.


I don’t know if I’ll actually re-do the nose filler after 6 months, but I do really like the difference it’s made to the tip of my nose though… but the pain factor is really making me reconsider. Ask me again in 6 months. Haha!!


Now, just incase you did forget what my nose looked like before. Here is a before “full face photo” I dug out from a past advert!




And the after “full face photo”




The Laser Lounge has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide and specialises in Laser Hair Removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Stubborn Fat and Cellulite Reduction, Skin Corrective Treatments and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Enhancements. I have done two videos with them which you can see on my youtube channel here and here.


Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.20.47 pm

The Laser Lounge – Sydney CBD
12B Westpac Place,
Sussex Lane
275 Kent Street
Sydney NSW

Non-surgical nose job - 13 comments so far - join the discussion!

How I got my V line

March 6, 2014 | 11 comments so far - join the discussion!

I know some of you are really “against” surgery, some of you are “against” injections, and some of you have no problems at all, so just as a disclaimer, these are just my thoughts, my experiences and what you think, and what you experience may differ.

A few years ago, I had my first “jaw reduction” procedure at The Laser Lounge. I’ve always wanted a smaller face because I have a really square jaw and when I went in for a consultation, I was told that anti-aging injections can help to reduce the size of my jaw muscles which can change the look of a ‘wide/square’ face without going under the knife.

Obviously, this meant, LESS RISK and temporary results. But that’s okay, because I wasn’t up for too much risk and cutting my skin to shave the my jaw bones.

I know I didn’t really blog about the “results” in on my blog previously when I had talked about my jaw reduction procedure, but that’s because it’s honestly really hard to show – as it is the Botox (or equivalent) treatment only shows over time.

Okay, so I did abit of research because I didn’t want to give you guys the wrong information (and once again, I’m no doctor, so please just take my words as OPINIONS and not facts).

This ‘non-surgical jaw reduction’ procedure basically helps to reduce the size of your masseters. MASSETERS are two muscles on the side of your jaw that help you to chew. There are two other muscle groups which assist you to chew too – namely the temporalis muscles and pterygoid muscles. So, NO, it does not mean you will not be able to chew if you get this procedure.

For me, my masseters were quite big because I always grind my teeth at night or even, from stress. If your masseters are also big, it can be due to other reasons. Masseters are essentially just muscles right, so it’s very similar to going to the gym – if you work on that particular muscle constantly, it will grow bigger and stronger. By injecting an ‘anti-wrinkle’ product, you can RELAX these muscles and by not using these muscles as frequent, it can result to shrinking the jawline – hence creating a “V” line.

That is basically how it works – IN VERY SIMPLE TERMS. Please speak to your doctor/nurse about this procedure before committing to any sort of treatment.

2 weeks ago, I visited The Laser Lounge to get anti-wrinkle injections on my jaw muscles again and chin fillers. My Cosmetic Nurse recommended these procedures to me for the V line look I was trying to achieve. Please note: This is the look I WANTED, it may not necessary be what YOU think looks good.


Pictures taken BEFORE my first treatment:



I’m aware that one side of my jaw is a little bigger than the other side, but everyones face has flaws. One eyebrow can be higher than the other, one eye can be bigger than the other, one nostril can be smaller, one foot can be smaller, so it is not necessary to tell me I’m not perfect. I’m AWARE OF THIS.


My Medical Aesthetic and Cosmetic Nurse Injector is Susan. She’s amazing at what she does. She listens to what you want and explains the procedure step by step in simple layman terms. JUST WHAT I NEED!!! Not to mention, she’s beautiful too!!!





She had a quick consultation with me in my first meeting with her and then proceeded to mark where she would place my fillers. I got my nose fillers too but I’ll cover that in another blog post. TOO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!!! But you will see some markings on my nose in this post.






Does it hurt?

Pretty sure this is the question I get asked THE MOST. Well, I think it really depends on YOUR OWN pain threshold, but for me, the pain was bearable. Some areas were much more painful than others. I think like most injections, the first stab hurts the most. If you are scared of needles, you can always close your eyes, or request for numbing cream/ice.


How long does it last?

Well, again, it can vary from person to person. It also depends on the product you use! For me, I was told that my treatment could last me from 6-12 months. If you have had the treatment before, results can last longer than your last treatment.



The results are still not the most prominent but I’m so happy with it I think you should all see how my face has changed in JUST TWO WEEKS!!!!

These photos are taken on my phone and NO LIQUIDIFYING or image-editting (apart from adjusting the colours/brightness) were made to these photos.


This photo was taken a few days after treatment. You can see that my chin has definitely elongated creating a longer face and smaller jaw. You can sort of see the “V line” in this photo. I also do have a small bruise on my chin from the injection hitting one of my blood vessels. This is a common issue and not life-threatening. Bruising goes away in a few days to a week.




