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Advertising + Sponsorships

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Chaigyaru.com accepts minor advertising – such as banner advertising on it’s sidebar. The sidebar will appear on every page on www.chaigyaru.com.

For any major advertising, please contact my talent blog manager here.



banner advertisements

Banner advertisements are available for $100 per month at a minimum choice of 3 months at one time. Renewals are available of course.

They are the best way you can get exposure to your online shop or blog. Measurements for the banner image is 125px by 125px strictly!





sponsorships w/ products

Sponsored posts work where your company will provide me with my choice of products (up to a negotiated dollar value). With the sponsored product/s, I will test them for a period of time (e.g. one month) and provide an honest review to my readers. Sponsored posts cost from $300 per post and will include from 3-5 images of your products modelled on myself. These posts usually receive the highest traffic.

I will also include an ongoing banner ad for ongoing sponsors who are happy to send me 3+ products on a monthly basis. An ongoing monthly charge can also be negotiated for ongoing sponsors.



sponsorships w/ no products

Sponsored posts with no products work where your company will not provide me with any of your items. I will be writing an advertorial based on your images and you will be providing me with an overall description of your online store. Amendments can be made from my end. Costs are from $250 per post depending on the number of liners and images you require.

1 liner + 1 image = $250

2 liners + 2 images + 1 tweet = $350

3 liners + 3 images + 1 tweet = $500

If you are unsure about the description of “liners” or “images”, please email me.



payment details

I accept Paypal and Australian bank deposits (netbank/bank transfer) – if you wish to pay by Paypal, you must also pay the 2% fee they charge me. I will invoice you through paypal with the total cost prior to setting up the advertisement.




Please email me on janice@chaigyaru.com or chaigyaru@nuffnang.com.au with this form pre-filled. All fieds are required.

Your Name


Your Contact Email Address


Company Name


Website Link


Type of Ad

Sponsored Post w Product
Sponsored Post without Product

(delete the above as necessary)

Advertisement period

(please specify in months)


Please specify Payment Method (Paypal/Bank Deposit)



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