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Q: What does the word ‘gyaru’ mean?
‘Gyaru’ is the japanese transliteration of the English word ‘gal’ – basically a title given to the fashionable girls in Japan. There are a few forms of gyarus (like manba, hime, ganguro, onee, etc) – each representing the different style of gals.

Q: What does the word ‘chaigyaru’ mean and where did it come from?
The word ‘chaigyaru’ is just my alias, it comes from my interest in gyaru fashion and my love for ‘chai tea’. With the two interests, I’ve formed my own style of gyaru of each I named ‘chaigyaru’.

Q: Where were you born and what nationality are you?
I came to Australia when I was very young and hence Australian, though I was born in Hong Kong and can speak fluent cantonese and english – but sometimes will speak the very commonly known Chingrish (mixture of chinese and english)

Q: Where do you buy your circle lenses and which ones are suitable for me?
Please read from these posts and refer to this video.

Q: Which circle lenses are your favourite?
My favourite pair of lenses currently are my Geo Bambi/Princess Mimi in Apple & Grey.

Q: What colour is your hair and where did you get it done?
My hair is dark brown at the roots (I typically use any hair dye from L’Oreal that is within the level 4/5. I bleach the ends of my hair with a gradual effect to make it lighter at the ends. This is called the ombre effect.

Please see my post and video here for more info.

Q: What camera do you use?
I use my Canon G12 for most of my photos and my trusty Iphone 4S.

Q: Do you photoshop your photos?
Yes, I definitely change lighting for my photos and liquidify using Adobe Photoshop. Some of my photos also use Iphone applications.

Q: Do you study or work other than blogging?
Yes, I work as a Client Relations Manager for a financial planning company and also work for my dad’s restaurant from time to time.

Q: What are your hobbies other than blogging?
I love decorating my nails, and crystallizing everything. In my spare time, I will go shopping for clothes and hang out with my friends.

Q: Do you have any allergies?
No, but I have hayfever! ;)

Q: How tall are you?
I’m 159cm – pretty average here in Australia

Q: Where do you shop at?
I shop at various shops in Sydney – no where in particular, but for accessories, bags and glasses, I will opt for the better brands. I love my Prada glasses, chanel earrings and all my bags. See my accessories + makeup + bag collection here. I purchase my makeup from alot of korean stores – such as Etude House, Face Shop and Missha.

Q: How do you describe Chaigyaru to people you meet who haven’t read it before?

Chaigyaru is more like a space where I help people take a break from their lives and step into mine. I think most people like to step into other people’s lives and be them just for a few moments. Just like reading a book, you step into the main characters life and experience things you cannot alone, by yourself. Chaigyaru is the same. I use it as a space to allow others to step into my life for the few seconds, minutes or hours they stay. Some people even like to stay for days.. which is certainly welcome! Rent is free afterall. I mostly blog about my life. I’m a lifestyle blogger, though many would argue otherwise. I blog about fashion, beauty or even simply post pictures of events I’ve been to. My blog is really just a collection of everything my readers ask for, and what I think of writing. Its my personal space.. with my readers.

Q: When did you first start blogging and what made you first hit the keyboard?

I started blogging in my early highschool years. Back then, it was “very cool” to own a flashy blog. We had heaps of animated pictures on there, I loved web designing and I loved photoshopping. These skills just came in handy as I grew older. But I certainly don’t blog in the same writing style anymore. I’ve definitely grown up… a lot. Trust me! My hugest inspiration is reading other blogger’s writing. All bloggers are amazing in my eyes. We all have a unique writing style.. and that makes us who we are. I absolutely love blogging.

Q: What is the thing you most enjoy about blogging?

As much as I hate feedback, I also love it. As you start to receive more comments, more questions, more people reading your blog, you start to receive a bit of negativity. But it doesn’t stop me from enjoying blogging. I love receiving feedback from my readers. I check my social network accounts every day to see if any one has emailed me, tweeted me, facebooked me, or commented on my blog and youtube. Its just become a habit now! I love to read what everyone has to say – no matter what they have to say.

Q: What is the coolest thing your blog has helped you do?

Blogging has really helped me build up my confidence. I realised that there are so many other people in the world that share similar interests with me!! After blogging, I’ve learnt to realise how big the world is, but yet how little it can become. I’ve met so many great friends through blogging (all around the world too), and I won’t forget each and every experience my blog has taken me through. So really, the coolest thing about blogging is meeting all the other cool people!

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone just starting out their very first blog?

You always start low. Just like any other thing you do, you always start from the beginning. Don’t try to turn your blog into someone else’s blog (who has 1 million followers). Don’t copy other people’s entries. Blogging should be personal, by that, I mean you should be creative, and use your own mind to creative your own words and ideas.