This is exactly 2 weeks later (also no editting) and you can see that my jaw muscles has definitely shrank. Compare it with the first side photo. My chin fillers were swollen in the first week so it may appear a little longer than in this next photo. But my jaws have definitely shrank after 2 weeks.




Obviously results will differ from person to person. Sometimes you will see results within 2 weeks and sometimes it may take 8 weeks til you see any difference!!

This below photo was taken like, after 2 weeks and 2 days. Maybe it’s the angle of the photo but I’m really seeing a major difference!!



For those who have done some research on the above procedures and would like to know more about them, you can email me on janice@chaigyaru.com or better yet, have a consultation with The Laser Lounge!!! The anti-wrinkle product I was treated with is Dysport, whereas the last time I was treated with Botox. Honestly, they work exactly the same under a different brand. Some may find one more effective, but it’s really trial and error.


The Laser Lounge has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide and specialises in Laser Hair Removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Stubborn Fat and Cellulite Reduction, Skin Corrective Treatments and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Enhancements. I have done two videos with them which you can see on my youtube channel here and here.


Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.20.47 pm

The Laser Lounge – Sydney CBD
12B Westpac Place,
Sussex Lane
275 Kent Street
Sydney NSW

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Career talk

February 21, 2014 | 2 comments so far - join the discussion!


Your best days are ahead of you

Why do I say that? Read on.

Most of us aren’t actually in the place of our lives where we ultimately want to be. Right? Well, I for one know I am not yet.

According to 2,000 Australians (research conducted by Open Universities Australia), 58.1% of Aussies are considering another job!

Whether it’s bad pay, long hours, a bad team/employer, sometimes, all we want is a change.

For me? I don’t want a career change. I just want three careers. Greedy, aren’t I?

I’ve never mentioned it, but IRL, I actually do Financial Planning. I hear a loud ‘WOAH’ behind your screen. Haha. I get it all the time! How different from beauty blogging is that?

I mean, I love Financial Planning. It helps me as a ‘growing adult’ to manage my finances and it really helps me guide family and friends too. For me, it’s always been a self-satisfactory career. I love learning about how each strategy can benefit me and my clients, as well as my friends and family. Win win.

But outside of Financial Planning, I’ve always been interested in videography/video-editing. How I wish I was able to create amazing visual content for YouTube, or create a wedding video as beautiful as the ones I’ve seen. My imagination runs wild when I think about what I could POSSIBLY do if I knew how to do it. I love visual art.

So whether you want to make a complete change or  you don’t want to give up your current career but want to learn about something you’re passionate about, then take a look at Open Universities Australia! Basically, Open Universities Australia gives you the flexibility to fit online study into your busy life – no matter what course you want to study and how old you are!

I found this unit called Digital Video Projects 201 which I want to study! You can study all the units ONLINE and the duration depends on the unit itself!

Digital Video Projects 201 is only 13 weeks and the only assessments are ASSIGNMENTS! This means, after the 13 weeks of online studying, I can become a movie-editing expert!

So if you like, you can study individual subjects/units just to learn more about a topic, but if you want an Undergrad or Postgrad, you will need to study sufficient units to complete your degree.

Similar to most colleges/universities, Open Universities Australia gives you the option to access HECS and FEE-HELP so even if you can’t afford to pay for your course today, you can pay it back later. It also offers student counselling, 24/7 tutorial support and access to a student success hub to help you reach your goals.

Read more about Open Universities Australia and know that your best days are still ahead of you!

Career talk - 2 comments so far - join the discussion!

which frames look best on you? + giveaway

November 7, 2013 | 8 comments so far - join the discussion!

(Scroll to bottom of this post for the giveaway)


If you’re like me, you.. get bored easily. You always want something new. You’re impulsive.. AND, you like to online shop.


Okay, I think I just summarised my whole life in a sentence! Damn, I’m simple. No, not really. Just the typical GEN Y.


So.. online shopping has come a long way. For clothing, shoes, accessories.. it’s been quite easy. We just take measurements, select our sizes, and check out! But, what about for specs? I mean, I don’t have time to go out to see an OPSM or Specsavers to try on hundreds of pairs of glasses? And I don’t want to buy them online because how it looks on the model may not be how it looks on me!


Well, Bespecd is probably just the thing you’re looking for. The “Home Trial” feature on Bespecd now allows us to “try on the glasses” for free before we order our prescription lenses! The only catch is that you do have to put in your credit card details INCASE you don’t return them, but you do get a one week trial before you have to return them!!


I got two home trial packs – specs and sunglasses, so I’m going to show you some of their designs!








