A man, not a boy

May 31, 2009 | 12 comments so far - join the discussion!

Ok, I need to rant!!!

I found this on Nira Chan’s blog and I totally feel her. I wish I had a man to rely on, someone I could depend upon, someone I could lean on…

I want a man, not a boy. ♥

a man who knows how to appreciate the things I do for him.
a man who pampers me with something that money can’t buy
a man who knows his mistakes and try to make it right.
a man who can be my pillow whenever i need someone to lean on.
a man who knows when to give in and let down his pride.
a man who’d communicate, listen and respond
a man who respects me, my family and his.
a man who enjoys what life has to offer.
a man who can say yes or no instead of ‘anything’.
a man who won’t keep me waiting though the day or night.
a man who (at least) try figure out what’s going on inside me and resolve it.
a man who help the relationship work when it gets tough
a man who‘d never lay his hand on woman
a man who works hard and planning well for his future
a man who is motivated
a man who takes responsibility for his actions
a man who gives me freedom that I need.
a man who loves me with no doubts.

12 comments so far - join the discussion!

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