Each home trial pack allows you to order 5 frames so that you can test which looks best on your face! I chose the above 5. All you have to do is email help@bespecd.com.au your favourite 5 lenses and contact details, and they’ll send you the pack! More information on Home Trial here.




1. Minsk – Cherry Red

I don’t know, this has to be my favourite lenses. I featured it on instagram before and got your feedback too, seems to have the majority of the votes. It’s just.. so unique, yet classy.

I love the shape of the lenses because it kinda feels “cat woman”ish. And the deep cherry red colour just suits my dark hair perfectly!!





2. Wilmington – Dark Tortoise

Chose this one cause I thought it’d suit my round face but obviously makes my face look even rounder! Dislike these lenses on me but the colour of them are so cute! A little vintage looking! I’d probably recommend these on a smaller face!

Btw, check out my crazy bicep muscles here. bighead.jpg





3. Nara – Midnight Black

Another one of my favourites – as you can tell, this is in no particular order. I love these lenses because it’s like Minsk – gives a cat eye kinda look. I think these lenses suit me the most!

I don’t know about the black though.. makes me feel as if it’s abit too dark for my liking but will suit a lot more pieces of clothing! I think it also looks mysteriously sexy!





4. Bremen – Turquoise

I wanted to try more colourful lenses! I like that Bespecd focuses on more “fashion”able frames rather than the boring traditional frames! I’m abit so-so about these ones but I think they are much more fun than any other black frames!





5. Zurich – Honey Brown

Another one I was not particularly fond of but may suit others! I may have chosen the wrong colour – it’s also available in Midnight Black and Dark Smoke. This is why Home Trial is important!! Try before you buy!






6. Rhodes – Crystal

Okay, you caught me. I actually chose more than 5 for my home trial, but that’s okay, because they let me! :)

I like these lenses because they look really fun! Kind of reminds me of the lenses you can buy at the Asian street markets, but they are actually quality frames and you can add your prescription! I’m digging it – maybe suitable for those who don’t like to wear glasses but needs them!







I think overall I enjoyed trying on the specs alot! They were fun, colourful and unique! I feel like I’m going to make an order for the Minsk tonight and possibly the Nara!


What do you guys reckon?


The best thing I found about Bespecd is that you don’t need to know your prescription! Just include your optometrists’ name and address and Bespecd will contact them for you!! But if you want to make a claim on your private health fund, I’m pretty sure you still need to go to your optometrist and get your eyes checked out yearly!


Next are the sunglasses!


I’m quite picky with my sunglasses and I feel like I don’t look very good in many. But you can be the judge!







7. Izumo – Midnight Fade

Like I said, I don’t suit many sunglasses frames. Not sure why! I definitely don’t think I suit these, but your taste and face shape may be competely different!

I do love the colour combination though! The fading/ombre effect is super cute!





8. Dresden – Black Walnut

Just like the name, this pair replicates a walnut!! These frames are wooden on the tips!! Kinda crazy but very stylish!! I like the fact that they are so unique and the shape is quite nice too!! I think these sunglasses may be one of my favourites!!

These are super lightweight as well, so they won’t form marks around your face after wearing them for an hour!






9. Montpellier – Artic Leopard

Wrong choice in colour for me but I wanted something other than black and a bit funky!





10. Treviso – Burnt Chestnut

These are definitely my favourite sunglasses. I realised I don’t suit the “retro/vintage” look so much. I feel something fancy and a little sly. Thinking of picking up a pair of these too!! Thoughts?





Now, the greatest thing about Bespecd is that it’s not just convenient, but it’s super affordable. I remember those days in highschool when I couldn’t afford expensive sunglasses and went over to Paddy’s market to buy sunnies. They were about $20 but the quality was so horrible that they used to break if I ever “accidently” dropped them on the floor. Common problems include having the lenses drop out or the frames bending!!


Prices at Bespecd are very fixed and very affordable.


Standard prescription optical or non-prescription sunglasses $95

Stronger prescription optical $145

Prescription sunglasses $185


And you can still claim on your health insurance!!


The best part is the service. You have FREE SHIPPING with every order, FREE 60-DAY RETURNS and FREE HOME TRIALS. They are essentially not charging for all their services!! What have you got to lose now?


And it gets even better, the Bespecd team will donate to charity every time they sell a pair of glasses!! So as it goes,


look good do good











Okay, giveaway time. Simple rules! Win a pair of sunglasses of your choice worth $95. Simply follow the steps below!!


Like my facebook page – www.facebook.com/misschaigyaru

Follow my instagram – @chaigyaru

Comment on this post with your favourite pair of lenses on me! Just write the number of the frame (you might wana read the blog post now)

Leave your email address for me to contact you!!

Fingers cross and pray you’ll win!

Share with your friends if you like!



Until next time,

which frames look best on you? + giveaway - 8 comments so far - join the discussion!